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Trump’s Policy Causing Pain On Both Sides Of The Border | The Last Word | MSNBC

Trump’s Policy Causing Pain On Both Sides Of The Border | The Last Word | MSNBC

100 comments on “Trump’s Policy Causing Pain On Both Sides Of The Border | The Last Word | MSNBC

  1. Something horrible about a toddler being brought to a the U.S., being raised and educated in the U.S., starting their own family, then being tossed into another country that is foreign to them. Being "American" is all that poor man has ever known. He didn't make the choice as a 3yr old to illegally immigrate.

  2. Correction: Trump was talking about illegal aliens, not immigration. When thousands of people illegal enter your country, it is an invasion. The pain is the result of the illegal actions taken by the parents. Blame them.

  3. Bring the hurt to Trump personally. If you're doing raids anyway, raid Mar-a-Lago and other Trump properties. Subpoena every manager there and when you find those who participated in the hirings and flip them, then go after the orange buffoon. Give any of the migrant workers immunity for testimony. Confiscate the Trump properties under RICO.

  4. The ICE raids were revenge for employees' complaints about working conditions. Trump was doing the Koch brothers a favor.

  5. Remember when the F.B.I raided Michael Cohen's office and hotel room? trump called the F.B.I. raid a “disgraceful situation” and an “attack on our country in a true sense.” No children left uncared for or traumatized there, just the possibility of documents and other information trump didnt want the public to know about becoming public. He ranted about this raid and the F.B.I for days/weeks/months. Funny how when something could work against him it's attack on our country and its true sense but when we harm innocent, vulnerable people, especially children he does not see it as a disgrace, total lack of compassion, or an attack on our country's true sense. That says a lot about who our president really is!

  6. Tell me why large corporations and small companies can entice impoverished people to migrate and risk everything to improve their families lives are NOT shut down..The people who run these companies are the cruelest on the planet. they knew the risk but they mad amore profit by taking advantage of these workers…….IM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN

  7. Mexicans have been killing blacks for decades… so you’re saying there’s white peoples who are protecting our black communities now.. Thank God

  8. Not only am I voting but I am looking to participate in ANY protest in the NYC area against this cruel Ice cruelty lok at The "shambles" trump is turning our county into


  9. Here's my opinion, thought and story.
    Opinion: whites will never, ever work the fields, or any hard labor job. They would never last 2 hrs, much less 8-10 hr wk days. They don't have the will, strength or courage, with out wanting high pay, many breaks and go home early. Plain and simple.
    Thought: Why isn't 45 held to same standard when he's known to hire many illegals to work at his golf resorts?
    Story: My father came here 60+years ago, he worked hard, paid taxes, contributed to the economy, raised a family, and he was not a criminal. The hipocricy of this administration starting with Trump, Melania, his kids who all came from immigrants. So now that they are who they are, they have forgotten their roots. Imagine if Trump's grandparents, mother and wives (except #2) had been told "you're not welcomed here, go back to where you came from"
    I surely hope Trump is prepared to offer US citizens an incentive to get them to work the many hard labor jobs now available. Otherwise, there are going to be many angry business, crop owners who will have to either close or sell. Or, maybe Steven Miller can round up some of his buddies and help out.

  10. The media needs to point out the First Lady is an illegal immigrant. Does she qualify for the nationalized citizen revocation?

  11. Distract on one front while your plotting on the other side. Yet the media keep getting distracted. Trump is the distraction. Who is running America and the world.

  12. All country's have their share on this and their policies and laws, the Trump admin is almost just as aggressive as everywhere else but Africa ( unless caught) then you get exploited…

  13. Thanks for naming the cruelty that is deterrence – Europe has been enacting deliberate cruelty for decades now, and the US is catching up with this official culture of cruelty!

  14. Life is good in America because we keep the "illegal immigrants" out. I'm a legal immigrant, and I've gone through the process to become a US citizen. The people that either did not speak up or do anything when their country was being ruined do not have a right to come to US and not speak up or ruin this country as well. You've had your chance back home – fix your own country or live with the consequences.

