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Trump Admin Authorized Military To Use Lethal Force At Southern Border

Trump Admin Authorized Military To Use Lethal Force At Southern Border

According to some phenomenal new reporting
from Ken Klippenstein over at, uh, the young Turks, Donald Trump’s administration authorize
the U S military that he deployed down there to the Southern border months ago, authorize
them to use lethal force in certain operations. This is according to the Pentagon’s own documents
that were given to Klippenstein and TYT and they have now published them. I encourage
everyone link in the description of this video. Go check this out. Go look at these documents.
Go read Kens story. This is terrified. Now I’m going to read a couple excerpts here.
The documents marked for official use only reveal that during civil disturbance operations,
certain military personnel have been granted lethal capability to protect soldiers in riot
control formation. At ports of entry. Military personnel are also permitted. The documents
show to use deadly force to protect other personnel engaged in border security operations
or even to protect property. It gets even worse. The documents obtained by TYT show
that the military has authority to exercise lethal force extend to cases of civil disturbance.
The documents do not define this term. So here’s what we’re looking at along the Southern
border, which we do still have U S military down there. If they are in one of these situations,
they can start killing and they’re allowed to do that. There’s no legal ramifications
for it. They have been told by their commanding officers, you can kill people, and I’m surprised
we haven’t seen the murders piling up yet, given the fact that they have been given the
green light on this, but the circumstances are even worse. This was happening at a time.
Donald Trump had kind of cooled off a little bit about the caravans that were allegedly
coming every six months or so, but that is what he used to sell us on the fact that the
military needed to go down there. Now, the caravans never materialized and he’s kind
of stopped saying that they’re coming right now, but I guarantee you as we get closer
to 2020 is the impeachment ramps up. Suddenly there’s going to be more caravans popping
up and that’s when we’re going to start seeing the bullets fly down there. That’s what’s
going to happen. This man, Donald Trump, his entire administration is entirely predictable.
We have seen it like clockwork. Things start going bad for him. He starts wondering about,
a caravan says, I’m gonna send the military down there, and he did it and they’re there
and they’re waiting guns ready, and they have the okay to it, and Klippenstein further points
out. It’s not just people trying to sneak across the border that are at risk of getting
shot. If anybody interferes with the installation of any security cameras along the border,
interferes with the installation of any barbed wire down there on the Southern border. They
have the authority to kill you now too, so you could also die. So that’s kind of important
for any protesters or anybody who may want to go down there and you know, try to stop
this construction of the border wall are these surveillance measures because the military
can kill you. We’re living in a police state right now, folks. They’re trying to convince
us that it’s for our own security and our own safety. But the truth is they want us
to be afraid, not just afraid of the others coming across that Southern border, but afraid
of our own military. Afraid to go out there and exercise our constitutional rights to
assemble. They want us to live in fear of what they will do to us if we dare step out
of line. That is what this story is about, and that is exactly why the Trump administration
has authorized this.

100 comments on “Trump Admin Authorized Military To Use Lethal Force At Southern Border

  1. Whatever they are instructed to do or what the rules of engagement are I have faith the American soldier will do the right thing.

  2. Trump's so ignorant he probably doesn't even know that if our troops fire into a foreign country that's it's considered an act of war.

  3. And the next step… invading Mexico to just root out the perceived problem at the source. Hmmm… this is sounding incredibly familiar. Very familiar indeed. Something about a very dangerous man that wrote a book, got into politics, became the leader of his people with a propagandist agenda that placed all the blame with a single, identifiable group and the voters eating it up.
    Please, no Godwin's Law reference… stop being edgy, you know I'm right. The escalation is key here.

  4. Well, this is a sovereign country and it’s borders are not to be crossed illegally, unlawful or otherwise in mass or individually. You’ve been forewarned.

  5. Combine this with the Surge and holy sh*t. Things have certainly taken a very dark and deplorable turn and I hope people can see this.

