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Trump Tries To Hide Secret Service Expenses Until After The 2020 Election

Trump Tries To Hide Secret Service Expenses Until After The 2020 Election

There had been secret talks taking place between
treasury secretary, Steve Mnuchin and Democrats in the house of representatives for some time. Now all regarding the secret service. See back when the secret service was first
founded, it was under the control of the treasury department. Shortly after the Bush administration came
into office after 9/11, uh, they decided to move the secret service to become a branch
of the department of Homeland security. Well, Mnuchin wants it back at the treasury. Mnuchin thinks he should have ultimate control
over the secret service and house Democrats are actually saying, okay, yeah, we have no
problem with that really doesn’t change anything. You can have the secret service back, Mr.
Mnuchin, but Oh, by the way, before we actually approve this, you’re going to have to make
a couple of concessions. And one of those concessions is that you’re
going to have to publicly release the information about how much the secret service is spending
to protect Donald Trump’s family while they travel. And this is a problem for Mnuchin because
Mnuchin doesn’t want the Trump family to look bad. He understands how many hundreds of millions
of dollars the secret service has spent protecting Donald Trump and his family while they globe
trot around the planet. Or while they just go down to Florida and
play golf. Because we do know right now that Donald Trump
has spent more than $115 million of our tax dollars playing golf since he was elected. So in three years, $115 million just playing
golf for the entire eight years of the Obama administration. We only spent $114 million on all of their,
uh, vacations combined. And then the DNC actually reimbursed most
of that. So let’s say the number is only maybe half
of that, but nonetheless, even if we did have to pay the 414 that’s still less than 115
and that was eight years versus three years and Mnuchin and understands that this information
is going to be damaging for Donald Trump, especially in an election year. So my is trying to work out a deal with Democrats
where he says, okay, we will release that information, but you want it released in 120
days. I want the time table to be a little bit longer
say after the 2020 election is actually what Mnuchin is proposing and he’s doing this on
behalf of Trump and the white house themselves. The public doesn’t like the idea of a president
sitting there going on vacation all the time, golfing all the time while we pay for it,
and that money goes back into Trump’s pockets because he’s going to his own resorts to do
these things. We’re all so not too crazy about the fact
that Donald Trump’s kids who are not a part of the administration get this secret service
protection while they go on their fancy family vacations. They go skiing, they go to Canada, they travel
the world, and the secret service gets to go with them. And we’re paying that bill and we as the payers
have every right to know exactly how much money we’ve paid here. But Mnuchin doesn’t want that information
to come out before the election. So the question will be this, are the house
Democrats going to cave the Mnuchin and say, fine, just release it whenever you feel like
it. Or Mnuchin who is clearly very power hungry
to get this organization under his control. Will he send the president down the river
in order to gain a little bit more power? My money is on Mnuchin being the one who caves.

100 comments on “Trump Tries To Hide Secret Service Expenses Until After The 2020 Election

  1. Trump has been on vacation every since he became president. He spends taxpayer dollars as if it's his money, without any regard. Between all of the scandals, lawsuits, and rallies, watching tv and tweeting, how does he have time to play president.

  2. I seem to remember just recently , trump bragging that he draws no presidential pay , but it seems clearly he is staying at his resorts around the place and probably charging the secret service millions upon millions to stay in his hotels and resorts while they guarding him and his family , no doubt he is milking it for all its worth .

  3. That's funny when Obama secrete service had some sex scandals. That's real funny. Looks like the media is becoming the joke to the American people

  4. Stable genious? Most transparent? Know more about drones ? Knows more about govt then average amercan?

  5. He is spending our money at his resorts. It's despicable that there in not a record of the amount this sissy has already spent hiding out behind ss people.

  6. Trump and his family are just a bunch of leeches sucking off the taxpayers. Moochers on the streets get humiliated and degraded. What makes him any better? At least the people on the streets really don't have anything. Trump and his family has more than they deserve. Even the poor are being mooched on by that family. How beyond pathetic can you get?

  7. I believe that if a person has the privilege of being president of the United States of America, they should be able to work four short years without a vacation. Your full time focus should be to protect and serve your country. Of course, I refer to normal times when we elect a qualified, adult non traitorous president.

  8. I wonder why they want to hide these numbers….? Maybe because they’ve spent HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS AT TRUMPS RESORTS…. Every trip to Mar a la go costs us taxpayers 1.3 million dollars… He spends almost half of his time as President a one of his resorts… So he can funnel money from our Government into his pockets… The House will never allow them to hide the numbers..

