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Trump’s Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory

Trump’s Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory

>>I’ve noticed over the past few days, a
talking point that is spreading on the RightBooth in Right Wing Media and also elected republicans. That, the fear you might be feeling about
Coronavirus is not based in fact, it is the desire of the media to make you go mad because
they think that will hurt Donald Trump in the election. So, we’ve got a number of examples of this. We’re gonna go first to Mick Mulvaney.>>The reason you’re seeing so much attention
to it today, is that they think this is what’s gonna bring down the President. That’s what this is all about. Really what I might do they call them the
market says tell people turn their televisions off for 24 hours.>>Okay, so that is what I was gonna say that’s
not just some right wing rack whack job. I guess it’s not just what right wing whack
job he’s also the Acting Chief of Staff, but he was there in front of a crowd. Saying the media wants you to be scared, not
so that you won’t expose yourself to danger, you’ll take the threat seriously, but specifically
just to hurt Donald Trump.>>Yes, a right-wing wack job who has a lot
of power, isn’t that so great?>>Yeah.>>The new reality that we’re living in people
talking as if they’re rush limbaugh as if they’re Alex Jones, but being one of the most,,
powerful 20 people in the country. It’s lovely, has the ear of Donald Trump on
a daily basis and just completes to completely feeds him sycophantic garbage and sits and
love, love this timeline.>>And if you like that you might like this. That wasn’t the only thing Mick Mulvaney had
to say here he is talking about the actual threat posed by Coronavirus.>>Is it real? It absolutely is real. There’s no question about it. But you saw the president the other day, the
flu is real. Any particular time 20 million people in this
country gonna have the flu, the flu kills people, it does. This is not ebola, it looks like this disease
is someplace between 1 and 2% fatal, is that serious? It absolutely is there’s no question about
it okay? But it’s not it’s not a death sentence, it’s
not the same as it is is the ebola crisis, but this is something we deal with, this is
something we know how to deal with, that’s why we sit there and watch. The markets in there’s this huge panic but
why isn’t there this panic every single year over flu, are you gonna see some schools shut
down? Probably, may you see impacts on public transportation
short but we do this, we know how to handle this.>>I don’t even know where to begin.>>It’s not a death sentence. Okay until we find out a way to actually treat
it. We have a way to treat the flu, I’m not sure
if you’re aware of this. But there are ways to treat the flu, this
is spreading at a rapid rate and we still have not found.>>Well you think the flu shot’s medicine. I see.>>I know I’d rather take my gorilla, my gorilla
hair supplements or whatever that was right wing whack jobs on the internet.>>Yeah, but you reference that it’s not a
death sentence.>>I love that he went very smoothly from
what is it kill 1% to 2%? It’s not a death sentence, except presumably
for those 1% to 2%, which represent thousands of people that have already died. And by the way, these loose associations with
the flu, the only good to come out of all of this is that maybe people will take the
flu more seriously because I don’t think most people knew how many people die every year
just from the seasonal flu in the United States alone. There are a lot of differences as Emma rightly
pointed out, we understand the flu, we have treatments, we have shots you can take beforehand. We do actually have something we can do about
the flu. We don’t really have that for the Coronavirus. And we don’t necessarily know when we’re gonna
get it. That’s a pretty big difference. The flu I read kills about 0.1%. It might even be less than that. That’s a big difference between that and 2%. It’s not 2%, it’s 2% overall. But when you talk about older people, it shoots
up. In the highest age demographic, it is 15%. I mean, look, if I told you, you could do
something that’s 50% chance you’re gonna die, you might consider that a death sentence,
I think rightfully so.>>I might.>>And here’s the thing. I understand everybody wants to stop people
from getting unnecessarily panicked. But talking to that crowd about a disease
we don’t have a vaccine for and we don’t necessarily know how to treat at least to stop people. We have people who have been taken in with
the disease. There’s doctors there and they die. To say that’s not a death sentence. It’s the flu. How irresponsible a Chief of Staff of the
White House to tell people, It’s all gonna be fine. You’ll get it. It’s like the cold is like the flu. What’s the difference? And he’s echoing, by the way, what Trump said. Trump in an official press conference said,
it’s like the flu. It’s worse in some ways. It’s better in other ways, what ways is it
better?>>How is it better? That is such a great point by you. And I also just want to point out Fox News
they’ve got to be bummed that this is the narrative coming from the White House because
they don’t get to fear monger and blow things up more than they normally would. I mean, this is something that people should
actually be fearful about. But Fox loves to say, black people, Muslim
people, those are the things that you should be afraid of, when their dear leader Donald
Trump is misleading people about what they truly should be afraid of and truly should
be taking precautions against. But because the corona virus isn’t wearing
a hoodie and isn’t a black teenager, I guess this isn’t the kind of stuff you want to devote
your airwaves and make people afraid that perhaps, the government does not have your
best interests at heart here. Because it’s run by right wing sociopaths
who would rather see the Dow skyrocket up then care about thousands of people in this
country potentially dying from a disease that we do not understand.>>And and my heart does go out to the hosts
of producers at Fox News. They’re between a rock and a hard place where
they would love to fear monger about foreign diseases creeping in now we’ve got locked
down the border. But the more they do that, the more they confirm
that the media taking this seriously are probably doing the right thing. So it’s a really hard choice, I don’t know
how you come out on that.>>A catch 22.>>It is, exactly.>>Or a catch core, what’s it 19?>>Catch 19, yeah. It’s a catch 19.>>I shouldn’t start my remarks before knowing
where they’re going.>>You know what, it was a laudible goal? Aim for the stars. Let’s go to, we had their Chief of Staff here
Rush Limbaugh the guide that Mike Pence goes and talks with, here is him talking about
the disease.>>This coronavirus thing I want to try to
put this in perspective for you it looks like. The corona viruses being weaponized as yet
another element to bring down Donald Trump. Right now, the media is reporting on the coronavirus
