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U.S. Coast Guard to send rescue team early Monday morning

U.S. Coast Guard to send rescue team early Monday morning

Now to the latest developments on Hyundai
Glovis cargo ship that capsized off the coast of the U.S. state of Georgia. Twenty crew members have been rescued so far
from the ship… but we are still waiting on the news about the four remaining South
Korean nationals. Let’ connect with our Choi Si-young for
more. Si-young fill us in. Sure Da-eun. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the four
crew members are all trapped inside the engine room. The U.S. Coast Guard rescue team knocked on
the ship’s hull to locate the South Korean crew members and said,… there were responses
from inside the ship. The U.S. Coast Guard is expected to send rescue
divers into the ship for those four trapped inside on Monday at 6:30 A.M. local time or
7:30 P.M. Korean time (or in just a few minutes from
now). The South Korean government is also sending
an emergency team. Three South Korean officials will depart for
the U.S. this evening while five others are traveling from the Consulate General of Atlanta
to the accident site. And the South Korean firm Hyundai Glovis also
sent its emergency team to the site to keep its headquarters in Seoul up-to-date on the
accident. Do we know anything about the exact cause
of this accident? Sure Da-eun. The ship, registered as the Golden Ray, departed
from the Port of Brunswick at around 1:40 A.M. on Sunday and was heading to the Port
of Baltimore when it began listing heavily off the coast of Georgia. The vessel is currently 12-point-6 kilometers
away from the Port of Brunswick in sea water that is just 11 meters deep. It is still unclear what had caused the ship
to tilt over. An investigation into the incident is in progress
now. But, an eyewitness known as Roberts told the
local media that as the ship was departing from the port, another vessel known as Emerald
Ace came into the port. Then the Golden Ray capsized. The witness said it was too dark to tell what
really happened between the two ships. Back to you Da-eun.

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  2. Praise God. U.S. Coast Guard doing live press conference now — 3 of the SK sailors have been rescued and are on their way to the hospital. The fourth crew member is trapped in engineering room, and they must now find a plan to access his area from the outside.

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