  6. This is the kind of shit that he tried to do in November of 2018 and it is the reason that General Mattis was ousted; when Trump ordered the troops to the border, Mattis stepped up and told the Military "NO WEAPONS!" I was at the border at San Ysidro and that was the first time in my life I saw Deployed US troops without weapons! ICE agents had weapons and used them to fire "rubber bullets" and Tear Gas at the women and children trying to reach the border gates; One ICE agent threatened my and several other CITIZENS, telling us "GET THE HELL AWAY OR WE'LL SHOOT YOU!" – we didn't leave the area, but we did move back about 500 feet. That man was very serious about shooting us. I never thought that I would see my Country acting like the Nazi's did; but here we are.

    The further the Impeachment goes the nastier Trump will get. Mental Health Experts have been warning about what that man is capable of and now they are being proven right.


  7. What would stop Trump from killing even peaceful protests in the U.S. Nothing is the answer this president will stop an nothing to remain in power.

  8. This is perfectly fine. The orders were specific to if our officials are under direct threat… basically gunfire from coyotes or drug runners. snowflakes can now vent in your little safe spaces 🙂

  9. This piece of shit is out of control that's his go to move when his trap in a corner like a rat only those that support this IDIOT will be able to assemble in public without fear of bieng shot to death he must be removed from office because he's shiting all over our rights & this constitution ppl be warned if he gets back in office 4 more years say good-bye to your rights as for me I can always go back to Mexico even though it's corrupt but I will live in ☮️ and be with my ppl.

  10. It’s only going to get worse! Trump admin is out of control with power hunger. Seems to be setting up a dictatorship. When is he going to order the military into DC proper and reign in Congress?

  11. 🗽🇺🇸 this president does not represent American values. Soldiers this president wants to take your honor away, he’s trying to steal your integrity! This president doesn’t believe in compassion, he doesn’t have courage, he is only loyal to his cabal and selflessness something I’m sure Trump never heard of.

  12. he wants the military to do his dirty work so his soft hands don't get dirty. the caravans never existed,trump wanted to ensure his wall would get built at any cost.not working though, yet where have all the millions he has taken from our military and other departments gone? if he had to give an accounting tomorrow, he couldn't.probaly in a name no one would ever suspect, like his in-laws, in a bank somewhere far from here.

  13. Well that tells you the state of Trumps mind, how far are you prepared to let the lunatic go America. I’m sure iff trump was in any other country America would be screaming for regime change and America cannot deal with their own lunatic it’s insanity what he’s been allowed to get away with in America

  14. I found reports of a 'force' memo from 2018. Is this the same memo that you a referring to, or is this a newly issued memo?

  15. This is long game the culmination of a plan to put the military against the citizen tree of America

  16. Lethal force towards the Kurds right. That's trumps m.o. you know as long as trumptard gets something out of it. Turkey will protect trumps 2 trump towers in Turkey. Then the oil you know he's getting paid for our military to protect the oil not human life but oil which he said he'll have control of. So trump has turned our proud American military into a bunch of mercenaries

  17. Honestly, I'm not that worried, because it sounds like the military doesn't want to use lethal force because there's no need and they know it'll look bad.

  18. The MILITARY will not do it because they have HONOR. I know Trump doesn't know about HONOR but MILITARY PERSONNEL knows better.

  19. TRUMP IS A SON OF A BITCH. period.

  20. Just because Drumpf says the military is allowed to kill people does not mean the average soldier will actually do it. This is just Trump being the piece of shit he is and showing off for his base. If the soldiers start murdering people at the border, it will result in bad riots here. The vast majority of our soldiers aren't trigger-happy idiots, and they're not even close to being as racist as our so-called President. Trump gives orders like this out of cowardice, and his followers lap it up like the dogs they are.

  21. Given a unlawful order by an unfit and clearly insane president. Dose not automatically turn the military into brainless robots that slaughter people at will. The troops have the right to ignore these crazy orders to open up on anyone and everyone be they immigrants or protesting Americans. At this point in time I am surprised after how trump has treated them like paid mercenaries for hire to disrespecting purple heart recipients to disrespecting gold star families to turning his back on our allies who stood by us to be slaughtered they would follow such an order.

