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Trump Admin HIDING Whistleblower Complaint About President’s Conduct

Trump Admin HIDING Whistleblower Complaint About President’s Conduct

So one of the biggest news stories of this
whole week has been the intelligence community whistleblower who reported to the inspector
general of the intelligence community that he overheard something from Donald Trump that
was alarming and potentially illegal. Well, House Democrats have actually been investigating
this phone call that this a intelligence community whistleblower had overheard. They’ve been investigating that sense before
they even knew a whistleblower complaint had been made. And so last Friday Adam Schiff in the house
said, hey, we want this whistleblower complaint. That is technically the legal process for
it. When these complaints are made, they get sent
over here to our committee for us to review them and not surprisingly at all, the Trump
White House said, no, we’re going to exert executive privilege over this because we don’t
want you to know what kind of credible complaint this whistleblower filed against the president
of the United States. Honestly, I think people are kind of glossing
over that fact. Yes, the whistle blower had a complaint and
yes, the intelligence community deemed it credible and most importantly it was in actual
complaint against the president of the United States. Not a group of several people in the White
House, not a department, not an agency. The president him self is the subject of this
whistle blower complaint. So for the last seven days, obviously news
reports had been swirling about this. We have avoided talking about it here on ring
of fire thus far because up till basically last night lot of the information was just
pure speculation and to be honest, most of it today still is. But the picture is starting to take shape. Things are starting to get a little bit clearer. So here is what is kind of known and I hate
to say that because yes folks, most of this is still speculation, but here is what is
being reported. The phone call that the whistle blower overheard
where Trump made a promise to a foreign leader was allegedly according to reports and the
timeframe of it, uh, prime minister Ukraine during the same time period though it is important
to point out that the president also spoke on the phone with Vladimir Putin and uh, an
emirate from Qatar. And while I’m sure everybody wants to jump
on the Putin bandwagon, which is what everybody thought before the Ukraine thing emerged. If it’s not Ukraine, my money is going to
be on Qatar. Why? Because so is Trump’s money. And I think that would probably be more likely
about a promise from the president. But nonetheless, the signs now are pointing
to the Ukraine and it is likely that the president was talking to a Ukraine, telling the leader,
you’ve got to say, Joe Biden did something illegal. If you want us to give you military aid, I
promise to give you lots of aid and help you out in any way possible. If you take down Joe Biden, that is the prevailing
theory at the moment. And for those who are not familiar with the
Joe Biden, Hunter Biden Ukraine story, I’m going to give it to you in a nutshell. When Joe Biden was serving as vice president
of the United States, Hunter Biden, Joe’s son, uh, became a director, uh, was basically
put on the board of a Ukrainian, a gas company. You Ukrainian Electric Utility. Really Barista was the, the company Ukrainian
gas company. So he was put on the board there and roughly
around the same time, Joe Biden, along with Barack Obama and an ambassador to the Ukraine,
the director of the International Monetary Fund, members of the UN and leaders of other
countries were pressuring the Ukraine to fire their top prosecutor because the person was
corrupt as hell. Now, conservatives and conspiracy theorists
believe that Joe Biden was the only one pushing for this prosecutor to be fired, even though
it was an international community saying, this person’s corrupt, get them out of office,
and they think that he did this in order to protect Hunter Biden’s somehow because they
think Hunter Biden had done some illegal stuff with Ukraine, some financial fraud or whatever,
and they wanted to fire the prosecutor to, you know, stop any investigation. That’s what conservatives believe politifact
is, run this. That’s not how it happened. It happened the way I explained it to you. There was international community outcry to
fire this prosecutor. Was it a huge conflict of interest for ah
Hunter Biden to be serving on the board of the Ukraine while Joe Biden also had an influence
in Ukrainian policy from the United States? How yet was, did anything illegal happen? Not that anything is suggested, but if Republicans
want to launch an investigation, sure, go right ahead. Why not? You know, let’s clear some names. If we can clear some names or if people did
something illegal, let’s prosecute them. That’s how the law works and I am 100% in
favor of it. But nonetheless, if the president of the United
States is in fact threatening to withhold aid or promising to give more aid, if the
Ukraine comes out and says, the Joe Biden did something illegal, then guess what, buddy? You’re not going to finish your first term. That’s where we’re at right now. And that whistleblower is the one who knows
what’s happening. And that’s why the Trump administration is
doing their best to keep this information secret. But I can promise you it’s not going to stay
secret forever.