as they hope, it evolves. They hope for hurricanes on the first day
of hurricane season I hope for Hurricane so they can say climate change anything to advance
the leftist agenda. Now the leftist agenda includes getting rid
of Trump. They would love for the Coronavirus to be
this deadly strain that wipes everybody out, so they can blame Trump for it. Don’t doubt me on that.>>Okay, so this is not the last time you’re
gonna hear. Again, not just some wackjob, he was visited
by the guy coordinating the Coronavirus response. He just said, the media the dems, they want
mass numbers of people to die, because it will hurt Donald Trump. That’s, I mean what, I know we live in crazy
times. I don’t know what we’re supposed to say to
that, like we’re->>Are the Democrats bringing the Coronavirus
over the border with the refugees that we want to have a good life?>>Well, he effectively said something similar
to that during the Ebola crisis. He said, Obama-
>>That’s, yeah, exactly.>>Is that what you were elluding to?>>Well, kind of, yeah.>>Okay, yeah, he said that Obama wants Ebola
to kill people in the United States as, revenge for slavery, that’s what medal of freedom.>>Recipient Rush Limbaugh said. So yeah, now we want people to die. Who exactly, the Libs? We’re trying to get people to be cautioned
against this, to be prepared for this. All the right we needed personalities are
going out there and doing broadcast everyday telling people, you shouldn’t worry about
this at all it’s not actual concern. Don’t worry about it, they’re blowing out
of proportion. Trump today during chopper talk was asked,
do you think all of this coverage is a hoax and he said well, yes, CNN is a disreputable
organization, like, yes>>What does CNN have to do with anything?>>They are spreading Coronavirus. So, really, who is encouraging deaths. The person who says hey take this seriously,
take precautions or the people who say you are being hoaxed by fake news CNN. Don’t worry about it, it’s basically the flu.>>Yeah, I want to say you should trademark
chopper talk but that was kind>>No, I didn’t come up with that. That’s all over the place but thank you, that
is very nice that you might have been. Mike might have been cold beer first anyway.>>Okay,
>>So that was Rush Limbaugh. But we also have Pete Hegseth, one of the
reasons I want to go to him is you might recall. He was like this far from being the head of
the VA, almost chosen by Trump and here he is again talking about the media and Coronavirus.>>I don’t wanna say this, I don’t velish
the reality, but you start to feel. You really do watch the Democrats, watch the
media. You start to feel like they’re rooting for
Coronavirus to spread. And I don’t say that flippantly, I really
don’t. But they’re rooting for it to grow. They’re rooting for the problem to get worse. They’re rooting for mysteries, unknown cases,
quarantines, towns, for it to become an absolute national crisis. For one reason and one reason alone. They have yet to find a reason to drag down
the presidency of Donald Trump. Even though it is not the fault of Donald
Trump, they will try to pin it to him like his Katrina moment and make it political and,
so, a headline like this lays bare their intention. Because we know it already, they just won’t
say it. So I think it’s important to say it because
we know what’s in the backs of the minds of a lot of Democrats.>>So what happens is Donald Trump can give
whatever response he wants to give to coronavirus. And that’s really what he’s saying he should
have immunity from whatever decisions he makes in that response. Because the democrats are just gonna criticize
him no matter what, he’s having a terrible response. We’re freaked out. And then they’re criticized. No, we want you to help prevent this further. Were freaked out by the coronavirus, the left. And the rest of the country, Trump do something
about this and because of that criticism, we are the ones that want people to die. People to die from coronavirus.>>And look, as I reference on the damage
floor earlier today I will remind you that Pete Hegseth, that’s the guy who said on Fox
News that he hasn’t washed his hands in 10 years. So maybe learn about that before you start
talk about us encouraging the spread of germs. Yeah and look, he’s an influential guy he
has the ear of the President. And the thing is that it shouldn’t be that
shocking that he’s saying this sort of thing, because Trump and his family are also encouraging
the same sort of rhetoric. Here is the son of the President.>>Are you surprised the way they’ve been
handling the coronavirus situation, meaning democrats?>>Not at all, like you’ve said, we’ve seen
this play out for four years. Anything that they can use to try to hurt
Trump, they will. Anything he does in a positive sense, like
you heard from the reporter that was just suspended from ABC. They will not give him credit for the playbook
is old at this point. But for them to try to take a pandemic and
seemingly hope that it comes here and kills millions of people, so that they could end
Donald Trump’s streak of winning is a new level of sickness.>>He went on to accuse the New York Times
of either being infected with Trump derangement syndrome or Coronavirus.>>I accuse him of bad beard syndrome and
bad beard virus.>>It’s actually spreading on the right
these days. But anyway, there he was more clear pick up
Texas said we in the media want lots of people to die. John Don Jr. said we want millions to die. We wanna rule over the ashes effectively. That really does come through, that plot in
Bernie Sanders obvious speeches about however one should have health insurance and access
to healthcare, we definitely want people to die. I mentioned one thing, so this is Pit Hagsive
point about the media is hoping for Trump’s Katrina moment. And here is the thing, I remember Katrina. You know what was so damaging to Bush about
Katrina? Not that the storm happened. That is not why people turned on George W
Bush. It was the incompetent handling of it. It was allowing people to die when it wasn’t
necessary. Because they didn’t take it seriously and
they didn’t prioritize the lives of the people that lived there. And so when he flew over and looked down occasionally,
and when he heckuva-job-Brownie-d, that was not taking it seriously. That’s why it was bad for him. To Trump, again, I will say this for the millionth
time, Is not responsible for coronavirus being transmitted to humans and he’s not even responsible
for making its way into America. But if he locks down information, if he spreads
disinformation, if he sends people off to deal with these people without the proper
training or equipment. If he makes it materially more likely that
people die as a result of coronavirus, it very much is his Katrina moment. Because that is his anti-science ignorant
I don’t wanna swear, approach to the world that is endangering lives, the same as George
W Bush. Katrina couldn’t have been stopped the storm. The deaths could have been stopped. That was the problem and we’re seeing it potentially
in real time.

