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Trump Says UN Was Laughing WITH Him, Diplomats Say The Opposite Is True

Trump Says UN Was Laughing WITH Him, Diplomats Say The Opposite Is True

So obviously by now everybody knows that Donald
Trump went to the United Nations earlier this week, gave his speech, everybody laughed at
him in the General Assembly when he started talking about how great and successful he’s
been as president. About a day later, Trump was asked about that,
and he said, “No, no, no, no, no. They weren’t laughing at me. They were all laughing with me. We were all joking around. We were having a great time. It was fun. They all love me, but more importantly, they
were laughing with me, not at me.” He was adamant that we know they weren’t laughing
at him, even though when he made the comment he then had to wait for the laughter to stop
and said, “I didn’t expect that response.” They were laughing at you, and that’s not
speculation either. That’s literally what they’ve been telling
reporters since you gave that speech. BuzzFeed News actually talked to several of
the diplomats who happen to be in that room with their delegations, and they admitted
100% we weren’t laughing with him. We were absolutely laughing at him. Here is what one Latin American diplomat had
to say. “Sometimes when we see a behavior or listen
to arguments or notions that seem so far-fetched, unreasonable, or insane, there is almost natural
reaction of laughing.” Went on to add, “It is not laughing at a good
joke, but a nervous laugh, or a bad joke turn laughable precisely because the guy who tells
the joke doesn’t realize how bad it is.” That pretty much sums up Donald Trump, right? We had another European diplomat who said,
“What would resonate well at a political rally in America sounded a little awkward at the
UN General Assembly. His words in the opening part of the speech
were clearly addressed to a domestic audience, but as he did it in the Trumpian way, bragging
ridiculously about being one of the best administrations in history, people in the audience reacted
how they reacted.” We can now confirm pretty easily that yes,
they think Donald Trump is a liar. As the Latin American diplomat there said,
he used the word insane to describe what Trump did. Not necessarily saying that Trump is insane,
but that what he did there was absolutely insane. Then the European diplomat who comes out and
said, “Why is he telling us this? This was nuts. Yeah, I’m sure that would work great in a
rally, but you’re at the UN. Not only is it irrelevant, but we don’t care
and we don’t believe you anyway. Can we please just get down to business?” This is one of the reasons why Donald Trump
is such an ineffective leader on the world stage, because he has no interest in international
affairs, or diplomacy with other countries. He just wants to talk about him. He just wants it to be about him, and he wants
everybody else on the planet to care as much about his alleged victories as he does, even
though really the man has such a short list of victories that he could carry it around
on a tiny Post-It note and just show people, but that’s not who he is. This guy is all about Donald Trump and that
is that classic narcissism that we see coming out of him every time he gets on the global
stage. As long as this man is president and able
to go out there and speak to foreign dignitaries in places like the UN, and the G7, and all
of that, as long as he’s doing that, he is going to continue to be a national embarrassment,
and worse, a laughing stock around the rest of the world.

100 comments on “Trump Says UN Was Laughing WITH Him, Diplomats Say The Opposite Is True

  1. Dont call him president thats a disgrace the whole damn world is laughing its sad and dont say his base they are racsit greedy disgusting and pure evil monsters including foxs news god gave them a change they failed now we all in trouble just pray because i didnt vote for that evil corrupt racist DEVIL HE IS A DAMN NUTCASE

  2. No, no, noooooo they were laughing at you stupid ass. He is such a gosh damn idiot and so are the people that follow his dumb ass.

  3. Most people in the world will laughing, dancing and pissing on his grave as he lies rotting in the pile of shit he'll be buried in.

  4. Hi Farron, people in Germany/Europe have been laughing at His Royal Idiocy from day one 😂. Sadly, Americans are often unaware of what's going on in the rest of the world.

  5. They couldn't have been laughing any more ~AT~ you Little Hands if you had gotten up there and lit a massive window-rattling fart (and that would not be beyond the realm of possibility for you).

