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Trump on the verge of a historic diplomatic triumph?

Trump on the verge of a historic diplomatic triumph?

100 comments on “Trump on the verge of a historic diplomatic triumph?

  1. President Trump will be seen as a great peace candidate for Korea.
    Bernie Sanders said we should applaud Trump when he does something good.

  2. Two things. 1) Hell will freeze over before a 'democrat' will admit to being wrong about Donald Trump. 2) The Nobel committee discredited themselves so badly by giving the fraudster Al Gore a prize and also giving Hussein Obama a prize 2 weeks into his first term – FOR WHAT! – that personally, I'd tell the Nobel mob to shove it if they tried awarding me a prize. By giving prizes to pricks like Obama and Gore they've forever tainted and diminished the value of a Nobel prize.

  3. Listen to these republican slimebags crawling at Trump thighs. After relentlessly attacking his every move, they now try to get back on the wave of history. I could throw up.

  4. TRUMP has done what no other administration could not do in the last 60+ years. Peace in the peninsula. This is Historic and as Epic as it gets. The two Korean Country's will flourish and their people will be happy and much safer. N. Korea will be able to get into the Trade market which will send the US stock Market thru the roof along with other country's. This scares the shit out of the Liberal's, Who will find something to complain about..They want our country to fail to prove their ill fated point.. Why dont they just find their own little country to go live at.

  5. Obama got a Nobel Peace prize just for being a black Muslim… Although, I wonder how the military industrial complex will foul it up.

  6. 4:57 I agree! With what's going on right now, he should be getting 2 Nobel Prizes! lol
    “It’s really President Trump who should receive it; we can just take peace” – Moon Jae-in

  7. Nobel peace prize is a piece of garbage, someone like Obama gets it for doing nothing. Maybe he should accept it and give it to rocket man. That will make Kim a very happy camper.

  8. Trump deserves a whole handful of Nobel peace prize, then he can hand it out like candles to his favourite friends.

  9. I love this President because he takes the "status quo" off the table and smashes it. Then from that chaos he re-negotiates. Kim Jung was approached in a way he NEVER HAS BEEN. It's that simple. He knows he would be annihilated if he used nukes. Peace became a better option. I pray this is true. This will be HUGE. Don't play Trump. You WILL pay.

  10. Trump is bringing the world together by saying and doing the most outrageous things. The world is looking at trump like if he were an extraterrestrial, and they are quickly forming alliances just to survive him. No one is going to give trump 'The Nobel Peace Prize' for bullying. Because then anyone having the upper hand, talking crazy and vowing to destroy can claim the prize. The prize should go to those who are, not only seeking peace, but actively pursuing it.

  11. This reporter is the dumbest person I’ve ever heard. I hope she reads this comment, I truly do. The difussion of tension between the Rok and Dprk is due to Moon Jae In’s new liberal party. By taking a much more open minded stance towards the North, the South Korean president is who ingeniously made progress here. He is the one who met and shook Kim’s hand. All Trump accomplished was heigten tensions with his “fire and fury” rhetoric. What this reporter is suggesting is stolen credit. If anyone is getting a Nobel Peace Prize, it’s Moon.

  12. Nobel peace price to donald trump, the world's No.1 evil bull shit, that's not funny , that's a stupid idea !!

  13. If this falls apart the media will go crazy how this was ENTIRELY a Trump deal. If it works out perfectly they'll say it was because of some kind of thing that Obama put in place… with the help of Hillary.

  14. Trump, he may have lost in Syria but he may win in Korea, the 4D chess continues. Korea poses no immediate threat to the west however if a legitimate peace deal is reach and the path to unity is walked then it is possible that in the future US troops could be stood on the border with China.

  15. Didn't Trump bomb Syria TWICE? He is a SWAMPER. Korea just impeached pro Jewmerican President Park, and elected the new President. President Moon Started all this, not Swamp. If anything Swamp got in the way with threatening, twittering, name calling and THADD ing Kanipshin. Shit ! Swamp sure put the jew, in Jewmerica. I don't blaming you, for not knowing Korean history, but for God sakes, know your OWN History. Swamp is almost as bad as, el B.J.

  16. Didn't Trump bomb Syria TWICE? He is a SWAMPER. Korea just impeached pro Jewmerican President Park, and elected the new President. President Moon Started all this, not Swamp. If anything Swamp got in the way with threatening, twittering, name calling and THADD ing Kanipshin. Shit ! Swamp sure put the jew, in Jewmerica. I don't blaming you, for not knowing Korean history, but for God sakes, know your OWN History. Swamp is almost as bad as, el B.J.