  15. Trump answered the reporter's question, as to why better preparations for the children were not made before the raids for the children, and trump answered, because no-body can know when the raids are going to happen…

    50 or more, caring child social workers could have been on a bus ready to step in and take care care of the children, immediately after the raids, calming their fears, and letting them know they will be safe as well as their parents.
    Actually, many humane actions could & should have been taken, but most unfortunately trump's personal goals and ego are his priorities.
    Most definately, not the words or actions of a president, that I believe a majority of the American people expect from our country's leader!
    Shame on him over and over again!

  16. this crap trump has started might be making the ms-13 population enlarge.i hope this never happen but,it will be a major wake up call for what he has started from all these racist slurs from his mouth to all his childish tweets

  17. Children live what they learn. And Trump must have been so abused, why he needs to go.
    The New, Democratic President Wil reverse all this crap.

  18. Meanwhile, there are zero Mexican military units protecting the last vaquita on Earth from poachers.
    The future will judge you harshly, Republicans.

  19. Actually he said he is NOT a Trump fan. He doesn't like either side. He said he's been feeling this way for a very long time & just couldn't take it anymore. He lives in a Border Town. That's why he was tired of it… I'm not for or against Trump, I'm for truth…all of this is just flat-out lying & blaming.

  20. What are the Trump Administration's plans to deport 600m+ illegal immigrants in USA of European descent? Or perhaps is their skin the right colour? That kid Miller is a Nazi.

  21. Come on folks. Let's really call it what it is. The Trump Border policy is exactly the same policy of the NAZI's in the 1930's marginalization, deportation, and extermination of the Jewry.

  22. Maybe I am wrong, But historically, wasn't Texas part of Spain? And wasn't it settled predominantly with Indians and Spanish people before the White's from the English colonies aka America emigrated to Texas? So the White Americans emigrated into Spanish Texas?

    Why don't we do a little fact checking? Let's see how this pretense of defending our border against invaders, really in effect is barring the Ethnic Spanish from their Ancestral Homeland? I mean there were there before we were, right? Just the line in the sand changed, the maps were redrawn. Lawyers… imposed changes. But the people were already there. Spanish People that later became Mexican People. So?

  23. 1820 – 1824
    Mexico Wins Independence from Spain; Austin Founds New Colony
    In search of new opportunities in the unsettled territory of Tejas, Moses Austin hoped to bring 300 families to the Mexican province in 1820.

  24. 1824
    Mexico Encourages Foreign Settlement of Texas
    Mexico established rules for settling colonies in 1824. During this time, they also joined Coahuila and Texas, forming a unified Mexican state "Coahuila y Tejas." With the passage of the Coahuila-Texas colonization law, Mexico encouraged foreign settlers to buy land in the territory with a $30 down payment, without the requirement of paying taxes for ten years after that.

  25. 1828
    Conflict on the Horizon
    Settlers weren't ready to embrace their new Mexican identity upon moving into the country. Largely, they didn't see themselves as Mexican nationals and, in fact, referred the themselves as "Texians." Additionally, many of Austin's settlers came from the American south who brought enslaved African Americans with them, despite Mexico's laws prohibiting slavery. Because of the lack of allegiance to the nation, Mexican officials feared they would lose control of the state. They began encouraging more migration from Mexicans into the area.

  26. 830
    Mexico Bans U.S. Immigration
    Fearing the possibility of losing control of Texas, Mexico banned further immigration from the United States on April 6, 1830. They encouraged immigration from Mexico and European countries, placed more restrictions on slavery, and increased military presence in the region. This initiative angered Texans, who pushed for statehood and self-rule.

  27. 1833
    Santa Anna becomes President of Mexico
    General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna led a successful revolt against President Bustamante. Texans were initially okay with this development because of Santa Anna's support for the Constitution of 1824, which was very similar to the U.S. Constitution. However, Santa Anna nullified the 1824 Constitution in favor of a more centralized government and was no longer supportive of Texas self-rule.