100 comments on “Trump Admin HIDING Whistleblower Complaint About President’s Conduct

  1. It seems this issue is why the DNI, Dan Coats and his deputy, are suddenly gone because they would have followed the law.

  2. It may not stay a secret forever but the question is will the secret come out while it's still relevant and not 30 years from now.

  3. Farron. You keep emphasizing that this is about THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Hate to break it to ya but the untied states has no President, DOJ or Senate. Those institutions have become a fascist cult. We have no President dude so stop being so shocked when, every single day, this imposter does or says something that would get you and me locked up and get away with it all!

  4. how in the hell did this dicktator get elected? Biggest mistake ever made by this country. Will we survive? Vote blue in 2020.

  5. I'm sure you know that Trumps White House is planning to block everything. They have put in place key people and will start to take over the whole government. Its a Coup d'état, and no one will be able to stop it.

    You know this but does anyone have a answer on how to shut this down before it's to late.

  6. Wouldn't it just be a lot less painful to democrats if they would just keep banging their heads against the wall instead of subjecting themselves to this BS over and over again. Only to come come out with a BIG FAT ZERO each and every time. Trump is light years ahead of you pitiful clowns.

  7. Well you also have to say that Ukraine is fighting an invasion from Russia so Vladimir might be the one they didnt say it was Ukraine but ukraine was in the talks so trumpy is helping vlady in his invasion by witholding foreign aid.

  8. Obama locked up more whistleblowers than any other President before or SINCE and as a Democrat I am not happy about that. So you are saying that Trump is acting Obama-like. The Dems can't complain after going along with the imprisonment of so many whistleblowers under Obama.

  9. Really tired of the politics. The Dems, who can't stop talking about Russia are about to lose again because they don't care about real issues, like stopping the wars and sanctions.

  10. OMG this sounds like a fake, set up by Biden's campaign as, in real life, he isn't the least bit popular. Trump knows nobody would vote for Biden. Everyone knows Biden is only held up in fake polls, the same fake polls that are keeping Tulsi out of the debates, when more credible polls show her more popular than more than half the candidates on the debate stage..

  11. I can't believe how Republicans are turning our democracy into a dictatorship. For them they have 2 rules: Rule #1- They are always right. Rule #2- If they are wrong (which happens often), refer to rule #1.

  12. Who was TraitorTrump talking to? Was it Puttie,or maybe something about Ukraine, and slandering Biden? The Republicans want to investigate to try to play the game. Investigate me, I’ll investigate you…just keeping the clock running. They are in a hurry..running scared in 2020.

  13. I don’t think Trump needs to worry about Biden if Biden is the nominee for DNC Trump will beat him handily. Bernie Sanders on the other hand would beat trump handily.

  14. Is trump above the law? Trump has broken so many laws and has done so many corrupt thing that you would think would get him out of office yet he is still there . What is wrong with this country

  15. Explain something to me. If trump is doing all this under the table bad thing how come he has NOT be held accountable for it?? And how do the people around him get away with it too?? All I see the dems (or anybody else) doing is having meetings and flapping there lips!! And nothing happens!! WTF

  16. Where's wikileaks when you need them? Frankly, a lot of what they did before was reckless and stupid (and potentially cost lives – that is never acceptable). But this is treason by the president, or so it seems. The American people have a right to know how reckless the president of their country is. Especially with the elections coming up. Not just to get rid of him (I'd be saying this about any president I heard of doing this – or PM of my country. Only we can get rid of ours a bit more easily), but to make him pay for betraying his country and his people. We know he couldn't keep a secret if he was stuck in solitary confinement, but this is beyond a joke. This is, if not treason, corruption at the highest possible level.
    Stop underselling yourselves, America. You deserve better than Trump – and that won't be hard!