100 comments on “Trump’s Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory

  1. You’d think after Mulvaney publicly admitted Trump’s 2020 Ukrainian election corruption, he’d go somewhere and be quite for a couple of months.

  2. Fox should be turned off for that statement. When did anyone hope that a virus comes here? In fact Trump tweeted CovFefE aka Corona Fear last year. WTF is that about. Consequences? Don't think so! They are INSANE! FOX Mind Control Fu*kery!

  3. Maybe that ASSHOLE would feel different if he was in that 2% and those trump rallies are a cesspool to catch a virus

  4. So let me get this straight, so the media shouldn’t report on what’s going on or warn us to be cautious because it’s gonna make Donald Trump look bad? YOU ORANGE BAFOON!!! the only reason people are pissed at you is because you care more about the stock market than people!!

  5. Crooked Trump fired over 200 doctors and scientists that were advisors to Presidents Obama and W. Bush. But don’t worry folks Crooked Trump has appointed the Christian hypocrite Mike Pence to replace them and he is going to take care of everything for us by invoking God to stop the Coronavirus once and for all! If you have the misfortune of contracting the disease he will cure you with his PRAYERS and exorcism!

    Pence ordered one of his fellow Christian followers to demonstrate how he would go about curing people coming down with the disease. The man stood in front of a patient who has contracted the disease and yelled, “Get out you evil virus! The power of Pence commands you!”

    See, who needs doctors and scientists when you have Crooked Trump’s lying bullshit and Pence’s exorcism and prayers!