  28. 1833 – 1834
    Texans respond to Santa Anna; Stephen F. Austin imprisoned
    At the Convention of 1833, 56 Texas delegates drafted a resolution requesting that Mexico roll back many of the changes in Mexican law that took place in 1830. Texans wanted Mexico to allow immigration from the U.S., provide more protection from native peoples, exempt Texans from anti-slavery laws, improve the mail service, and separate Texas from Coahuila. Stephen F. Austin, along with Dr. James B. Miller, presented the proposals to Santa Anna. Austin was imprisoned in Mexico City on suspicion of

  29. Texas Revolution Begins: "Come and Take It!"
    Tension grew between Texas and Mexico. Texans, with a growing influx of American settlers, pushed for separate statehood, resulting in many minor skirmishes with Mexico. The first notable battle of the Texas Revolution occurred when Texans at Gonzales refused to return a small cannon lent to them by Mexican authorities. On October 2, Colonel John H. Moore and his company famously rolled out the cannon under a flag that read, “Come and Take It.” The short fight that resulted sparked the beginning of the Revolution. Mexicans retreated, but the battle had just begun.

  30. I often think that Large Countries fail because they become centralized and unable to represent the local people and their culture, rights and human dignity. I point as examples as the British Empire, the Tsarist Empire, Imperial China and Imperial Japan.

    So with modern political systems, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics CCCP (not USSR), the PRC and United States of America. These could be the next too large to fail entities to actually fail? Maybe for the good of the people. I often wonder if California, Oregon, and Washington States would make a nice country of their own?

    And why not make Texas an independent Country? Just let Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado merge. And Let Wyoming, Idaho, North and South Dakota and everything West of the Mississippi become another independent country. Then Everything East of the Mississippi could be the final new country? Why not? Weaken the Federal Government? Would that be bad?

    Oh and Alaska, that could be a very large country of it's own, too.

  31. March 2, 1836
    Texas Declares Independence!
    On March 1, 59 delegates held the Convention of 1836 at Washington-on-the-Brazos. There they drafted the Texas Declaration of Independence and adopted it on March 2. During the Convention, delegates also drafted the Texas Constitution, outlining their plan for the new Republic. This took place only a month after Santa Anna entered Texas with his army of 6,000 men. Mexico’s army vastly outnumbered the Texas rebels.

  32. March 6, 1836
    The Fall of the Alamo, Evacuation, and Executions
    Merely declaring independence was a long way from winning the revolution. On March 6, 1836, Santa Anna led an attack on the Alamo. Under the command of William B. Travis and James Bowie, Texas rebels fought a fierce battle against the Mexican army. Casualties were high on both sides, but Santa Anna’s army ultimately triumphed. The defenders of the Alamo were killed in the attack, including famed frontiersman and former U.S. Congressman David Crockett. Those who did survive were captured and executed by Santa Anna’s troops. News of the defeat spread to Gonzales, where Sam Houston had formed an army. Feeling unprepared for the advancing army, Houston ordered Gonzales be evacuated and burned. The month-long flight, where evacuees headed east with news of Santa Anna’s advance, is known as “The Runaway Scrape.” In Goliad, Colonel James Fannin had been ordered to abandon his position to join Texas forces with General Houston; however, he remained at the fort at Goliad. They fought the Mexican Army at the Battle of Coleto, but faced the same fate as the soldiers at the Alamo. They were defeated, and the Santa Anna gave the order to have Fannin's captured army executed.

  33. April 21, 1836
    The Battle of San Jacinto; Texas wins independence
    Independence seemed out of reach after the Alamo and Goliad. General Houston drew criticism for not having yet attacked Santa Anna's advancing army;. Ordered to stop his retreat by ad interim President David G. Burnet, Houston returned west, receiving word that Santa Anna's army was encamped on the west side of the White Oak Bayou and the San Jacinto River, inside the present-day city limits of Houston. At 3:30 p.m. on April 21, outnumbered and facing impossible odds, Houston ordered the attack on Mexican army. With shouts of "Remember the Alamo!" and "Remember Goliad!", the ragtag militia descended upon the Mexican army. It is widely believed Santa Anna and his soldiers were indulging in an afternoon siesta and therefore were not ready to face the attack, which lasted approximately 18 minutes. Nine Texans were killed, and 630 Mexicans lost their lives. Santa Anna was captured after the battle. And so began the Republic of Texas.