  9. Considering how Trump promised that he would NEVER go golfing if he was the President, I say he should pay all those golfing expenses out of his own pocket. How can he now expect the people who voted for him to pay for all his golfing trips after he PROMISED them they wouldn't have to pay a single penny for him to go golfing? Doesn't Trump have any shame?

  10. The real issue is Trump is funneling hundreds of millions of dollars into his businesses through the secret service… Trump forces them to go to his resort (to protect him) then he charges them for golf carts and a hotel room… How is that legal….? Not to mention Trump ONLY goes to his properties when he leaves the White House… This is a SCAM…

  11. He just went to Maralago this weekend. About 3 times a month he takes a military jet down and back from DC to Florida . He son goes on safari hunts and his daughter pretends to be a diplomat all getting taxpayers protection and gourmet food like lobster meanwhile that comes outta a taxpayers pocket who cant afford to eat at McDonald's.

  12. This amount needs to be told. We the taxpayers need to know how much it cost to guard his sons while they go game hunting, how much it cost to guard first daughter and husband while vacationing in Paris. Secret service agents also are charged at Trump properties while guarding this SOB. Americans, it's all about the money with this president, the con artist of the decades.

  13. In 2017, during his first year in office, Donald successfully bankrupted the Secret Service for the first time in it's history. One of their many major expenses: They were required to pay for their own food, drinks, and golf buggies for following Donald around during his countless golf trips with his rich buddies and lobbyists at his various resorts. Needless to say that those same expenses for his private security were fully covered.

  14. Yeah, and a Huge portion of it went straight into Trumps bank account, via his Mar A Lago!
    Trump Crime family treat Airforce one as their private jet!
    Even Cruella D'Ville Melania's parents used it to travel to Mar A Lago!

  15. It's bad enough that tax dollars are being spent on the Orange Stain, for the rest of the Klan a Greyhound bus ticket out of their own pockets would suffice,

  16. WE need to compare the Obama Administration, with the Trumpty Administration, (security and golfing) I'm pretty sure, it would be the "most" expensive in history! Trumpty has already golfed more than Obama did – in 8 years. Trumpty has only been in 3 years – and this president is making money off the oval office = every time he golfs! This country is paying for Trumpty's offspring to travel, when there are how many Vet's that homeless, or children that are starving, while Trumpty's offspring, jet around the world???? The Trumpty supporter……"wait, we're paying for this – oh well, that doesn't effect me, it's not coming out of my pocket"…..only ya it is! You really should get educated about this president, you won't like what you find out!!!!!

  17. Spending his daddy's money since birth, spending the sucker American citizens tell impeachment. White House welfare recipients.

  18. He couldn't even come back from Florida when he was making a hit on a foreign leader! He was in the middle of doing drugs and telling everyone at maralago it was going to happen when no one in Washington knew about it!…then he was three hours late for the press conference about it because they were trying to get him sobered up enough and awake so he could be seen in public.

  19. He should pay for all of this on his own dime, if it isn’t a true presidential expense. Maybe a new law should be made about this to avoid future abuse.

  20. If this behavior doesn't prove to the average person that the trumps are all cons then his supporters are beyond reason

  21. This is a travesty of tax payer dollars but the bad thing is that all Chump's supporter's won't give a damn! Look at everything he has done so far and they still gravel at his feet like he's some kind of mystical orange unicorn!! He's been scamming the tax payers and charities from the "get go" and they don't care! Their cult leader can do no wrong…ever!! They love drinking the kool aid, it's like sheep being lead by the nose…very disturbing!

  22. Trump has spent more in 3 years then Obama did in 8, and this flaming hypocrite had the gall to complain about Obama's golfing and vacations in Hawaii. We need to make sure this demented sociopathic parasite and his swamp creatures don't get a second term.

  23. Didn't they run out of proposed fund's in the first 6 months of being President, and fox made a big deal about Obama taking his wife on a date. Why are the Republicans afraid how much has been spent, those Hypocrites won't care, I guess there as stupid as Trump said they where.

  24. that because the money goes in his pockets, where ever a president stays in or out of the usa. that's why he is in fl. every week and he can triple the prices, for the govt. because he also charge the secert service, for everything the golf carts, , the rooms, and the food. but they are there to save his life, and they have to pay you to protect you.

