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Trump’s Pentagon: U.S. Killed Iran’s Military Leader Qassem Soleimani | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Trump’s Pentagon: U.S. Killed Iran’s Military Leader Qassem Soleimani | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

100 comments on “Trump’s Pentagon: U.S. Killed Iran’s Military Leader Qassem Soleimani | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. When asked what he thinks about killing the top Quds leader, Trump responded with " The Kurds have been treated very poorly." You can't make up this kind of stupid.

  2. "he has killed many americans"
    5 min later: "HE IS A GOD THAT IS HOW IMPORTANT HE WAS!!!"
    It's confirmed than, MSNBC is an american hating news network.

  3. America is the #1 terrorist! We've been bombing the crap out of the middle east for decades now!!! It's ridiculous!

  4. Poor trump, He's really don't know what he's doing,, he's try to challenge iran? He think only iran will response that? Are you forgot if "they" have defense aggrement with Russia and China?
    Imagine if Neuclear roket fly away to US, from Iran,Russia,and China at same time?
    It's a joke for you?

  5. If these hypocrites Pelosi and Adam Schiff were not to issue their crappiest statements like almost supporting Iran, we would have started seeing a few leaks coming from Iran as to whom all they had paid under the table monies from the billions they got from Obama in unmarked bills.

  6. No more wars for Israhell! Only Israhell benefits from having its last regional rival, Iran, destroyed just as they have done so with Iraq, Libya and Syria. Who knows how many people have been killed in Middle East wars sparked by Israhell and its American "ally" (puppet)? The madness has to stop.

  7. The problem is this leave them alone thay not gone leave you alone that's nature of power.i stick with trump he is right.

  8. Trump is looking for a war with Iran and that will raise oil prices up and make billions when Saudi Arabia puplic offering ARAMCO Co to wolrd wide after a few months

  9. Protesters did not attack embassy you
    l iar-military attacked under direction of one of the now dead are you st upid or something?

  10. Why are we waiting for this its on now let's keep striking come on get cracking USA don't wait for them to hit us. We must smash them set them back 159 years military wise understand.

  11. US loves war and creates wars everywhere. Iran needs to fight back. Even The Iranian General Suleimani is a threat there's another way to punish him such as prosecute instead assassin.

  12. There was NO PROOF of an impending attack. This was just another DJT LIE !! If there was proof, the Repubs would have been waving that proof in our noses by now.. How long are we going to let this madman in charge?  Another thing, if there was proof, DJT would have been waving it in the noses of our Congress (like he was supposed to do according to the Constitution) instead he chose to be the "bully on the playground" putting the lives of thousands of our military,, citizens and allies at risk. What is it going to take to prove that DJT is that CLEAR and PRESENT DANGER talked about in the Articles of Impeachment.

  13. I don't believe that Trump just trying to cover up that impeaching thing Hillman Bush oughta be ashamed of myself killing other people in other countries over lies this is pitiful

  14. Trump always lie he love attention I had no other president say nothing about them people like that but when he got in there he had to get in there and make up some mess show us your text return get up and testify since you love attention on the media get up and testify and tell us what you did about all your dealings he just a mess are you son's going to join enough service if anything go down they should be the first since you started this mess now we got to worry cuz of you I hope they vote him out

  15. America are such liars if he had done all that he would be up on social media months ago like all the other so called terrorists America wouldn't fail to put that up on media for the world to know so y are we just knowing this man exists because he isn't a terrorist

  16. So, Trump wants to get out of never-ending wars like Iraq and Afghanistan, so he'll start a war with Iran because that will be fast?
    Wow, stupid logic. Has the hostility between Iran and the US ever stopped since the ouster of the Shah in 1979? Isn't that why the US fears Iran getting the bomb? And President Stupid thinks an Iranian war would be fast?

  17. Tactics of america whenever they did something that will spark war. They will publish "the iran will attack pentagon etc."

  18. To protect US military personnel is to withdraw all force out of that trouble area and go home, not killing Iran general to cause more wars

  19. The big bully's taunting didn't work so now he kicks the small guy in the balls. The small guy says he's going to strike back forcefully. Big bully is eager to clobber him.

  20. lam so excited to start world war 3 between iran and america because both of them was killed innocent muslim sunah around middle east

  21. the Iranian regime is not worried over the death of Qassem Soleimani, the greater worry of Iran is over losing its military inflence in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon!
    Iran knows the importance of Iraq as a strategic-key to dodge the international economic sanctions, Iraq is Iran's door to smuggle its oil exports and to do business outside the zone of international economic sanctions!
    without Iraq, Iran won't stand for longer in the face of the international economic pressure, sanctions and that's will force the Iranians to attend the negotiations table over the nuclear program from a weaker position unlike what the Iranian regime has promoted for years among its supporters internally !

  22. I know Pres.Trump is an ego maniac and he back down from no one but to condemned and feel sorry for a murderer like Soleimani and wish American been attacking is beyond hatred from the liberals and its medias…. Some hollywood and its celebrities already come out and wish Pres.Trump died….. The liberals wants Iran to attack the U.S so they can find reasons to impeached him more but The Middle East cheered when Soleimani died!!!! Liberals hated on the U.S more than the Islamist hated on the U.S, how sad!!!!

  23. Democrats have lost their integrity from fear and controlling with fear tactics, It is better to die for defending right, than to cower and let evil rule.

  24. Democrats should not be running USA really Iran’s are hating on the democrats for they are done to the government

  25. Why can’t these 2 countries get along again is it because of usas corrupted government not everyone should suffer what democrats did they should allow people trying to make government right a chance and kick democrats out of the picture in usa

  26. Too be honest money is not important to me I’d give to poor and if government stands down that when things will be on the right path Democrats are too selfish with all that money

  27. They are dragging there people with them too you can’t worship presidents how many times I’m I going to have to tell y’all Iran’s need to stop trying to get us to worship a wrong GOD

  28. America needs to get all its planes load them with huge bombs and nukes. And just fly over Iran and drop all we have. For 5 days. Whips out Iran and it’s people. Once and for all

  29. y’all europeans are acting like you’re in this when you’re talking about america not being in there own business. aye and iran needs to chill a bit.

  30. Not trumps Pentagon. The american peoples Pentagon. And we the majority support his decision. Good job trump. Teach them a lesson they wont forget. Attack us. We attack back

  31. All trump supporters Iran said meet them on the water way out there.they want to talk to you.and the Republicans will give you transportation

  32. If or when we enter WW3 I hope they recruit one of Trump offspring so he may realize the impact of war. How your love ❤️ ones would come home missing a few limbs or in a body bag. I don’t know 🤷🏻‍♂️ people sound so excited and even happy that we may enter a warring state where it may end of life on earth 🌎 if all parties are start using nuclear ☢️ weapons?

  33. Trump's tweet about 52 sites for the 52 American hostages shows his Iran strategy is driven by the desire for revenge from 40 years ago. Just can't let it go.

  34. Death to Iran !!!!! Death to Iran !!!!! Death to Iran !!!!! Death to the Sons and Daughters of Satan himself , an Evil people spreading the Cult of Death and Destruction of Islam the False Satanic Religeon of Satan Himself .

  35. I feel sorry for the whole mess.. especially after remembering Trump's exact words…Quote : ..I know more than the Generals do…

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