  6. It's so simple. They don't have to cause panic, people shouldn't be afraid all the time, but they should educate people about the actual dangers of the virus and how to take precautions. Saying "don't worry it's just like the flu it isn't a death sentence" doesn't help anyone. Saying "PANIC WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE" isn't going to help anyone. Saying "Be prepared, this is a very dangerous virus, but if you take the right precautions you can minimize the danger" is going to help a lot. And yes, maybe some people will panic, they might buy the grocery stores empty, but at least they will be prepared, and maybe more important, next time a virus gets here, people won't have to do that anymore because they are already prepared beforehand. Just my 2 cents.

  7. So if those Republican officials think the virus story might hurt Trump's reelection chances, then they need to lie about the virus and what it can bring.

  8. Why the Coronavirus becomes a political issue only in USA.
    You don't hear such silly stuff about the virus in other countries.

  9. Well, Toby Fair, Corona is not really a death sentence as long as you aren't very old or already suffering from a respiratory infliction in the first place.

  10. It's the 1st i heard of this.. &it's coming from u Mick Mulvaney… so there it's u &the Trump regime peddling this B.S

  11. Maybe the coronavirus IS wearing a hoodie and if we just go him to take it off we might make some progress… says mike bloomberg.

  12. On the plus side, if the idiot Maga people believe Chump and his croonies about the virus, they'll be unprepared, and they''ll be the ones dying, and they'll have no medical coverage to get help, thanks to their president.

  13. With the flu shot. At the .01% mortality rate, 40000 ppl die every year. No vaccine and a 2% mortality rate. So…we are looking at north of 8 million ppl dieing….."nothing to see here". I really hope this shit dies when it gets warmer.

  14. Why do people still use that 2% death rate thing? The death rate is MUCH higher. 4x higher in fact. You can't compare the number of infected to the number of dead, you need to compare the recovered to the dead. Because once you get the virus, you go one of two ways. You get better, or you die. So far, around 8.5% of people did NOT recover (ie, they died).

  15. How the hell this fat conspiracy theory-spewing blowhole Rush Bimbo still has anybody taking him seriously after years of being exposed as a lying, conspiracy theory spewing asshole?

    Wasn’t he the one that told all of the people in Florida to stay put in their homes instead of listening to the “leftist media” as Hurricane Irma was barreling down on Florida with winds up to 186 mph as a Category 5 Hurricane because he believed the idea that the hurricane was heading towards Florida was a hoax created by the “leftist media” to create fear so that the government and businesses can get people to buy more water bottles, batteries, and emergency supplies?

    He also said the idea that Irma was a Category 5 hurricane was a hoax completely exaggerated and made up by the “leftist media and the government” to endorse their hoax about climate change so that people would buy into their BS! Instead of listening to the news, meteorologists, or FEMA he told his listeners to listen to him because he knows all about hurricanes because he lived in Florida for most of his life!

    But then within minutes of blasting his twisted propaganda on the airwaves to all of his listeners he quickly jumped into his private jet and hauled ass to North Carolina to say his own ass! Just within time to save himself from having to deal with Irma’s winds and rains that took down people homes and flooded southern Florida with feel of water! However, those listeners of his who were foolish enough to listen to him weren’t so fortunate!

  16. This virus isn't a partisan threat, but it will disproportionately effect the poor, those minimum wage earners who live from paycheck to paycheck. The wealthy can take months off from work with no worries about feeding themselves or keeping a roof over their heads. No wonder Trump isn't worried about the virus, his entitled 10% has nothing to worry about and that's all that concerns him.

  17. In jan. Media said trump was overreacting about the virus. Now they say he calls it a hoax. So what will they say now, mar.?

  18. Flashback: Barack Obama Waited Until “Millions” Infected and 1,000 Americans Dead Before Declaring H1N1 a National Emergency

  19. Wait so the right-wing is finally admitting that George Bush bungled Katrina? Wow such a stark admission after years of denial.

  20. Alex Jones is a rightwing nutjob who occasionally gets things right. His evidence and the evidence of his expert guests such as Prof. Francis Boyle that the coronavirus is a genetically manufactured bioweapon is persuasive.

  21. Pete Hegseth: The Democrats want Coronavirus to spread so that they can blame Trump. They haven't said they want this to happen but I know it's in the back of their minds.

    I can't believe people fall for this bullshit.

  22. This reminds me, I should send a couple of boxes of super high grade unfiltered cigars to dear old Rush, all specially juiced with extra carcinogens, to help make his last few weeks on earth especially painful…

  23. 1:58 It's not a death sentence? Tell that to the guy who just became the first confirmed coronavirus death in the US in Washington state.