  25. What happened to that fat untapped inauguration fund that is stuffed with cash? They can pay us back with that money!!

  26. Does it really matter if we know, you know the Trumptards won't care, if it was Obama the fucking Hypocrites would be screaming in the street and fox would be holding a press conference over it.

  27. Trump golfing alone cost taxpayers $120 millions so far. Adding the constant rally Trump hold + secret service + president international business + secret service = Around the $300 millions area taypayers will be paying for Trump free ride.

  28. I would think if he doesn't pay them their secret service won't be so much service. Bad time for that with 2 targets on his back: Ukrain and Putin!

  29. How does it get any more corrupt than this? Its scandal after scandal yet nothing ever happens to them. They cheat and steal from there charities and all they have to do is go to a class showing them how not not to steal from there charities. It's become the biggest joke ever. I've never seen one man for do so much damage to a country in such little time in my life. It is a daily scandal coming out of this White House since he has been elected yet all we hear is how bad Obama was. Not one scandal in 8 years out of his administration. Not a one! This is what happens when you hire a thief and a crook for President. Every facet of this government has been as affected in a negative way since he has taken control of this office and it keeps getting worse. This country cant withstand another 4 years. We will be in WW111 and our country we I'll be broke. Plus, if there are any original characters left in his administration from days of old you can pretty much guarantee that they will be in jail or prison for one last felony that they missed from the previous 4 years in office. And what will happen? Not a damn thing. It's a cryingshame. It really is. GOD HELP US ALL IN THE NEXT 4!

  30. If you do a little fact-checking, you will find out that Trump in his first year spent more money than Obama did in all of his eight years. Trump has spent more money than any president in history and we are paying for it.. Just remember that

  31. Trump has a lot if nerve commenting about Obama playing golf. At least Americans LIKED Obama & didn't mind paying for his golf after all when your a GREAT president like Obama was Americans are happy to support! That will NEVER happen in Trump world.

  32. It's a self serving administration, and this sort of thing is not a surprise, it's to be expected. Can anyone say "swamp monster?"

  33. It is unreasonable to expect the working American public to fund the vacation of the week, every week, for this fraud of a leader, much less for all of his family members. This is a flagrant abuse of the powers of the office. $115 million in vacations? Many of us professionals don’t spend that in a lifetime. Remember, this is a man who lost his yacht. Surely he could not have afforded such lavish spending with his own money, even if he had it.

  34. Just to put this out there! Just think what it is costing us in big macs and fries? Remember the President has a full time chef and a full time round the clock kitchen staff! And he go's to Mickie D's And he kicked close to one million people off food stamps. I think one of those hungry bastards should eat his Mc Nuggets GO TULSI!

  35. ACCOUNTABILITY!! this moron and his disgusting family aren't above the law. And republicans are supposed to be the party of morals and integrity.. Yet no one reins the petulant childess trump in.

  36. Everyone ask fill out a form for the Freedom of Information Act. We are all entitled to do so! And we won’t be the only ones. There R damn good institutions that are more than likely doing so. Let’s add more to that shall we!

  37. I thought his kids were running the businesses, why are we paying for there security when they constantly do stuff to piss off people? They should NOT be advisers!! They are just as stupid as dad!!! No wonder the Administration is incompetent!!! Geez… vote blue in November across the board!!

  38. Oh please he promised we would see his taxes when he got elected also. He is lying doesn t want his sheep to see how much they have payed in taxes for Trumps fun

  39. If he's spent 115 million, I'm INCREDIBLY CURIOUS how much the kids have spent. It's probably the same amount, if not more.

  40. Trump say's he is worth $10,000.000.000 and the American taxpayer is paying for his trip's and getting free publicity for it.

  41. I hate Donald Trump more than the Black Plague. He has done nothing to help the middle or lower classes, he just helps himself and the top 1%.  I hope that he croaks after eating another Kentucky Fried Chicken meal.  Fate would have it that one little bone spur from KFC would take away your miserable life. Nine of Spades, Donald.

  42. The Christian right who has more scam artist working for it than any other industry in America support this President and people question why. Dumb dumb people.

  43. Part of Trumps punishments for the crimes he's committed while in office and before should be to not be allowed to collect a lifetime's free Secret Service for those fucking useless children and himself the king of useless and every other benefit that an honest president earns.

  44. Ok who give a shyt. He can spend billions if he wants to f**k it, that's the American way. That's like telling me I cant own more than 10 guns it's against our values

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