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2 comments on “Trending: Amid LGBTQ protests, Chick-fil-A changes donation policy

  1. Who cares if they donate to a Christian organization? They can donate to whoever they want as long it's nothing serious. If they don't want to donate to LGBT+ they don't have to just like LGBT+ don't have to donate to Christians or anything for that matter. Really it doesn't matter & it's nobody's business. We have the freedom to do what we want, to believe what we want, to donate to whoever we want, etc. We don't have to force ourselves to do what someone else wants & go against our beliefs. That's taking away our freedom. I can show you that LGBT+ folks still go & eat there. ->

    Really, who cases who donates to who? Anyone can donate to anything unless the person they're donating is super dangerous or harmful. Now, if they really did "Damage" then I say they should apologize & make up for their actions but really what have they done? Donate to a charity that they believe in that goes with their beliefs. Nothing else, nothing dangerous, nothing harmful. Another thing is just because they don't support a certain group doesn't mean they deny service to them. I have seen LGBT+ work there, I've seen LGBT+ go there to eat & I have a few friends who are LGBT+ that ears there so really they haven't done anything wrong. How would you feel if Christians or Straight people attack a restaurant that donates to LGBT+ charities? Will you give in & give them what you want or will you fight back & protect your stands & beliefs? What happens if prolifers attack a pro-choice place for supporting abortion? I don't hate them or anyone or anything. I'm just very tired of people fighting over these things & just politics in general. I really just wish everyone can just get along, be respectful, show love, equality & just be nice to each. It hurts me to see people attack each other. 😟 Even if they change I'll still eat their food, I really don't care what political spectrum they're on & if they're no longer Christian or not. 🙄

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