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Two Republican Presidential Candidates Are Coherent on Foreign Policy and They Disagree

Two Republican Presidential Candidates Are Coherent on Foreign Policy and They Disagree

The most coherent candidates on the Republican
side on foreign policy so far are two – one would be Marco Rubio who absolutely is the
most traditional standup for intervention, indispensable American supporter. I mean he
has basically said that I will defend any intervention of international air space, cyberspace,
outer space, you name it, I’m all over it. He hasn’t said how he’s going to pay for
it, how he’s going to get Congress to support him. But nonetheless he certainly sounds super
indispensable and he’s going to have to answer some questions around that. He’s
shown himself to be pretty articulate on foreign policy so far. Quite surprisingly to many of us on the foreign
policy scene that hadn’t seen much from him heretofore. Rand Paul on the other side
also very articulate on foreign policy, completely different set of beliefs. I mean saying basically
not only would he not have gone into the war in Iraq but that Iraq was more stable under
Saddam Hussein. Something that’s clearly true but not a lot of people want to say.
And I think, you know, a lot of Rand Paul’s inconvenient truths on intervention in places
like Libya, sanctions against Russia, cyber surveillance, I mean things that really do
seem like they subvert American values, they spend a lot of money. They don’t necessarily
accomplish a lot for the Americans clearly long term, put him much more firmly in the
independent camp. So, you know, what’s interesting again early days but we do actually see candidates
coming out in very different places in answering these questions at a very superficial level
so far. But I mean with over a year left in the campaign – God our campaigns are long
and expensive – can we please stop that. But leaving that aside there’s going to
be great opportunity to actually flesh these issues out.

36 comments on “Two Republican Presidential Candidates Are Coherent on Foreign Policy and They Disagree

  1. Nobody is voting Republican anyway. By now people have realized that the Republican themes are nothing but racism, homophobia, religious lunacy and sucking the dicks of the super rich and giant corporations.

  2. Oh, what a keen and non-biased observation.  People have conflicting view??  WOW.  Because they are from one side of a political spectrum, they must both be wrong!  This is such a terrible discussion of foreign policy, and more of bashing in interest of political gain.

  3. Rand Paul's a corporate sell-out just like Hillary. His own budget proposal would slash funding for National Parks, cut social security, cut medicare, cut public education and lower the corporate tax rate while increasing Pentagon spending by $190 billion. A vote for a Republican is a vote for oligarchy. #Bernie2016

  4. two right wing nut jobs that would prefer creationism instead of evolution, and probably genesis over science.

  5. To be honest, Rand Paul is the only SANE candidate for the Republican primary. That's a compliment – but my vote is still going to Bernie Sanders.

  6. Trump 2016! Mark my words. He's number 1 in many major polls right now for a reason, whether you liberals like it or not

  7. It will be a cold day in hell when a republican wins a presidential election. They can not win seats in Congress and the Senate without gerrymandering and voter suppression. Per polling this country is obviously left of center on all issues. The super PACs and the Koch brothers will be wasting a crap ton of money on republican candidates. BTW vote for Bernie.

  8. But if you think any of this will translate into a long-term shift in foreign policy, you're deluded

  9. Does anyone think it's odd that we always have to vote against who we don't want to win? We only get to chose from what's been chosen for us, and continuing this game is by definition insane.

  10. We should nuke the entire Middle East and I promise we will not need any more intervention policies for the next….forever.

  11. Rubio … coherent?  I've never noticed it.
    Rand Paul's foreign policy may be coherent, but his overall world view is not.
    Nor is just about any Republican.  Trump may be an exception, if you can take him seriously, but he is such a polarizing, dictatorial figure I think most people should be afraid to risk the country's stability to find out.

  12. Rand Paul thinks Iraq was more stable under Saddam Hussein just ignores its affect on the region to concentrate on the fact that Iraq was terrorized by its own government … what is this guy thinking?

  13. The only reason these multinational banks and corporations have control over our lives is because they are empowered by a massive government that they can manipulate and get to pass legislation that gives their will the force of law over the rest of us. Without the massive, intrusive government apparatus to take advantage of, they would have no real power over anyone. We desperately need smaller government and economic and individual liberty restored now more than ever. Rand Paul 2016

  14. This video is less about the candidates & more about the policy. I'm happy to hear issues being discussed & commented on.

    As far as this "race" goes.. I'm not going to throw Bernie down your throat. If however you agree with Rand, at least humor learning about Bernie.

  15. I would like to see Paul vs. Sanders. I think that would be a good debate and honestly I don't see either being a bad choice for president.  Unfortunately, that's not going to happen as neither of them are in good with the elites of their respective parties.

  16. The Republican Party has been a huge joke in the past few decades. Supporting deregulation so the elite can doing anything they want just to make buck, and rolling back civil rights. How can people even vote for them?

  17. Rubio's coherence is neocon-like and would mean more wars on a Dubya-like scale. Paul is libertarian and losing. Jim Webb has some sound ideas but is out. No candidate would put a dent in the Congressional/military/industrial complex Ike warned about because materiel and machines are made in every Congressional district and war and might are such tempting political tools for these people.

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