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Trump Shuts Down Government Website That Tracks Pollution

Trump Shuts Down Government Website That Tracks Pollution

Earlier this month, a website called Tox Map
put out by the federal government using data compiled by multiple different uh, and departments
in the federal government, but mostly from the EPA was shut down. December 16th. The Tox Map was totally shut down, retired
as the administration called it. So this information is no longer available. Okay, so you’re probably asking you at this
point, what kind of information was this? Why should I care about Tox Map? Well folks, Tox Map was a resource interactive. You could clip anywhere on this map of the
United States, go to any city, any part anywhere and see the pollution. You could see how bad the air quality was
for that area. Up to the hour. You could see all the pollution coming from
nearby plants coming from all the nearby manufacturing facilities coming from the local power plant. Everything was right there on the map. And it even included all those toxic super
fund sites that could also be radioactive. So you could go anywhere and say, Hey, I’m
thinking of moving to this area. Let me go check Tox Map to find out if this
is a safe place to live, and now you can’t. Now the administration claims that most, most
of the information is still available. You just got to go to each individual department’s
website to know exactly what you’re trying to find and then navigate the website and
hope you can find it. Although of course some of it obviously is
not available anymore. We decided to retire some of that information
about pollution and how it affects your health. This is just the latest assault on science
launched by this administration and this is nuts folks. This is pure total nuts. It makes no sense. It’s not like they were hemorrhaging money
off of Tox Map. It’s not like it was actually harming the
public. No, it was letting them know. If you go here, expect to have an asthma attack,
and now it’s gone and nobody noticed and most people don’t even care. What this is is a massive gift to corporations. No longer are you going to have the public
looking over your shoulder to see how much you’re polluting their hometown. No longer will the federal government be offering
the public all of this up to the minute data about how bad you really are. That’s what this is all about. This is going to harm public health. People could very easily die as a result of
removing this website, but hey, if it means corporations don’t have to worry about us
looking over their shoulders, then heck yeah, that’s a win for this administration.

100 comments on “Trump Shuts Down Government Website That Tracks Pollution

  1. This is what a DICTATOR does. No public statistics only the DEMENTED DICTATOR Cadet Bone Spurs will tell America his version on pollution stats. Only he The GREATEST CONMAN AMERICA AND THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN will now be telling " The Truth & Nothing but The Truth " as told by his DEMENTED, SICK MIND can tell.

  2. Corporations pollute because following safe environmental practices sometimes eats away at their profit margin. Before the EPA was established in 1970, companies were destroying our waterways, land, and air with poisonous substances. The business community ignored the warnings that came from scientists and academia. Greed took priority over common sense and logic. Trump's attitude today is characteristic of pre EPA times. Trump and many Republicans are simply too stupid and selfish to have any insight for the future.

  3. Our corporate lords (the 0.1%) are managing our decline. As far as corporations are concerned climate change is a great business opportunity for them and they have said as much literally. From their point of view people will become more desperate and things that we have taken for granted like clean air, clean drinking water and enough food to eat can be marked up to a more premium price. And since the peasants (that’s what the 0.1% calls the rest of us) are willing to follow rules and laws that do not benefit them they figure will go along with it. After all we have so far.

  4. Hi folks, my name is Jefferson D’Arcy. I’ve got a beautiful lake-front retirement property to sell you — it’s Lake Chicamocomico (previous owner Al Bundy).
    On a serious note, Trump will be responsible for killing more Americans than anyone in history from pollution, stripping healthcare, removing safety net benefits, and extreme weather from climate change.

  5. Day by day, this administration is getting dumber and dumber. We have a bunch of idiots in the Republican party, and the President is the worst one.

  6. Trump is going to set up a website stating that windmills cause cancer , coal is great for the air we breath and there is absolutely no environmental damage when there is an oil spill.