  17. Come on! Trump's always trying to HIDE something! That is a character trait. If you have to hide something you are up to no good!

  18. Suddenly conservatives come to the realisation that abusing political office to fire/ influence the firing of a prosecutor investigating themselves/family is wrong. They were fine when Trump fired Comey, tried to fire Mueller and tried to get his then AG to change the investigation away from himself.

  19. They’re all Traitors! All of them need to be Executed for Treason! We have a right to know about the complaint and what was said!

  20. Yes of course they are blocking it. Why??? Because it works EVERY TIME! The reaction from the Democratic party will be to say ''This is unprecedented'' Then they will sit on their weak feckless hands, and do Jack. The only thing that makes as sick as this administration's actions, are the Democrats politically motivated inaction . F both of them !

  21. How much worse does it have to get for these spineless Democrats to do something!? It's disgraceful how these Republicans and this bastard Trump are breaking the law and trashing this country with utterly no consequences…I can't believe it.

  22. tRump TRASH the PUSSY ASS BITCH….wish he would eat a cheeseburger and burst into flames like SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION…and with all his trashy buddies and cult followers with him….they are all TRASH

  23. I don't think the Ukraine thing is enough to concern a security agent. I suspect the issue is giving national secrets to a foreign government.

  24. This whistleblower should have fucking known better and went to the press with this. Not turn it in just to be covered up by Trump ass licker Bill Barr!!!


  26. who in the hell does this asshole think he is? Oh man, this is just never going to end. EVERY SINGLE DAY since that thing became sworn in there has been something extremely negative in the news about IT. Now this crap. it just doesn't stop with this moron. every single day it's something new and even more insane and stupid than the previous day. When is something going to be done? when are these other idiots in the white house going to take this shit seriously. The democrats really really really need to start getting aggressive about this. If this had been a democrat in there, none of us would be hearing anything about it because whoever it was would be locked up by now. This is just fucking InSANE. there just CANNOT be anything about trump that would scare people that much that they would be scared to deal with it. what in the fucking world could that piece of unimportant trash have over anyone to stop them from ending this shit and getting him the fuck out. it's known now, FUCKING WORLDWIDE that the prick is sick and twisted and just not right in the head, how many psychologists and psychiatrists do we have to hear from for them to finally understand and do something about this? this is WAY WAY WAY WAY beyond scary and dangerous ,, W H A T I N T H E F U C K I S I T G O I N G T A K E ???????

  27. "Trump Admin HIDING Whistleblower Complaint About President’s Conduct" Of course he will if he knows what's good for him.

  28. If I can stop myself from committing suicide before 2020 it will be a fucking miracle. I see no point in waiting for a drumpf started war or climate change. My choice is easier. My choice.

  29. As usual, I don't expect ANYthing to come of this.
    Pumpkinhead will get away with it, like he always does and the Dems will be weak about doing the right thing.
    The Dems aren't being the hammer that needs to nail Pumpkinhead to the wall.

  30. I've been saying since the very beginning that this is going to end very very badly and ugly. Trump is doing stuff worse and worse all the time, he is GOING TO either get us into a war, or get us into some pickle that we will probably never get out of OR it will cost many many lives . something really really really bad is going to happen before it's all over. I've said it before and I'll say it yet again. trump will not leave office making some sort of major major scene. like I've said, you think you've seen a lot with this fucking ass hat? you've seen NOTHING. the show has yet to begin. and I hope that when it does that it mainly hits and affects only those who voted for a support the creature. . if you voted for that thing, you very very well deserve everything that comes of his actions. ESPECIALLY now that you know and see what he's done and said and you CONTINUE to support him,, I hope that whatever sort of BIG MESS he creates and brings down upon the country, it hits you voters ans supporters like a mother fucking hurricane.

  31. Pelosi will still be against impeachment if this is true. Trump has done more than enough to be impeached yet Pelosi is aiding Trump while arguing and having public spats with her own party. I’m to the point where I actually think Trump could get away with murder in broad daylight!
    I have never had much faith in Pelosi or Schumer, they are the weakest leaders ever in Congress. Now I have zero faith in them doing anything to hold trump accountable. If the roles were reversed, anyone that refused to honor a subpoena would have been put in jail and impeachment would have probably been done by now. Sad but true.

