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Trump Sends US Troops To Saudi Arabia To Avenge Their Oil

Trump Sends US Troops To Saudi Arabia To Avenge Their Oil

Last week, Americans were, you know, to an
extent, rightfully so, distracted a little bit by the whistleblower complaint that the
White House is trying to hide, showing that Donald Trump allegedly asked a Ukrainian president
to essentially interfere in the US elections. And while we were all focusing on that, we
missed a very big story. And that big story is that Donald Trump sent
hundreds of US troops over to the Persian Gulf to help bolster Saudi Arabia’s security. And he has not in fact ruled out military
action along with Saudi Arabia against Iran. The reason being, obviously Iran allegedly
attacked ah Saudi Arabia oil and gas facilities, nobody died. There were no casualties from this attack. They just attacked their oil facilities. Saudi Arabia produces about 10% of the world’s
oil. And according to Donald Trump, we’re not even
dependent upon their oil anymore. We’re totally independent, but we’re still
gonna send a couple of hundred troops over there to act as security guards to avenge
that poor oil that got attacked allegedly by Iran because Saudi Arabia is our good buddy
and we can’t trust them with their own security. So we’ve got to go over there and do it ourselves
apparently because God forbid something else happened to the oil. Meanwhile, let’s not forget that we’re helping
out a country that is routinely and regularly bombing children in Yemen. Where’s our security forces over there? How come we’re not going over there to protect
children who are dying on a school bus because Saudi Arabian missiles are hitting them? We’re totally okay with that. We’re totally okay with them taking a journalist
and cutting his body to pieces with a bone saw. That’s okay. According to Donald Trump and this entire
administration of Saudi Arabia does that? Yeah, sure. Whatever, but God forbid a little bit of oil
gets blown up. No human beings do, and then suddenly it’s
boots on the ground. We’re ready to go to war because oil got spilled. This is madness, folks, and we can’t allow
ourselves to continuously be distracted by the stupid crap that Trump does on a daily
basis. We just can’t. We have got to look through the BS. We’ve got to have a better filter and we’ve
got to pay attention to what this man is actually doing. You know, studies have actually come out that
show that anytime this administration does something risky or anytime there’s real, legit,
bad news about Trump’s policies, he goes out there and he starts tweeting crazy things
and that distracts the public. And I know this wasn’t necessarily falling
into that trap, but you can go back through his Twitter feed the last 72 hours, 96 hours,
and see him tweeting out some pretty in comprehensible things. And all of that is meant to distract the public
from what he’s actually doing. And what he’s actually doing is building up
US forces inside of Saudi Arabia. Just in case we need to start another war
in the Middle East.

71 comments on “Trump Sends US Troops To Saudi Arabia To Avenge Their Oil

  1. Trump is the usual GOP President, cutting taxes for the rich, attrition for the poor, cuts to Soldiers retirement funds, cover-up for Epstein case (AG Barr who covered up Iran Contra, which is related to Epstein case), and increasing military spending and operations around the world. Nothing's changed, it's just gotten worse, but what's sad is that so many have signed on for a religious war as they see no solution to our problems but massive death that must precede divine intervention. I think we're all paying for a biblical plot to be played out: sad part is, the ones using us aren't sacrificing their children, nor wealth, but will only increase both in great measure when all their religious wars are over. That appears to be their plan for the majority. I cannot express my sadness at the number already killed for this sick agenda. Any god that needs human blood to be motivated to help us is not a god, but a demon.

  2. Do we go to war so often and for so long just to justify the insane military budget? I wonder what would happen if we spent an amount more in line with other first world countries on our military and took that $50 billion dollars and invested it in education, infrastructure, universal healthcare, and social security? I wonder how much our economy and society would thrive when we are no longer being groomed to fear and hate? I wonder how many children would go hungry if we treated the earth responsibly and didn't waste? I wonder how many people could go from nothing to greatness if all people were treated equally? I wonder what a world would be like if it didn't matter the name your neighbor calls God, just that he too was a man of faith? I wonder how great a country could be if the weak and the broken were welcomed as brothers and helped as brothers instead of being shunned and turnt away? I wonder what we could be if we valued life more than money? I wonder what America was meant to be and I cry. The is not right. None of this is right. Why?

