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Trump warns N. Korea could “lose everything” with hostile acts

now US president old trump says North
Korean leader Kim jong-un could lose everything if he acts in a hostile
manner sending a clear warning you to the north to refrain from provocations
with the North announcement of a quote very important test at a satellite
launching site watchers are asking how far the regime could test Trump’s
patience re-sing J starts us off with Washington and Pyongyang exchanging
heated rhetoric over the past week or so US President Donald Trump took to
Twitter on Sunday telling the regime’s leader Kim jong-un in no uncertain terms
that he could lose everything if he continues to be hostile toward the
United States however Trump also reiterated his commitment to continued
diplomacy with the North Korean leader saying Kim jong-un is too smart to be
rash with hostile acts president Trump added Kim does not want to void his
special relationship with him nor does he want to interfere with the u.s.
presidential election in late 2020 he went on to reiterate the tremendous
economic potential North Korea has but stressed the importance of
denuclearizing the regime just as Kim has promised
however observers say Kim may be pushing Trump’s limit seen by its recent
messages by the US president while Trump has continued to tell the strong
personal relationship he has with Kim some say his threat of military force if
necessary and his latest tweets saying Kim could lose everything shows Trump
may be increasingly irritated by the north in an interview with Fox News
which was aired on Sunday local time US defense secretary Mark espers says the
US military is in a high state of readiness amid North Korea’s recent
missile tests but again stressed the importance of diplomacy saying talks are
always open however Esper’s comments come as North Korea announced on Sunday
that it has conducted a very important test the previous day at a long-range
missile site which was partially dismantled last year how this news will
fare with Trump and his administration indicate the future relations between
the two sides and the regime’s path to denuclearization easing J Arirang news

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