  17. God is at work I know He will make His face plain am so happy to be here to see this. More kimchie🙌🙌🙌👍👍

  18. Donald Trump will be the best President ever. He is President not only for America. He is truly the leader of the world.

  19. In order for there to be peace in North Korea, Kim Jong Un and his entire leadership would have to give up everything. I am an international relations and geo political expert and I can tell you part of this "peace" deal, would require the North Korean regime asking for full immunity for Kim Jong Un and his entire leadership from being prosecuted by the ICC (International Criminal Court) for his crimes against humanity. I know the topic would also address the 250,000 political prisoners he currently has in his nazi style death prison camps. He's not going to shut those down and turn himself over to the ICC. So due to this, there will be no peace summit, there will be end to this war except only one way which is to destroy the enemy and replace that entire leadership with a new one. This is the only way effective change can be initiated. He's just buying more time and he's doing this so he can try to scam the world for more money to continue his lavish life style and his nuclear program, to build another test site since his current site has been destroyed.

  20. Balbina Hwang is an idiot for making that last comment that the "Two Koreas are taking initiative to talk peace."

  21. The Nobel peace prize means sweet f all. Just some rich ex-oligarchs bestowing their approval to satify their egos.

  22. On Oct 9, 2009 Barack Hussein Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

    "U.S. military forces have been at war for all eight years of Obama’s tenure, the first two-term president with that distinction. He launched airstrikes or military raids in at least seven countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan."

    Until this day Trump has declared no war and is about to stop one that lasts for 68 years.

    If Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize, why would Trump not deserve it?

    Countries bombed:
    · Bush 4
    · Obama 7
    · Trump 0

  23. ….King Jong Un "needed" to make peace with the other half of his country. ….
    brilliant strategy! !! 😞😞😞

  24. I don’t care about a novel peace prize nor do I care about previous individuals who it’s been awarded to. I just want him to win it because I wanna see how so many people react 😭

  25. He's horrible with his words, and does idiotic things on the side. Even though, he has done pretty much all the things he originally said he would do. I suppose it all depends on whether or not you agree with these actions, or his methods. While he may not be nearly as good as some of our finer presidents, that should not overpower his more respectable qualities. He is extreme about his beliefs, and that has really caused a rift between Liberals and Conservative people. He seems to focus on things we're ashamed of admitting got out of hand, and in the way of efficiency. He's clearly not as moral-driven as Obama, and that can also prove to be a problem with the public and will result in loss of support. All I can personally say is try to be resourceful with him and voice a more clear solution to some issues than pointing out his flaws by simply calling him a "racist" or "Hitler". Thanks to you if you read my comment. Hope you have a nice day. Feel free to reply.

  26. The president's main responsibility is to protect the USA against unwarranted nuclear threats from any nation. Trumps decision to visit S Korea and China and pressure N Korea was instrumental in forcing the Kim regime to realize that it had no other viable option other than to cease the insane nuclear threat rhetoric against the USA it was making… and soon Trump should visit Russia and let Putin visit the USA to defuse the Syria Israel Iran Russia NATO problem looming. But then some other huge world problem will unveil its ugly head….another set of problems for another time. At the end of the day I think Trump's main goal is to get a denuclearized korean peninsula and american troops back home from Korea unless the new denuclearized korean unified gov't agrees to formally pay US soldiers a stipend per soldier stationed in the peninsula as a fair salary for their work of defending the peninsula and providing good security against regional wars…the fact that Korea, Japan, China have not been in a war against each other since the 1950s or about 70 years is because the USA has kept international law and order over there…the history of east asia over 1500 years proves that these 3 nations have not been able to avoid war for longer than a 40 year hiatus on average between major conflicts and attempts to invade each other….what is more…internally these east asian nations have in their history seldom if ever had a peaceful transition of power within their own gov'ts…..assassinations, coup de tats, incursions and foreign infiltration…..have been the sad norm in east asian affairs throughout its 1500 plus history… in large part the USA is the main force of peace in the region keeping everyone accountable to international law! And the US soldier's back is the main force bearing this heavy burden!