  6. watch all the trump cultists and robots rush in and say this is fake news, it's more liberal attempts to discredit the president because they can't keep their horrible agenda. The question is, what the hell is wrong with trump? and that is actually saying a LOT.

  7. No MAGA caps, farmer overalls, head bandages at the UN council when the fool started his boasting. This poor, poor idiot is a carnival barker with no sense of decorum.

  8. 45 would not use an embarrassment of himself as a distraction. He is just too vein to do that. He has gotten so use to the North Korean style praises from his MEGA pep rallies. He doesn't realize this only comes from his base and not the rest of the country or world. A total moron and embarrassment to this country.

  9. I'm in love with a korean man
    I Thought he was a jerk
    But I i didn't understand
    That I'd fallen in love
    with a korean man
    i'm so tall and he's just short
    He said he'd launch
    And I yelled "Abort"
    later on, we met in Hong Kong
    the lights were dim, and we lingered long
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    in old Hong Kong
    it was then
    that i came to understand
    That I'd fallen in love…with a korean man

  10. MAGA – McDonald's And Golf Again

    Do you agree Trump will go down as the second most obese POTUS in history, the 3rd POTUS to be impeached, the absolute least intelligent POTUS in history AND the worse President in ever.

    Democrats & Progressives let your voices be heard by VOTING Blue in the Nov 2018 & 2020 elections. Staying home and not voting is NOT an option. We are seeing the results of some of us sitting at home which resulted in Trump winning. Take the time to vote Nov 2018 & 2020. It is an honor and privilege to do so.

    With ALL the noise going on from SOME Conservative who deny what's going on with Russia interference remember that Manafort, Flynn, Papadopoulos, Gates & Cohen are ALL convicted felons who pled guilty! All of us who are parents caution our kids to NOT associate with hoodlums and those of questionable character therefore what does it say about Trump that his close associates have led guilty or that porn stars or playmates all claim to have had affairs with him while he was & is married. But wait SOME Republicans may say but wait what about Clinton's emails😂😂

  11. Was little Donnie always dependent on being praised?
    Was he always praised by his mommy and daddy no matter what he did?
    Is he more emotionally mature than a twelve year old?

  12. What's worse is that the content of his ramble is basically being ignored. He told the rest of the world to feck off, Americans couldn't give a shit about you. He told America's long-term, loyal allies that "you don't matter. Not unless it suits us, of course."
    If any country's leadership is actually paying attention to their own people, Trump is going to find himself very much alone when he decides that things are looking bad on the home front, so let's turn to plan B and declare war on some spurious grounds and play the "you're anti-American if you don't support us" trick that Bush did.
    No ally (with useful military resources) will turn up. If a government decided to join in, where possible they'd be turfed out of power in days (the advantage of not having a non-negotiable election date), and where not possible, the people would make sure that the next elections at home will be bad news for the ruling party. It nearly happened against Iraq. It will happen if he goes for Iran. Not because Iran is flavour of the month, but because Trump is even lower in the eyes of the majority of the world's population. Tbh, from what I've seen in comments from people around the world, even if the USA was attacked, and NATO countries are bound by the agreement to come to your aid, there would be great reluctance to do so whilst your Liar in Chief reigns. And I'm genuinely very sorry for the ordinary, sensible Americans who'll be bearing the brunt of Trump's bad tactics.

  13. When I heard that he was going to give this speech I thought to myself, he's going to be laughed off the dais.
    I would like to thank the Nations of the World for their restraint. They weren't rolling in the aisles.

  14. Well if you think about it, out of all his bragging it was a joke cause he knows that crap isn't true so yeah it was funny!!! And the whole world knows it

  15. Fortunately the world's dignitaries, for the most part I'd like to believe, are way ahead of Mr. Trump cognatively and emotionally. I can't imagine any of the world's leaders believe him to be an intellectual dynamo. Time and again he has demonstrated an absence of intellectual acumen. "Sad."