  3. What would our troops do there anyways? Help rebuild their oil refineries? And what if another attack happens and our troops are killed? Then that would give Trump a reason to start a war with Iran. Probably what Trump and his warmongering buddies are hoping for.

  4. Trump: “All Euro countries, S Korea, Japan need to protect themselves and stop using us.”

    Also Trump: “Saudi Arabia: our disposable soldiers are at your service at the slightest of reasons and made up threats!

  5. And was it's LBJ that said this. " I don't know why I should send America boy's over there when their own boy's won't fight "

  6. "I am the master of the games
    That you will hardly ever play
    So I will teach your sons
    And if they should die
    Before the evening of their span of days
    Why, then they will die young."
    ~Sandy Denny
    John the Gun

  7. Yep.. and the White House is trying to hide the whistle blower complaint that could put the last nail in Trump's coffin, by starting a fuckin war in the middle east.

  8. Damn draft dodging treasonous traitor commie coward! Send your damn kids Trump, since you never had the balls to serve honorably! You’re a coward to every true American Patriot!!!

  9. What do we do people? I worked with my Senator from MI to vote for the resolution to end our support for Saudi Arabia's war on Yemen and it got all the way to Donnie and he vetoed it. Wtf do we do? The proper channels to fix this mess are not working either. Congress hasn't had authority over war in a long time as we all know but wtf are we going to do about it? If the Congress, the Courts, and the Executive branch can't be held accountable what's the point of this charade?

  10. Time to stop with the Nuremberg defending,
    Any soldier over there is an out and out brainwashed attack dog.
    There are no Good guys in the American Army.
    If there were they would restore Democracy in their own Country.
    Just as the invading Nazi Soldiers once sang songs of the Fatherland.
    American Imperialist Terrorists now sing songs of the exceptionalism of the Homeland.

    This problem is not Democratic or republican it is one of Greed. Buying,selling, supply, demand and
    Manufacturing consent. "War is a Racket!"

  11. Follow the money trump is making out of playing potus, helping anybody/country but his own as he spills the beans and is a security nightmare, never mind the crimes he is committing domestically. America has a problem…it is trump, and he's doing it all in plain sight…nobody is stopping it…The big American machine, out done by a con man. What a world let down, and a continual affront.

  12. Muslim cab and taxi and UPS drivers know everything about American cities. Missing propane tanks prepaid cell phones sold out across America from Walmart's all the prayer rug's and books with gold colored edges of pages foundt all along the California Arizona and Texas border's? A distraction to allow millions of muslims in from Canada? Dearborn Michigan is not a Muslim state it's a province! Dudes walking into churches and restaurants screaming All who snack bar and repainting the area with moist chunky parts? Then when responding personnel think they have the area secure? Multiple booming devices set off? Then when other personnel responding and they think it's secure more booming device's going off? Creamy camel toe soup with a little humps in's it is way better then chicken's soup with this symbol on the can 👉⚜ Europeans and lots of folks in the United Kingdom just love creamy camel toe soup with a little humps in's it after being gang raped and well feed and their valuable taken from them. Force conversion and the collection of back taxes from the last crusade? 🥴👍

  13. That's like the fake attack supposedly on the Japanese freighter which the Japanese foiled by telling the truth, just going out of his way to start a war with Iran because Israel wants one.

  14. Donald trump and the republican party are playing with double think right now, including my countries conservative party and it makes me sick

  15. A war with Iran is not going to save his election bid…But a lot of us predicted that Trump would start a war with Iran just before the end of 2019 to help his dead Election campaign.

    Trump…don't do it you idiot…

    Trump…if you want to win in 2020 then go and do Single Payer…That's the only thing that will save you in 2020…

    There is absolutely no reason we should be fighting a war for Saudi Arabia.