  32. With Trump no-one really can say
    What's truthful here from day to day
    He spouts incoherence
    Without interference
    All two-year-olds should have their way

  33. Assuming that by 2020 that enough is left that can still be recognised as the US & a corrupt Electoral College doesn't save him then Donald will go the way of an obscenely rich dodo. His legacy will be a road map that shows the next more capable autocrat that it's easy to effectively seize power, ignore the law, to rule through equally corrupt politicians, ignore Congress, claim immunity & use the DOJ to blunt any legal opposition.

  34. OH FERGAWDSAKES!!! This shit just NEVER stops, not even for a day or two! Drumpf just can't go a day without jamming his foreskin into the dirt. Can this ever end?


  36. The moles have been activated, blow as many whistles as they can. The biggest news? I'm cracking up, no way. Every body thought? Signs? Bidengate? Now I'm rolling on the floor!!! Not the corrupted prosecutor?? Why are you not down on this illegal money collections??? Hahaha

  37. be brave an come tell your truth yourself don’t let a bunch of crooks stop you do what these cowards are to stupid to do stand up for yourself

  38. And you can forget the 25th Amendment. The creatures in his cabinet – who would have to sign off that the Orange Sphincter was mentally incompetent – wouldn't be there if they had the character to do the right thing and stop this overflowing toilet.

  39. Just how many investigations and reports is this fat asshole hiding from us? At what point do his supporters wake up and realize that they are supporting a very crooked and dishonest POS???

  40. America sucks now. I moving to one of those mean retarded headrag wearing wife beaten dirt shack sacking countries.
    Im totally embarrassed to be an american.

  41. This "IS" the coup right in front of our eyes. Right out in the open. We aren't looking for "a" spy, we are seeing a spy and his co-conspiritors.(the silent republisians). Folks, if we don't do something as a people now, those that will pay the big price will be our children and future generations. Take this more serious than a heart attack. This is real big sh*t. We could be watching with our hands in our pockets as someone robs our future. May God bless us all.

  42. Just when u think trump has hit the absolute bottom of the 'OMG! He cant get any more treasonous, vile, illegal, inhumane, stupid, hateful' barrel, he comes up
    with even new ways to be the WORST PRESIDENT EVER TO DARKEN THE HALLS OF JUSTICE!! 🎃🔨📴

  43. If Trump shot someone on 5th Avenue, the GOP would still support him. Why are these commentators talking as if "THIS" is what will bring Trump down? We have become a nation without a govt. Don't like it? VOTE!!!!!!

  44. It would be like to have a Attonery General for thing like this ! and congress still have not got that transcript from Putina and Trump and Melania meetin in Helsinki they ask for ? and a American president commit black-mail extort sh*t from Ukraine for russian .

  45. I'm no fan of Snowden, not by any stretch. But what has happen is something that makes you curious about why Snowden ran off to Russia. Are there any similarities to the circumstances that lead to Snowden becoming a snitch? No, I am not condoning his, Snowden, betrayal of our country.

  46. Ja. Ja. I like your style . Farron keep us informed thank you .. you always right ..have an ecxellent weekend.. thanks again. Bye..

  47. Just how many times have these cronies been caught giving it to someone up the ass and Trump has black mailed them ?????? The whistle blower needs to go public .

  48. LMAO..what a POS he is…..he will do ANYTHING to hold onto his DICK-tatorship, he is scared to death of going to jail when he is thrown out (which WILL happen),,,,,he's also scared of going to war with Iran…he knows if we do,,,we could lose and he would get the blame rightfully

  49. This man is a traitor to the United States should be removed from office and hung by the neck until dead from the flagpole in front of the White House

  50. It doesn't matter what he did. He can do it out in the open, really. A majority of the Dems are spineless and unfortunately they won't do anything about it. He could proclaim himself dictator of the U.S. and they would simply stand at attention, salute and proclaim "Heil Trump!"

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