  7. For residential consideration; Sperling’s Best Places (
    This is NOT me being dismissive of Twitler's evil plan. I can't understand how so many right wingers who, incidentally, fancy themselves outdoorsy survivalists can laugh at his policies that are environmental catastrophes in the making. Oh, wait. Most off them are also "end times" believers, and so why worry about the future? :/

  8. Could someone who supports this idiot president please tell me now that there is no climate problem, you people are being fucked by trump and still blindly back this clown, without using any common sense, you support the one person that is destroying the country, China and Russia is banking on the fact that there are enough wet brain idiots to keep him in power, don’t complain when you are taken over

  9. This is so trumps "mentality" if i don't believe in it, it doesn't exist or needs to exist, he and his family will be held accountable after his out of office by taking all of their money and paying for this programs to help america, because up to now all they care about is themselves.

  10. He’s a god damn maniac. He gives the green light to crazed war criminals, he gives the go ahead to big game hunters to go after the critically endangered black rhino and now he’s enabling secret pollution. It’s insane. He’s got the morality of the Iceman.

  11. Promoting "clean coal", gutting the EPA, rolling back automotive emission standards to the point of attacking Florida for wanting to enforce cleaner cars.

    Yeah just business as usual for the orange sellout.

  12. Just another attack on the truth. Dictator trump doesn't want smart people to know how bad the septic tank he is causing on the planet.

  13. Once upon a time the issue that was paramount for candidates to focus on was "It's the economy, stupid!" But it's time to face that this economic system is destroying the planet and leading to massive wealth inequality. Bernie2020!

  14. Shuts down website about pollution statistics, creates one about winning arguments against "snowflakes"…
    Priorities mixed up a bit huh?

  15. Y'know I can only imagine how giddy inside Trump must've been in the 2016 race, when he said things like, "you're gonna get tired of winning" to his massive rallies. Thing was…he wasn't speaking to the rally-goers, he was speaking to the rich and corporations. He was basically prosperity gospel preaching to the rally-goers, but in reality he was really telling the rich and corporations that THEY were gonna be the winners under his Presidency, and almost everything he's done is proof of that.

  16. Good enough nonsense climate change has been completely debunked by real scientists they have all said it's a scam! Stop the lies !

  17. Trump says America has the best air best water pigs ass he has put a stop to any true science that he don’t want people to know absolutely wrong just another way trump is pulling the wool over peoples eyes

  18. I've got to quit watching these articles. The more I find out what this hateful, bigoted, thieves, liars, cheaters are doing, the more I WISH someone would go shoot every single Repukicunt in office, in political office dead. Shovel the remains in a garbage bag and throw it to the sharks!

  19. Screw Trump…garbage he is. Screw GOP of the garbage in the WH…Screw the inbreds who think it's OK

  20. Of course, I forgot; these morons are actually all going to Mars thankfully, with a few of there minions ( you can fit them all on a double decker bus, it is said)… just hope there is a planet left for the rest of us:-(

  21. Far be it for Bonespurs to do anything to actually help anyone other than himself. That website wasn't even hurting him. He simply has to go out of his way to HARM others.

  22. Shit show will continue as long as orange vagina neck is still in office. United Snakes have been losing influence for a long time only to be accelerated by the raw sewage politicians. God bless America. They are gonna need all the blessings they can get

  23. im guessing this website tracked the worst pollution to the planet that comes from the third world and was not only focusing on the USA which has really good pollution standards,right?

  24. Republican smoke and mirrors. Nothing is real when they are in power. It's all fake, like the guy they chose to lead them.
    What a shame.

  25. Dictator Trump strikes Again! Wake Up America before you have No longer a Country! This is Exactly how the take Over Starts! 😎

  26. What the F*CK is wrong with the f*cking *sshole known as Trump?! I wanna just punch that fat f*ck in the face!! Farron, thanks for reporting the important facts!

  27. This is basically like deciding not to help people make the right decisions. It may already be too late to save ourselves. This is a truly anti-human decision the government has made.

  28. Trump polutes the air ways by lies galore and con artist deceptions of every conceivable area of his warped brain a piece of shit.


  30. At this point I would support drug use by his administration. Maybe they'd have a rational thought, perhaps even an enlightening epiphany, while under the influence. They certainly aren't capable of good decisions sober.

