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Trump defends Syria withdrawal, says there is ‘a lot of sand’ countries can ‘play with’

Trump defends Syria withdrawal, says there is ‘a lot of sand’ countries can ‘play with’

100 comments on “Trump defends Syria withdrawal, says there is ‘a lot of sand’ countries can ‘play with’

  1. Trumps got it right. The commies can fight over the sand castles! When is the Progressive Media going to call out Schiff for brains false claims? After they take care of black face and the groper in Virginia?

  2. Left: stop being the worlds police and interfering in other countries politics
    also left: you can't pull out who is going to police the world and interfere in their politics
    Trump: your dad should have pulled out, its terrible what they've, its a mess, he should of pulled out I would have pulled out

  3. Well, The orange internet troll is actually doing what I hoped for when I voted for Obama… The world is upside down, but at least we are withdrawing from other people's countries. We don't belong there legally, morally, or from a practical, political or financial standpoint. If the Dems don't figure out what they stand for I will vote for this cretin, I swear to god I will. Don't try and sell me Biden or Warren. I'm not buying that. Tulsi 2020!!!

  4. Wow.. his candor is appreciated but his speech and conveyance regarding matter is so rudimentary and crude. I can believe this has become the definition of POTUS

  5. He betrayed another ally and this time he led them to a slaughter.
    I pray one of those survivors gets their revenge on trump and his family.

  6. trump gave Putin and entrance by withdrawing American troops rom Syria. Donny continues to give Putin any favor he requests. Am I the only one that finds this to be sickening??

  7. Just hear me out……his incompetence seemingly makes me feel that he's trying to destroy everyone. Like…literally!!!

    I think Trump is the anti-christ
    "Change my mind"

  8. He's not backing down because Putin and Erdogan aren't about let him. Putin must have proof of a hanging offense that he's holding over Trump's head. Now there are 50 American tactical nukes trapped on an airbase that the Americans can't defend. So who going to get them? Turkey, Syria, ISIS, or the Kurds??

  9. Treasonous trump. He’s killing people now. He needs to be stopped. He has no comprehension of the consequences of his actions. He only wants money and power. Mental illness runs in his family. Stop this man. Misdirects the reality of the seriousness of the issues in the Middle East.

  10. Get over it Libtards..Trump happens to be the Commander in Chief, he Doesn't Need your approval. Oblunder Never asked for Ours.


  12. What a clown!😉😁😂😂 I have my best laugh of the day……" lots of sand they can play with." 😂😂😂😂😂😂🖒

  13. A country that elects an obviously imbecile criminal as their president and then fails to kick him out must have a complete lack of self-esteem and moral values.

  14. By the way they were no angels, but they were with us, no angels….they have lots of sand, lots of sand that they can play with…..WTF?

  15. I just wish a reporter would have the guts to ask trump straight out "On a scale of 1 to 10, if a US life is worth 10 to you, how much is the life of a Syrian worth? 3? Less than 3?…" I have a feeling he actually would answer and the number would be very, VERY low….

  16. He pulled out of an endless war. Democrats, free to go on YOUR dime and try to "control" Syria. Tax-payers shouldn't pay money or blood for "policing" the third world.

  17. President Bone Spurs has never sacrificed so it’s easy for him not to understand the sacrifices our troops and the Kurds made in defeating ISIS. Most likely it’s all about giving his master Putin a win and a deal with Turkey for another Trump Tower. Disgraceful!

  18. They've got a lot of sand to play with. Lol! I love it. This guy is a lot smarter and funnier than they give him credit for.

  19. Republicans: “We need an enormous military budget, one of the largest in our history”

    Also Republicans: “We’re pulling out of every war we’re in to make our expenditures pointless”

    “fiSCaL cONsErVAtiSm”

  20. so if I am to understand this correctly…congress instead of authorizing use of force in syria…they are going to condemn trump for removing troops from one section of Syria but take no issue against being in Syria without congressional approval? This isn't checks and balances

  21. The media is freaking out over 28 Soldiers? LOL, the media loves war! such a shame we are not still there killing and maiming.

  22. Look at the reaction of the woman sitting behind him when he makes the “lot of sand” comment. It’s priceless.

  23. So in other words everyone on this comment section thinks we should keep up the war in the Middle East. You people are CRAZY

  24. POLL:
    I voted for Trump + I will vote for him again = 1
    I voted for Trump + I won't vote for him again = 2
    I didn't vote for Trump + I still won't vote for him = 3
    I didn't vote for Trump + I will vote for him this time = 4

  25. Sad to say, trumps moronic comments will be recorded for posterity. 100 years from now Americans will say we were all stupid.

  26. Syria and Turkey fighting for hundreds of years?? For F's sake. Turkey has only existed in the current shape since after WW I, before that it was the Ottoman empire all the way down to the souther tip of the Arabian peninsula (Saudi Arabia did not exist back then). Syria was a French mandate/colony to the end of WW II, spoils of the dismantled Ottoman empire.

    This guy is really terribly misinformed, not only about the Middle East but he knows nothing about everything, from how tarifs work to modern history. He is a master of bankruptcies though …


  28. A pathetic lying President who has stabbed our Kurdish allies in the Back. Turkey HATES the Kurds. Trump screwed up our Middle East goals and has capitulated to Russia. "We are in a very good position in the Middle East" WHAT A LIE!!!

  29. What the hell is he talking about If I came from another planet and listen to this thing I’d go well turn around their nuts here 🥴

  30. Fantastic truth calling out war Hawks. If they didn't do the coup in Libya (Obama/Clinton) they never would have had the arms and open access to try and do the coup on Syria. Make no mistake, America does coups, not defense wars or freedom wars. We are the coup capital of the world, just look at the nazis in Kiev Ukraine, Kosovo etc. Great stand on this Trump, I'm starting to like your policies more and more. Keep firing the war Hawks you naively appointed and hold AGBarrs feet to the fire, I don't trust him one bit. Case in point, how's that Epstein investigation coming along Barr? You grandstanded you were going to do something about getting to the truth almost 3 months ago… Crickets!

  31. For any other President saying something this ignorant and cruel would be huge news, but it's just a drop in the bucket of scandals

  32. He can't say directly (because there's NATO ally Turkey)the sand he means is ammunition that the US has provided to terrorist YPG. This war game is wrong from the beginning. And he is right to stop it.

  33. trump:we have been playing with sand for almost 15 years in middle east,now we leave the sand to them,and we are going to south china sea to play with water.

  34. lol he's not wrong. They have been fighting for 100s of years and it is a very big sand pit…

    The US or Russia aren't going to change that.

  35. Is it really necessary to have this constant fluttering of camera clicks every time a President speaks? I find it really annoying and a little distracting as well. I'm sure a phone camera would do just fine.

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