  34. So read please Americans, Mexican, or even the Native Indians…and maybe the History Guy will do a series on his YouTube Channel. I love history too. It is not some TV sitcom or game show, or trivialized late night talk show.

    Be careful America. I remember many stupid TV shows plastered after the Nightly News during the Viet Nam era. Please don't make your intellectual viewing things like Seinfeld, or Friends, or Dave Letterman. Not that they are bad. Just you will miss the real world and possible be an unwittingly party to the undemocratic rule of your country, your life and the future of your own children. The TV executives like to sugar coat your understanding of the facts so things like Me Lai Massacre don't get noticed. Or maybe JSOC rampaging through Afghanistan killing more civilians than Taliban.

    Big Government likes to keep the People uninformed, even stupefied. Perhaps that is why the Education Budget is declining while the DoD is ever expanding?

  35. September 01, 1836
    The Republic of Texas
    In September of 1836, the citizens of the new Republic of Texas quickly elected Sam Houston as their first president, and Mirabeau B. Lamar as vice president. Houston appointed Stephen F. Austin to be Secretary of State. Austin died in office on December 27, 1836, at the age of 43.


    I we a very well structured, and militaristic country coming. No it is already here. I thing while the USSR is gone, the USA is taking it place just nicely. Freedom is doing what you are told or going to jail or the streets. The saying in the Soviet Block countries was: You pretend to pay me, so I pretend to work.

    Here in America, I pretend to vote for you, and you pretend to represent my best interests.

  37. No I'm certain that law enforcement has to deal with psychological issues. And that's the problem they don't. Ask any cop and they'll tell you they have to be a psychologist and a cop. At least any good cop

  38. Sorry kids. But the 1950"s are probably not coming back. Hey, ladies ready to live like June Cleaver?
    Remember Leave it to Beaver? Right. So June, call me when supper is ready, I will be reading in my chair. Yes dear, as she thinks to herself, What a Wonderful World. Was Louis Armstrong high?

  39. Wouldn't it be cheaper to help developing countries become safer, democratic, with better economic opportunities? Let's make the North American Continent Great Again?

  40. 1st thing to get, SEE, fool's, #TRADITIONSTEXASisLATINO,
    texas WAS AND IS MEXICAN, BY BIRTH, it's damned sure not polish.

  41. Yes, it is true that when I walk into many fast food stores, the primary staff language being used to communicate internally between employees is Spanish. So great. They take the fast food jobs that many (White) American teenage students would shun. And the contractor that runs the grounds maintenance here in my condo, they speak Spanish internally amongst the workers.

    Spanish is for all practical purposes the language of choice. So what? In many other countries, I have travelled to such as India, Bulgaria, Germany, there is an ethnic language. But you will find English as the dominant second language spoken more often officially. And do we hear them complain?

    And in many parts of Africa, the official language is still will remain French, while ethnically, many tribal languages exist. So the unifying languages seem to be European in origin, English, Spanish, French. Who's complaining?

    It use to be even in illiterate America, that to be an "Educated" person, you needed a proficiency in a second language as the norm. Now we just act like smug NAZI's expecting the Poles, and the Slavs and the various Baltic Peoples to Sprechen Sie Deutsch!

  42. Amerika über alles.

    So that is what generated when I put in Make America Great Again. Where have I heard that before? No, not that but something similar, something just as dark.

  43. Trump married a Foreigner. So he is a Traitor to his White Race. Sorry Slovenia. I know you guys are White. Just a different shade. There is only one true White Race, the Trump White, and ironically, it is sort of Orangish. I know we can call them  (sorry, no trademark infringement meant) Orange Dreamsicle's.

  44. So Trump is starting a new border business, it is an arcade style game room. Nothing new. What is new is it accepts only Pesos and it is called.

    Niños en jaulas

    Translation: Kids in Cages. Plan is to expand into many of the empty Toys R Us buildings too. See, America, the Land of Opportunity.

