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U.S. Health Policy | HarvardX on edX | Course About Video

U.S. Health Policy | HarvardX on edX | Course About Video

JOHN MCDONOUGH: I talk all over the
country, and outside of the country, to try to help people make
sense of health reform. And people, most often,
come up and they say to me, I don’t understand Obamacare. I can’t make any sense of
the Affordable Care Act. And what I usually say
back to them is I say, so tell me how well do you think
you understand the US healthcare system to begin with, before reform? And the answer I get,
almost always, is I don’t understand the
healthcare system at all. Well, if you don’t
understand the system, that makes it doubly hard to try to
understand the reform of the system. So what we’re going to try
to do in this course is, we’re going to try to
explain what the healthcare system is in the United States. How it works. What makes it tick? What are some of the
issues and the problems? And then we’re going
to create the context to try to understand
the reform of the system that the Affordable Care Act represents. And we’re going to do
it in a way that we hope is going to be accessible and
enjoyable and revealing and fun to tens of thousands of people, not
just in the United States, but all over the globe, who are going
to come together because there is such intense interest, around the
globe, in what the heck is going on with the US healthcare system right now. The one thing I can guarantee is,
that by the end of this course, you will have a significant appreciation
of the incredible intellectual power here at the School of Public Health. Some of our faculty– Atul
Gawande, Joe Newhouse, Kate Baiker, Lucian Leape– these are the
cutting-edge thinkers in health policy. And it’s going to be a
really exciting opportunity for you to meet, face-to-face,
some of these very exciting people who are some of the
real thought leaders, in terms of how the system
is changing and evolving. We look forward to engaging
with you, as this course starts, and having an exciting journey together
in exploring United States Healthcare Policy.

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  1. Do you love #Obamacare? Do you want to repeal the Affordable Care Act? Did you not know they were the same thing? Understand the U.S. health care system and reform through U.S. Health Policy from @Harvard University. 

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