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U.S. Strategic Command releases video displaying U.S. nuclear force

U.S. Strategic Command releases video displaying U.S. nuclear force

could it be Washington silent warning to
North Korea to stay on the diplomatic path with Pyongyang s unilateral
year-end deadline looming US Strategic Command has released a video on his
official social media page on Sunday displaying the country’s nuclear force
Mary Kim Jiyeon has more from an underground missile base the tip of an
intercontinental ballistic glass off into the sky this is the u.s. Minuteman
3 which can fly 13,000 kilometers and can reach Pyongyang from the US mainland
in just 30 minutes at sea enormous nuclear submarine sips under the waves
after inserting the coordinates a submarine-launched ballistic missile
bursts through the water surface this is a trident to which can carry up to 12
nuclear warheads on a single missile and boasts a destructive force 1,000 times
stronger than the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima toward the end of
World War two the video cuts to a b-2 spirit and a b-52 bomber take off the
b-2 spirit flies into the enemy’s air defense zone then drops 16 nuclear bombs
the South farmer can carry up to 31 tons of bombs halfway around the world
conduct a nuclear attack and return to base the three types of nuclear weapons
were initially unveiled in 2017 when tensions between Pyongyang and
Washington were at their peak the United States is closely watching North Korea’s
movements amid speculation of provocations after the regime warned it
might give the u.s. a quote Christmas gift the u.s. flew yet another
surveillance aircraft over the Korean Peninsula on Tuesday according to
private military aviation tracker aircraft spots it tweeted a US e8c
airborne early warning and control aircraft Dudley joint stars was spotted
for the first time in three days the aircraft has the ability to detect track
and handoff targeting information on enemy forces on the ground Kim Jiyeon
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  1. china north korea russia!never understimate america to use this again to your wonderland,have you. they have capability to press the button towards you and they madeit already beyond…hopefully not this time or else people around the world is done totally empty across the globe.god bless.peace on earth with you all

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