  45. Dimitri Zinovievich Tiomkin was a Ukrainian-born American film composer and conductor. Classically trained in St. Petersburg, Russia before the Bolshevik Revolution, he moved to Berlin and then New York City after the Russian Revolution. In 1929, after the stock market crash, he moved to Hollywood, where he became best known for his scores for Western films, including Duel in the Sun, Red River, High Noon, The Big Sky, Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, and Last Train from Gun Hill.

    Oh, the sweet Irony. I can hear the theme to the Show Rawhide now. 

    Rollin', rollin', rollin'
    Rollin', rollin', rollin'

    Keep movin', movin', movin'
    Though they're disapprovin'
    Keep them dogies* movin'
    Don't try to understand 'em
    Just rope and throw and brand 'em
    Soon we'll be living high and wide.
    My heart's calculatin'
    My true love will be waitin'
    Be waiting at the end of my ride.

    Move 'em on, head 'em up
    Head 'em up, move 'em on
    Move 'em on, head 'em up
    Cut 'em out, ride 'em in
    Ride 'em in, let 'em out
    Cut 'em out, ride 'em in



  46. Let's define a Serious Criminal,

    Oh maybe expanding international wars with (Iran) assisting allies with arms sales to continue to fight in other countries' civil wars (Saudi and UAE in Yemen) give a massive tax relief package to Corporations while diminishing the Affordable Care Act, The Environmental Protection Agency, Allowing Oil and Mineral exploitation on Federal Land (Which belongs to all Americans) .

    So what constitutes a serious criminal? Maybe one would have to Obstruct Justice, Openly admit on a TV interview that he would collude with a Foreign Government and it's Agents to obtain damaging (real or manufactured) information about an opposing Candidate for an election that One was also a candidate for the Office, Hiring Goldman Sachs executive Mnuchin to run Treasury.

    And the best is for last: making as the National Security Advisor, John Bolton. It's a wonder we have not launched the Nukes yet! Probably because the President's team does not have the real Nuclear Football suitcase.

    Ironically, the actual working Nuclear Football is being carried by none other than Melania Trumps security escort, Michelle Wolf.

    At least Mrs. Trump has a sense of humor. And since she lived in Post Soviet Europe, she knows that Buttons aren't Toys!

  47. What is going on do Americans have an immigration policy I mean you can't just open the border unless that's what you want so if you deport illegal immigrants that's bad I don't get it how about the employers it seems to me that would solve the problem very quickly if migrant labor is needed can't you issue a work Visa and pay and work conditions are maintained money for pay sent directly back to Mexican banks mean the5e has to be a more humane way to do this

  48. Maybe it is just Voter Rigging?

    you can bet your sweet Boeing Dividend, that if these folks from Latin America were to gain lawful status, vis a vis an amnesty, and be given Permanent Resident Alien status, their children born in America, would be of Course Americans. And these Children of Latin America living in America would be overwhelmingly NOT GOP!!!!

    So this is just another form of Social Engineering. These kids are actually going to vote for someone that does not PERSECUTE them and their ethnicity and their family.

  49. I am not really wanting the America of the 1930's and beyond back. It was a very bigoted and hostile country. African Americans were openly referred to as (N-WORD) and Mexican and Latin American people were openly called Spics. I remember the Dumb Polack jokes like it was an obligation to repeat them. I remember rampant cigarette smoking and drunk driving and a lot of deaths by drunk drivers. And our crappy diet. I mean people were dying by 62 of Heart Disease. But did Big Tobacco care? Not until they got sued.

    So who was America exactly great for back then? Not the average American. I know I was there> see Trump is hoping that the younger crowd will not remember. But I do. So don't believe everything you read and hear. You need to get out there and see it for yourself.

    And VOTE in 2020!

  50. There are people in this world that can take a rifle butt to a babies head! It's not new. But it is still an ATROCITY.