  24. Wouldn't you love if Trump had an ear to QAnnon and would advise his idiotsb to drink bleach and do it himself too?

  25. It's all about avoiding economic damage , all over the world they are trying to avoid economic damage. And the world health organisation (WHO) is at the very top of that pyramid. The WHO tells them what to say.

  26. Trump asked, and the coronavirus kills more black people than white people… Trump canonized the coronavirus as his best supporter, and asked if viruses can be registered as voters?
    This is where Mike Pence, pragmatic and more than a little evil, made sure the virus specialists we need to save millions of American lives stay fired and drowned out their voice.

  27. We do have a treatment for the prevention of corona virus.
    You need to wash your hands frequently and anyone with flulike symptoms , especially if they have travelled to effected areas should self isolate.
    As one should with flulike symptoms in any event.
    Recommended ways to self isolate is stay at home for at least 14 days, you should stay in a well ventilated room away from the rest of your family. If there is a separate bath room use that, if not ensure use you use the bathroom last and never share towels.
    DO NOT GO to the doctors ,do not GO to Hospital, phone for advise , self isolate , rest, take plenty of fluids, ioootake paracetamol for the fever, use tissues not cloth handkerchiefs, bin your own rubbish and call if you become very unwell with respiratory symptoms. Above all WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS and self isolate if you have symptoms.

    This is the advise given to ALL in Europe and just to remind people that’s not the US and that’s not fear mongering by anyone wanting to bring Trump down. It is WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION ADVISE.

    Corona virus is a world wide disease and those in America need to look outside for their health advise if the US government is failing to give them the proper way to prevent and treat it.

  28. My word on it is that it’s not nothing: thousands are dead. However, it is slightly over-blown.

    But if trump thinks this is a deep state conspiracy to get rid of him, first I say “How self-centred can you be?!” and second I say “Where do I sign up?”
    I’m no virtue signaller, I actually hate racists. I’ll panic buy oats, wipe my arse on my hand, brush my teeth with a twig, buy 42 guns, whatever it takes!

    He’s a bad guy. The stock market is up, sure; if you think that the stock market being up is everything and you weren’t aware that the stock market only ever goes up, congrats on having a lot of money and not following world events. But that’s about all he’s got. Balanced against healthcare, income inequality, family separation, a troubling outlook on the Muslim community, the constant whining, the incessant beefs, the up front corruption, the unending bitter partisan mudslinging… Get me ANYONE else!

  29. The problem I have with this is that they mix factual statistics with ignorant statements which then paint a picture that isn’t entirely true

  30. 11:56 I think Emma was gonna point out Trump Jr beard grabbing pic after she made fun of his beard picture.

  31. wtf is wrong with trump god damn rush limpballs? are you fkn serious? god maybe they will burn in hell so their disease doesn't spread, cuz i guess the heat will wipe all away omg

  32. The conflation of Dem and corporate media is maddening. Corporate media is inherently conservative but socially liberal because it's all about SELLING.

  33. If Fox News said the virus is a threat to 90 year olds they would change the channel at the nursing home and loose all there viewers.

  34. Pandemic = food and water at least 14 gallons of water per adult for 2 weeks.. it’s air born so touching with fingers is not the only way to spread or get it lol stupid MSM. Anything straight from The CDC needs to be taken with great assault as they continue to either drop the ball or purposely are kicking it down the road till this becomes Martial Law worthy for Trump to take National Security measures and preventing the 2020 vote from ever happening.

  35. Most flu are 0.01 – 0.1% deadly so one in a thousand or one one in 10,000 dies… Covid19 is 2 – 4% deadly so 2 – 4 in a 100 die = 20 – 40 in 1000 so it is at least 20 to 400 times more deadly….

  36. Mulvaney's nervous pleading is about as reassuring as Pence being "put in charge of the coronavirus".

  37. Has anybody seen the number of children who have died from the flu over the last year in the country?

  38. In the beginning Trump could have helped stop the coronavirus when he heard that it was coming from China. He could have temporarily halted the planes, but it took him a good few weeks or so to do just that. He also is responsible because he is hiding the statistical numbers and all of that is due to his political gain in being #1 in control of the virus that is why he and his administration are downplaying this to the American people. He has an obligation and a duty to the people to speak the truth, and his crony administration is just as bad when they are helping to play the game of cover up. They helped him to not have responsibility of the outcome of the impeachment and they are still licking his a** while laughing behind their backs.