  16. He’s always complaining that the world is laughing at “us”…
    Why won’t anyone tell him it’s him they’re laughing at. Show him the videos of the world mocking him, someone please!!! If we’re lucky, he’ll shoot himself in the concrete block he calls a head.

  17. Notice that's these trumptards aren't saying anything about this cuz they're just so stupid they still believe they were laughing with him Jesus they should not be allowed to breed

  18. We had a neighbor that irritated and harassed nearly everyone. This went on for 30 some years. Fighting, court nothing helped. I though of laughing. Some people are terribly self-consensus. I have been suggesting that a laugh or two during his speeches might be helpful. Also adding a laugh track to his speeches could be helpful.

  19. He has his stooge, Nikli Haley , are laighing stocks. The taxpayers, us, are paying for her apartment in New York $58,000.00 per month!

  20. Well it was hilarious when accused the Chinese of meddling in the mid term elections. The delegation reaction was like wtf is he talking about while shrugging their shoulders. This is not a laughing matter anymore if you are doing old people dementia or schizophrenic type behavior. He was at the UN for heavens sake on a global stage.

  21. I suppose I'd be laughing at Dumbald Trumpkopf's insanity as well…if not for the fact that I actually live in the country that he's gleefully flushing down the drain. One of the few things he's good for is providing job security for late night comedians. There's no end to the riffing material they have with the Cowardly Lyin' around.

  22. Squirm you Marxists….Squirm, when kavanaugh gets in, squirm, then cry…ill be smiling…..all you deranged Marxists should move to Venezuela or North Korea….youll feel at home 😆

  23. Every country knows this , I'm sure glad they did it to his face maybe now fTrump will take notice to what the other country's really think of him ( NOT) !

  24. The freakin UN are mostly all globalists who care for nothing except that which furthers their sick agenda. So if they like you, it means you're doing something WRONG.

  25. Suuuuuuurrrrre they were you ignorant twat… The look on your face of stupefied disbelief say's it all.. you knew the truth instantly , yet you chose to deny the facts.if you are not mentally ill , then you are a psychotic narcissist. Either way , you do not belong in office. For the good of our country resign.

  26. trumps💩 over inflated ego will not allow him to admit publicly that he was laughed at. his maga moron crowd are the only ones stupid enough to believe him.

  27. Trump's in love with someone other than himself! He's in love with a short, fat, moon-faced guy with a funny haircut. Trump's in love with Kim Jong Un, the N. Korean despot, fratricide, world pariah, and mass murderer of his own people. Donnie's no longer interested in grabbing beautiful women by their p*s*y and can't wait to grab Jungie by the ba*ls. Is America still first?

  28. Trumproast is a laughing stock president, a joke of himself! If he's laughing on the outside, he's crying on the inside!

  29. The world has free press and net neutrality. It sees what goes on. If Americans need the truth, however painful it may be, contact anyone outside your borders. Blink twice if you need help.

  30. Would it not be odd if every speaker at the United Nations told the listeners that he was the greatest person of all time. If Trump can do it, anyone can.

  31. President Dump understand his administration is a Joke and dumbass Trump supporters and brainwashed evangelicals😁 are a joke

  32. Its got be a sickening thought when your white old and bigoted and dumb as dust and you have keys to the kingdom and cant even get  fake respect an a whole world of people make fun of you and laugh at you until they almost cry ..

  33. Wake up America !!!

    The world is not just laughing at Trump

    It's a nervous laugh at America also 😋

    Nervous, because the whole world now feels insecure that America gave up environmental concerns to watch the Trump circus while the zillionaires enjoy their tax breaks

    America has never been laughed at before, it was feared or respected

    The only way to start MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN is to restart
    …by impeaching Trump NOW


  34. Trump forgot that U. N. diplomats have educations exceeding that of the seventh grade typical of his rally attending yahoos.

  35. It's embarrassing! And I hate when he goes before the world and uses the word 'we'(talking about the US) to express his policies before the world. He doesn't speak for me! He says stupid things and says that's how the American people feel… speak for YOURSELF and your followers… I'm not blind.

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