  22. See white guys in suits can protest inside and nothing at all happens to them. Other people protest outside and they can be shot?
    I didn't see One news report call the republicans storming the hearings in DC a "THUG" ?
    Why is that? They were protesting our elected government officials and trespassing.

  23. Right wingers are just massive cowards.
    "Scary dark skinned people at the border! Gotta shoot at them!" – cowardly right winger (redundant adjectives, I know)

  24. XD shooting against mexico soil is a threat to our national security.
    You dont have the balls gringos, unless its cia dea or some shit of school of americas xD

  25. We haven't heard anything about a bunch of killings because our troops understand that we are not an authoritarian regime hell-bent on gunning down unarmed civilians with children. Our servicemen and women actually have a spine and hearts

  26. Why everytime I click on a fucking video appears the stupid orange clown propaganda on every single video! You tube turning into crap biased conservative crap! Stop sending me your bullshit! Fuck Donald Trump! Impeach that despicable idiot!

  27. This isn't news once we heard the TRAITOR was sending troops to the border but good thing the troops are not pisses of shit like the TRAITOR that send them to border

  28. From U.K. This country now has 200’000 immigrants from the USA living here. Then each year over 3M arrive in caravans as tourists. Yet we all know the reputation Americans have for cruelty, crime, drugs and guns.

    Of course I don’t mean this. All visitors are welcome here. But hopefully it will give some racists pause for thought.

  29. Distraction from the impeachment is not going to work, I'm a veteran and if a veteran kill a person crossing the border with be up for murder

  30. Trump should be dragged screaming from the oval office & shot in the face with extreme prejudice on the white house lawn to die like the treasonous dog he is!

  31. First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—

    Because I was not a socialist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  32. This is wrong I would not do this it is very bad way to operate I have heard that people work for Trumbull’s he is trafficking young girls for the sex trade in russia

  33. It's not him if you would Lou Reed of comments on Breitbart and Zero Hedge you would know that every single one of his supporters supports this it's not his idea

  34. 2:18 this is one of many reasons why you need to listen to the other side what why are you talkin about the Caravans like they're not happening what the fuck is wrong with your mentally ill ass people are still coming there's people walking right this second Caroline's are real

  35. Remember during the Vietnam war when returning US military were spat on by members of the general public? Their actions took place in a distant land to foreigners. How will the public here react when a desperate migrant family is shot at our border? Or better yet, an American retiree trying to get some cheap dental care in Mexico?

  36. The military will be in a lot of trouble, not just in the USA but in other countries if they start killing people.
    If the impeachment for some reason is stopped, I'm afraid that the Republicans will convert the country into another Russia, since they made a conscious choice to aid and abet the Trumps. Or are they going to realize what they have done and try to stop it, before it is too… too late!?

  37. I read the primary source doc linked by TYT… this is not what the order says at all!!! I'm rather surprised, as Farron is usually on-the-mark 99% of the time!

    According to the document: Only MPs are authorized to use force, only at the discretion of colonels or above, only with pistols, only to protect against imminent threat against military or CPB/other agents. They are NOT authorized to kill DUE to civil disobedience, but rather to protect the soldiers who ARE dealing with civil disobedience, who themselves are not armed with anything other than shields and batons. As for property, they are only authorized to use lethal force when the threat to property is towards their caches of arms/ammunition/etc.

    The military should not be at the border, period. However this order was NOT shocking, and did NOT authorize any of the things RoF just described!!!

  38. That is an unlawful order and anyone who acts on that unlawful order should expect a speedy court marital/captain's mast and a firing squad.
    Mexican law enforcement and military had better have the OK to open fire on any American Murderer who murders a Mexican citizen at the border.

  39. If you support these anti-American anti-white rasist criminal invaders than why don't you go live with them ???????????????

  40. The completion of this self thinking dictator. Truly trump sees himself like the dictators he admires. From separation of children at the border. To denying the press access to the WH . And using the government to spy on his opponents. He is a real threat to American democracy. And must be impeached and removed from the WH.

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