  39. Rush Limbaugh asks himself: "How can I make profit form the virus." Maybe talking about the biblical end of the world?

  40. People should be cautious because experts are saying that this is just a communicable as the flu. Meaning we will get to a point were there can be millions of cases each year. The million dollar question that has yet to be answered is what will the death rate be? We don't know. the flu's death rate is about 0.05%. Latest numbers, as of this post, put coronavirus' death rate at about 3.4%. Is it possible that when we start detecting the less serious cases that the death rate will drop? Of course It's even likely. However we're past the point were it is reasonable to hope that the death rate will drop to the level of the flu.
    To Break it down let's say that the death rate plateaus at 5%, as you may have noticed the death rate is currently still rising.
    You need to realize that even if you assume that only 10% of cases are currently being detected, which is generous, the coronavirus is still 10 times as deadly as the flu.
    On top of which it will be 1 to 2 years before we have a vaccine.
    Edit: These are global death rates, because there are not enough reported cases in the US to make a responsible comparison yet.

  41. Never show The Trumpet as erring. Never display his incompetency. Never speak of his foibles. Never mention the fact that he is complete scum who lies with anything that comes from his mouth.

  42. Oh well, if the trumptards ignore the threat of corona, then they increase their chances of catching it so keep running around blaming the Democrats and calling it a hoax but don't come crying to us when you catch it. The Republiscum have to politicise everything just so they can fill their perverted need to constantly cry and whine about the Democrats.

  43. "But it [coronavirus] is not a death sentence. It's not the same as the Ebola crisis" . The coronavirus from Asia is not a death sentence unlike Ebola, which is a death sentence from Africa. Way to blow the racist dogwhistle foghorn. Yikes!

  44. Tell that to the people who lost loved ones you evil spiteful little Dog , probably , probably , sounds familiar those words it's a wonder he never said to get over it.

  45. Why didn't Don Jr get qaurintined on his sheep hunting trip return , now we know that the leader of Mongolia has been isolated from the virus . Jr was only there a few weeks ago , he is probably spreading it . Be ironic if he did and gave it to Trump , GOP and Maga virus . That would be so funny , projection at its finest by little turd face Jr.

  46. meanwhile the left is not doing anything because they're not in power. they're washing their dishes, doing their groceries, and are being accused of wanting to destroy the world.

  47. The only thing the trump team thinks of is the impact on stock market. Because that is the main thing that they hold up as their best accomplishment.

  48. Ah trumpty putting mother’s boy Pence in charge of the covfefe virus outbreak, that should work out well.

  49. It's not something to be fearful of, it's something to be aware of and responsible about. We need to stop acting in response to fear, and act in a responsible and proactive manner. Don't get the flu shot because you're afraid of dying of the flu; get the flu shot because you recognize that you fall in the demographic of those at risk. Stop being fearful of Corvid19- be proactive.

  50. As I understand about 20% of infected people need to be taken to hospitals with severe breathing problems and stay there for weeks. That is a serious problem other than a few % dying.

  51. Rush Limbaugh: the libs want coronavirus to explode so they can take down Trump. Don't doubt me on this.

    Me: I have this feeling I should doubt him about this

  52. Trump 2020: 3000 death of Corona Virus in China is fake to make Trump look bad.
    Death in the US, Iran, S Korea, and the rest of the World is fake to make Trump look bad.

  53. Corona Virus patients in China, when they go to the hospital, their medical cost/ insurance co-pay? ZERO. The Chinese government pays everything.

  54. PUTIN/trump 2020: Wildfire in California which destroyed over 10,000 homes was fake, to make Trump looks bad.

  55. Trump Jr: I have a constipation problem, it is all CNN, Liberal, Clinton, Obama, Sander's fault. It is all Dem strategy to bring down my daddy's presidency.

  56. 01:50 … 1-2 percent of the US population is … roughly 3.5 to 7 million people … peanuts…
    Did i mention that its about 2 times more contagious than the flu ?

  57. In May 2018, the Trump administration axed the executive branch team responsible for coordinating a response to a pandemic and did not replace it.
    ‪Trump also cut funding for the CDC, forcing the CDC to cancel its efforts to help countries prevent infectious-disease threats from becoming epidemics in 39 of 49 countries in 2018. Among the countries abandoned? China.” That was confirmed in 2018 reports saying that funding for the CDC’s global disease outbreak prevention efforts were cut by 80%, which included the agency’s efforts in China‬@

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