    A war with Iran would bankrupt America…and very possibly get us into a limited nuke war with Russia and China…and that would destroy the world economy forever….

    Don't do it idiot Trump……Maga morons…go tell your Trump not to do this stupid stupid thing.

  16. Why are we involved? Saudis were nice customers buying billions in weapons from us, the world's biggest weapons dealer.
    Just like Bush attacking Iraq for weapons of mass destruction.

  17. The first step in confiscation oil fields is to send in troops to help protect the oil fields.
    NO one died and NO one was injured in the attack.
    Which is an indication that it was an inside job.

  18. This should be a vote winner for military personnel and their families, except their votes have to be sent from overseas if they are on deployment. So they are counted later if at all. Rump should have been a magician, misdirection is one of the few things he understands.

  19. Lies looking like Iraq again American Military be ready to overthrow this government it's the enemy corporate America must end. Don't forget 9/11 terrorist were from Arabia hijakers don't forget Arabia founded the attack on US.

  20. We do not avenge nor do we protect terrorists so why isn't Secret Agent Orange charged with treason Wtf..send his goofy ugly ass kids to the front line ! What assholes!!

  21. If Iran had atttacked Saudi Arabia, why was there no casualties? Iran would not be waiting to see that all the workers clock off.

  22. Last time I heard the USA is producing more oil than anybody. So why are we in an uproar about the Saudis loosing some oil. I also think the Saudis have more money than anybody on the planet. So why don't we just let the Saudis handle their own business. Then your tax dollars and mine could be used for something important like supporting education, supporting Veterans or supporting universal healthcare. Crazy

  23. At this point ur soul should know right from wrong and if u support this , ur exactly a part of this demonic energy that is upon this earth..

  24. A war with Iran would be a big mistake. Donald Trump walked away from the Iran Nuclear deal and in doing he lit the fuse on the way out.

    A war with Iran will be the biggest mistake Trump will ever make. I think Saudi Arabia will attack Iran without letting the US know, a war it’s Iran will be political suicide and will have unethical-consequences.

  25. Are you sure that wasn't Joe Biden, next the comments will be disabled, then this false story, will just disappear, with some new fabrication of main stream media, lyes and Bologna..!!😂

  26. This is a joke and all theatrics. Saudi’s bought their way into US govt a long time ago. DJ T is their puppet just like the previous ‘leaders’.

  27. Yeah, America should totally start another war, they always go so well. There was that stunning victory in Grenada in 1983 and, err, oh, that's it.

  28. Nothing like a bullshit war to help Republicans keep a president in office make billions robbing pentagon money and getting their hands on more oil while denying climate change…

  29. Trump keeps sending more troops to the middle East so they can keep coming back in body bags that's how much trump cares about the us……

  30. the source is incorrect about Iran attacking the Saudi oil plant it was the Saudis fabricating the attack to boost the new oil company from the prince of Saudi Arabia, and this president is helping that to get accomplish on the $ markets and now trying to start war.

  31. Remember when Fallout joked about thos scenario? I miss when we had enough brains to not follow the orders of Biff Tannen's doppelganger…

  32. Why, they have a large untested military that can handle their own region, why ship our guys over there when they hate the infidel, worry about the U.S. we have more issues here!

  33. From the moment that Saudi troops re install the Yemeni President we all saw that conflict would eventually scalate, so it is not a surprise the involvement of Americans, is not about oil, is about an strategic plan of defense.

  34. I believe Trump is a puppet along with some Republican politicians, who sold there souls to the real evil ; the sick greedy ones with the bulk of our country's currency.

  35. Let the damn saudis fight their own war or Trump can put on a uniform and go there by himself, the brave orange fake bonespur warrior.

  36. Farron excellent commentary, articulate, insightful, factual, Crystal clear. This President and his administration is the epitome me of infamy. He emphatically needs to go !👍

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