  27. Dude talking show Strength Against China???? Really? NYS alone pays china for the deficit they bailed us out of debt. Our BRIDGES RFK, GW, willie B Brooklyn Bridge Whitestone, all that daily money goes to china for the payment. So what is this be strong with China Shit. They Own America bruh!

  28. Trump and his supporters are dreaming if they’re thinking the N.Korean suddenly real going to end the Korean War and just to give up.Armistice always will be in the Korea Peninsula.Just only to have a Treaty not to have wars between N.Korea and S.Korea to be escalating to Nuclear Wars that it.

  29. Would of been funny when he stepped on Kim's land, Kim just grabs him. Like your mine. Not really tho. Lol

  30. TRUMP NOMINATED FOR NOBEL PEACE PRIZE: A little more than one year into his presidency, Donald Trump is indeed making good on his promise to make America “win again”. Not only is the economy doing very well, with unemployment claims at their lowest since 1973, his foreign policy is paying huge dividends as well. After standing up to China on trade and North Korea on their nuclear missile program, the strong stance of the United States under President Trump has brought Kim Jong-Un not only to the negotiating table but to the peace table as well. North and South Korea making peace with each other is every bit as large an accomplishment as President Reagan overseeing the bringing down of the Berlin Wall. Trump has done more in a year and a half than Obama did in 8 years, and he’s done it with the entire fake news media and the entire Democratic Party working night and day to impeach him. Just imagine what he might have accomplished by this time without relentless attacks to bring him down. #MAGA

  31. The NPP has been too heavily tainted by Obama being "gifted" with it. For any Peace Prizes to have ANY meaning, they need an elevated category to recognize the actual work done.

  32. Can’t believe they can be so naive. NK will not give up, they’re simply buying a bit of time.

  33. Kim jong so Fake I find hard to believe he up to something good not seen right to me sorry , he f .. kill so many family ppl in his own country & ppl outside country like evil itself ,Do he be a spry him self by shake hand 🤚 too get finders paint? To give to his others spry 😅 ? , I think 🧐 to much bc I watch to much drama 😂🤔 , don’t meet him trump

  34. really US is taking credits from peace here asian peninsula??? all we know here in asia is america's business is war…

  35. Any signs of peace in the paranoid world we live in, shouldn't be undervalued. I personally will give them the benefit of the doubt.

  36. Trump didn't do shit. The Koreans are just tired of the mess and want peace. Plus North korea is not going well, so Kim got to put on the big boy pants and change things for his country. Get off Trumps dick

  37. If they actually denuclearize they should give it to kim jong un. Every country does have a right to defend itself. Peace wouldnt really be going forward without the will of kim jong un

  38. We are campaigning for Trump to win the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize.
    The campaign will end on Dec 31, 2018 and send the list of the contributor to the Norwegian Nobel committee.
    Please visit

  39. He said it and continue to prove and supports his said even before elected Mr Trump is proving he is the toughest negotiator and the best by far …

  40. Is it me or the liberals are so mad at Trump that they make us feel like they are ready to pray and wishing for a Korean War to happen just to prove that Mr Trump was all wrong ..Wow

  41. The Nobel Committee didn't give Reagan or Bush the Prize for their part in bringing the Soviet Union and Iron Curtain down, So they won't give the Peace prize to Trump,.

    The only people who get the prize are those who don't really deserve it like Obama.
    The last real deserving recipient was Mother Teresa, and there are those who have problems with her nomination too.

  42. Wow to find this video … even this was not so long ago still my happy nerve gets me in … seeing both North and South Korean Leaders shaking & holding hands, stepping on both part of their territories is historically part of our lives … Share Peace 😎

  43. Peace isn’t about humiliating another group is about working together. Trump deserves credit and also the Chinese, SoKo and NoKo too. All this bs talk about the evil NoKo leader is talking point. He cares about his people and anyone saying different is a liar.

  44. my grandfather lost his legs in the korean war what trump did to end the war made me cry and cry MY GRANDFATHER LOVES TRUMP and thanks him

  45. it so touched me that i had hoped my grandfather would have been watching and that he didnt loose his legs in vein

  46. To "classify" Donald J Trump with some of the previous recipient's would be a grave and total understatement of his achievement! The World has to create a very special Prize – the DONALD J TRUMP price for Leadership. This POTUS should be its first recipient, and perhaps in the next 100 years, there might be another recipient.


  48. Criminal trump is a bumbling idiot who is the laughing stock of the world. trumptards are traitors who are threatening war against America. God have mercy on America and the world.

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