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Traveling To 7 Countries In 7 Days For $524

Traveling To 7 Countries In 7 Days For $524

100 comments on “Traveling To 7 Countries In 7 Days For $524

  1. HEY WE'RE VISITING 7 COUNTRIES IN 14 MINUTES! That means each country is a MONTAGE! Will you get to understand how cool it is? NO AND NEITHER WILL THE HOSTS! Enjoy the sights of… A HOTEL… and… THE TOWN SQUARE! That's it. I know it's difficult to spend more than a week on things but you guys had this pass for a month. A series of videos would have been DOPE!

  2. My only concern is when you’re on the night train and you’re on the top bunk that there is no guard rail in case you roll in your sleep. I know for me that I fidget a bit until I find my one perfect spot and I would probably fall off if I was on the top bunk.

  3. The 44 countries across Europe;
    our continent is larger than you, the US,
    are we a joke to you?

    The always romantic French country side, straight out of the movies bla bla. Gingerbread houses.
    Only US people 🤣

  4. You missed out coming to the UK and not stopping in Wales! We're a separate country a two hour train journey from London with some of the most beautiful countryside in the world, the friendliest people and our flag has a dragon on it! Cymru am Byth 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  5. 8:13 – If you have never had one of these before, theyre called "Chimney Cakes" and yes, they're as delicious as they look. They vary a bit by country, but normally in Prague (especially in the summer) they'll fill them with ice cream and nutella usually topped off with whipped creme. In Winter theyre smothered in sugar and cinnamon.

  6. Meanwhile rainforests are being burnt down and global temperatures are rising because of burning fossil fuels from planes

  7. Can we appreciate Benʻs beat boxing abilities and Stevenʻs GREAT adlib before he starts to rap 😂❤️ and omg I had no idea he was 6 feet wth

  8. I get that travelling by train is an 'experience' but as long as you book a few months in advance its cheaper to fly and you'll get more time in the actual places. But trains are probably better for the environment..

  9. So you went to Belgium, but ate the Belgian waffles in The Netherlands and drank a Belgian Trappist beer in Berlin. You guys coud have just stayed 😉

  10. Hi, this pass is absolutely not worth it. It doesn't cover all the little trains within the cities. Buses are MUUUUUCH cheaper! I'm literally doing a two month Euro trip right NOW and I researched this pass thoroughly. Noooot worth the price. It's real fancy and cool to brag about. But absolutely not the only way to do this sort of trip!

  11. Unfortunately they did not mention that the Eurostar and others are not included or that you have to pay an additional fee (they only mentioned it for the nightjet), mostly for reservations. And you can't ride certain trains without a reservation. The costs of these reservations depend from country to country (there are some huge differences). I did this Interrail tour twice together with my husband. It's a great way to travel but it involves a lot of ahead planning (or you end up being refused to board a special train and have to spend a lot of time looking for an alternative route, as it happened to us on our first tour)

  12. Is it possible to post your itinerary from this trip? I’d love to plan a similar trip, but I’m curious about which days you stayed in a hotel.

  13. big problem tho (german here): it costs 150€ to take a train and about 40€ to catch a plane for the same trip, so while the idea behind this is very nice, if you wanna travel on a budget, that is impossible with out infrastructure right now… (or you can take 20h busses but y'know..who would)

  14. Where tf is Andrew Steven!! You did me dirty when Keith left & now no Andrew! Bring him back NEEEOOOOWWWW!!!!

  15. you didn't give justice to these beautiful places at all. Just rushed through them and gave us some boring interviews and train footage –_

  16. 2 amazing people doing an awesome trip together all that was missing is a train ride down to Sicily n hoping on a ferry to Malta 🇲🇹 ❤️😂
    Next Trip Back to Australia 🇦🇺 ❤️

  17. 3:56 Tunnel Fact! The 2 tunnel machines that dug the Chunnel (Channel Tunnel) started on the opposite ends in England and France, when they got to the middle they just had the UK one turn slightly off the tunnel path and sealed the machine inside.

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