    Trump uses the Constitution as Toilet Paper. He uses the office of the Presidency of the United States of America as HIS PERSONAL BUSINESS. He is corrupt, morally Bankrupt and unable to distinguish between Reality and his own Imagination. He lives in a contrived world of his own perverse, megalomania. He is heartless. He expresses love with Money and Gifts. He embraces women as Sexual Objects and not as part of the Human Family-as the Mothers of us all. I just hope the next president is a WOMEN>At least one will not be sexually harassed.

  51. If you haven't figured out that the left owned media has doubled down on the race baiting ever since Muellers testimony came up dry than I really hope you are too lazy to vote. This narrative isn't even remotley discrete. They have nothing. Just call Trump a racist and hope people are dumb enough to buy it and vote democrat.

  52. The Mexicans aren't just protecting their southern border because of tariffs. The major reason is they also don't want a bunch of illegals running around in their country.

  53. Why is it always the white person fault that others suffer. Why is it our responsibility to help to whole world. We just get called racist Nazis everyday anyway.

  54. Who will become Trump's "Dr." Mengele? This man needs to be removed from office immediately. If Mitch won't go along, then haul his sorry butt out of office as well.

  55. Still not talking about the Ohio shooter? Weird, because the Ohio shooter was a leftist, so it doesnt fit the media's narrative…so the media dismisses it

  56. Will we stand by and watch as tRump destroys our community of color, just like the Nazi Party and German officials met to coordinate the destruction of the Jews? Now tRump and the republican Party are deporting, and splitting families. Causing irreparable damage to children separated from their parents! This is inhuman, arent we bothered to see people being exterminated by supremasist in Texas? I depend on migrants to pick our vegetables, to do all the low paying jobs that no white person would ever do! They do not want to be citizens, they only want a work permit! Do not stand by and let any more children die without food and water in the american concentration camps-called detention camps!

  57. You might want to show pictures of the illegal Irish that sneak massively to new York and all the coast…who now are complaining about mass immigration.

  58. I am ashamed to call myself an American if Trump’s inhumane policies are allowed to represent this nation. Make America great again by getting rid of Trump!

  59. This president does not care about fixing this problem..To him he wants a white America with no immigrants that are Hispanics Latinos.He is a soulless inhuman and will reap what he sowed.

  60. A Man who's father was active in kkk which he glorifys his father as if he was the best man on earth..He was raised to hate and it's been for over 50 yrs of hate..Do we really believe he changed? He's fooled so many into this presidency.He is not the President of the PPL hrs caused pain and hurt in his quest for white America.

  61. Oh my god those poor babies! Anyone who can do this to another human being – is a sick Dude. The words I heard earlier “he’s happiest when he is cruel.” I’m beginning to suspect Trump is a psychopath. It seems everything is about him, even if he’s angry or sad it’s about how something makes him feel only on how it effects him.

  62. It is inhumain, this is so so sick this HAS TO STOP NOW 🛑 please stop this madness now, please there must be something we can do. Those children should be running & playing & laughing, it breaks my heart to see this. I don’t even want to talk about the cold, unfeeling tyrants (oops, because I’m so angry that this treatment could even be an idea let. Alone acted on!
    Please Dems do something this has to stop. Maybe the UN could help,

  63. So many great minds emigrated to this country that you stole from the native Indians. People from everywhere – Europe, Australia, Asia – and of course, Africa. But you did not "emigrate" them, they were slaves imported from a nowhere continent called Africa. So. what did you become? A nation of all white, all Christian, all-male, all like-minded. And you are stuck with White Supremacy. And you are surprised? Or grown stupid ?

  64. Take Trump DOWN. The longer you, the congress wait, the worse the globe becomes for all peoples. REMOVE him. Oh, and YES, McConnell, too. Two TRAITORS. Hand in hand, they must GO!!

  65. We want him gone. Maybe the congress, both sides, should be fired. We can fire these bums in Washington. Do your homework. Get rid of two legged garbage

  66. The only pain is the pain of the TAXPAYERS paying for all these FAKE refugees. The pain of our children that are not getting the Education because more funds are being advocated toward ILLEGALS. NO MERCY send the whole family out of the country. Crying gets you NO WHERE should be our official motto

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