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Trump and Kim Jong-un Fail to Strike a Nuclear Deal | The Daily Show

North Korea. When President Obama
left office, he warned Donald Trump that
Kim Jong-un’s nuclear threat would be his biggest challenge. Well, that and learning to read. But mostly
the nuclear challenge. And after Trump’s second summit
with the North Korean snowman, it turns out
Obama may have been right. Breaking news. No deal. President Trump’s
high stakes nuclear talks with Kim Jong-un
suddenly break down overnight. President Trump beginning
an 8,000-mile journey home from Hanoi, empty-handed. Sometimes you have to walk, and this was just
one of those times. No concessions, no deal,
no final photo op. A closing ceremony scheduled to
celebrate an agreement scrapped. Even lunch was canceled
with the table already set. Wow. You know
something must have gone wrong when these two turn down lunch. Wow. (laughter and applause) Although, I bet
after they left the room, Kim Jong-un came back,
and he was like, “Uh, can I get
this lunch to go, please? “There’s a lot of hungry people
in my country, and I want to eat this
in front of them. Yeah?” But yes,
after months of anticipation, nuclear talks between the U.S.
and North Korea have completely broken down. And I don’t know about you,
but I was shocked, because my boy Trump
has been telling us that he and Kim Jong-un
are good. And I mean, like, real good. I mean, we have
a good chemistry together. Kim Jong-un. We have a great… Chairman Kim,
we have a great chemistry. I like him. He likes me.
The relationship is good. We go back and forth,
and then we fell in love, okay? No, really.
He wrote me beautiful letters. And they’re great letters. We fell in love. You see? You see? Trump and Kim fell in love. And I know that sounds weird,
but when you think about it, Kim Jong-un is totally
Donald Trump’s type, right? All of Trump’s
best relationships are with people
who are half his age and don’t speak English.
It works. That’s when
the relationship be best. That’s what I’m saying. And I’ll be honest.
I’ll be honest. When this summit started, it seemed like love
was still in the air. The day started
with the promise of a deal to get rid of the regime’s
nuclear weapons. President Trump and Kim Jong-un are really enjoying
their alone time. The two leaders took a walk
around the pool at the historic Metropole hotel. Kim, for the first time, took questions
from the Western press. Oh, wow. That’s right. Things were going so well
that for the first time ever, Kim Jong-un took a question
from the Western press. And he answered with swag.
You heard him? Like, “Do you plan to do it?” He’s like, “If I wasn’t planning
to do it, I wouldn’t be here.” Yeah. That’s amazing.
That’s progress. ‘Cause, I mean, in North Korea when a reporter
asks him a question, his response is usually,
“Great question. “Feed him to the lions! “And then feed the lions to me. They wouldn’t give me
that lunch to go.” So, if everything
started out great, what turned
their love affair sour? Well, it’s the same thing that
turns most relationships sour. They both just wanted
different things. The U.S. was hoping for more
concrete steps from Pyongyang towards a deal that is
verifiable and enforceable. There was
a fundamental disagreement. Kim Jong-un wants the crushing
sanctions on his country lifted before dismantling
his nuclear program. Basically, they wanted the sanctions lifted
in their entirety, and we couldn’t do that. They were willing to denuke
a large portion of the areas that we wanted, but we couldn’t give up
all of the sanctions for that. Oh, man.
So that’s what happened. Kim wanted Trump
to give everything up, but before he did, Trump wanted guarantees
in exchange. Classic relationship dilemma. Yeah. Trump was like, “Kim, if I’m gonna open
my trade to you, then we need
to make this official.” Kim was like, “Official? “Why we got to put labels
on this, baby? “Huh? We have fun.
Isn’t that all that matters? Remember our trip to Singapore?
Come on, man.” Donald was like, “I know, “but it’s just
that people are saying “you’re taking advantage of me. I’m always flying to you.
You’re never flying to me.” He’s like, “Donny, Donny,
baby, I told you, man. “Once my economy takes off, I’ll be flying to you
all the time, man.” He’s like,
“I just don’t understand why you won’t let me check
your nuclear sites.” He’s like,
“Oh, you don’t trust me, man? “You don’t trust me, Donny? “I say there’s no nukes,
there’s no nukes, man. You want to check my sites?
Fine, check the sites!” And Donald was like,
“Okay. Thank…” “No, you’re not gonna check
the sites! “There’s no love without trust,
Donny. That was a test. China was right about you.
I’m out!” And Donald was like,
“No, Kim, wait. “Kim! Kim! I need to build a wall
around my heart.” (crying) (applause) That’s how it all went down. (cheering and applause) And, now,
even though Kim Jong-un made Trump fly to the other side
of the world for nothing, Trump still believes
that they can work things out. When we walked away,
it was a… very friendly walk. We shook hands. We, uh…
You know, there’s a– there’s a warmth that we have. Now, I hope that stays.
I think it will. I want to keep the relationship. We will keep the relationship. Uh, we’ll see what happens
over the next period of time. Aw, shame, Donald.
This is so tough to watch, man, ’cause we’ve all–
we’ve all been there. We really have all been there. You told your friends
this was gonna work out. And, despite the warnings,
you still carried on. And now you’re trying
to save face, because you think
everyone’s judging you, which we totally are. But instead
of dragging this out, Donald, I think it’s time to accept
that maybe, just maybe, Kim is just not that into you.

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