  31. Trump needs to go. Please contact your senators and tell them that you expect them to honor their oath of office and put country ahead of Trump and party. Seriously, this is part of a pattern of behavior for Trump. He has systematically ended many data collection programs or reclassified information so that his misdeeds and the impacts of his horrible policies cannot be measured and, thus, no accountability. Imagine a president who is not accountable! Terrifying! Right. Also, contact sponsors of Fox News and let them know that they are supporting a coordinated propaganda machine that propagates lies and deceptions to viewers who have misplaced trust in the network and that you will not buy their products as long as they advertise on Fox News.

  32. Shutting down TOXMAP was Drumpf's gift to Devin Nunes for his loyalty to Donny – Nunes' California Central Valley district ranks at the top for toxic air quality in the US.

  33. I wonder, really. Why is it possible, that a president, who swore an oath tho do the best for America – and doing the worst imaginable actually, working with all his might against the people in the U.S., cannot be stoped from doing this. I mean urgently now. Not in three month or later.

  34. There is no pollution, same as coal is clean and beautiful, how can something clean and beautiful as coal pollute…

  35. Because they don’t care about any one but themselves! Sorry snowflake republicans what are you going drink when their is no water or no clean air or no food to EAT or are you just plan moronic uneducated idiots! Sorry we need to save the the Earth! Sorry but you cannot go to Mars guess what idiot if we died you also DIED! Sorry but get your Head out of your ASS started doing something Stop listening to the moronic uneducated idiot in the White House!but I know that you are to stupid to understand how you think everyone is stupid! Sorry boys you are the one who is afraid of the truth! Sorry but I hope everyone of you DIED and go to HELL! Sorry but GOD give us the EARTH to live on! And to take care of ! Sorry but you lose!

  36. I was raised to respect my elder but this is one elder I can't respect never had and never will… This president is a straight Bitch !!!

  37. This Dude is fucking nuts dosen't he know whatever happens to us it's going to happen to him hurry and get this Dam crazy fuck out of office please

  38. This information is valuable to those of us with respiratory problems, but of course Trump and his administration don't care about us unless we're part of the top 1%

  39. Trump followers nationwide should be informed of this. Even though some of them may not care about pollution levels. And others may say this is 'fake news'.

  40. I’m convinced that Trump is the most corrupt president in this country’s history. He’s a real life Joker from Batman type of villain.

  41. We need to know how much pollution the auto plants and nuclear power plants are giving off. Trump is anti-science, perhaps because he failed in science courses while in school.

  42. People,we are really in trouble with the jerks from the Republican party and y'all s President Donald Duck Trump!!!!!

  43. Hey everybody. Let's remember that the Tangerine Turd is pollution personified. Every time he opens his mouth, shit comes out.

    So he doesn't want to know how much pollution he is causing. There's only one way to solve this problem.

    TURN BLUE IN 2020! Let's get the Cantankerous Cantaloupe out of the White House once and for all time. If you doubt me, just remember that his Native American name is Chief Lump of White Fat Where Brain Usually Is. That should help you keep your eyes on the prize.

  44. The trick for this administration is to set the pollution at just the right level. Just enough to render voters brain dead, but not too much that it kills them.

  45. "I want crystal clean air and water, but I'm going to allow industries to pump more shit into the sky because I'm jealous of Obama, and like a big, fat bouncing baby, anything Obama spearheaded, I am trying to undo".
    What have these ignorant Trumptards done to the country by voting in such a buffoon?

  46. Who needs guns, bombs, and terrorists, we got Corporations, Republicans, Neo Liberals. Guess which of the 2 groups is more likely to kill you.

  47. Pure logic, Farron! What you not see isn´t there! That´s how toddlers totaly disappear when they cover their eyes and reappear again. Trump solved the pollution problem! You´re welcome. 🙂

  48. The topic is not a like on this one Climate change and Pollution,. The topic is toxic and so is #45. It was hard to hit the Like button. Love the Ring of Fire . Happy New Year to all of the intelligent people! Can't we all just get along. To the far right, could we please stop all the childish games and get on Helping the people of America. When is enough, enough. Stop lying against your Country for a liar #45 Thank You All !!!

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