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Traci Carson | We Are Michigan Public Health

Traci Carson | We Are Michigan Public Health

(upbeat music) – My name is Traci Carson; I’m a first year epidemiology
doctoral student. I am a former U of M student athlete, and that has really helped
inspired and informed my research interests. The population of female
athletes is often seen as a very young, healthy, fit population. However, they are under a
lot of very strong stresses related to school and their sport. That puts them in a very
vulnerable position and at high risk of psychological disorders, but also these physical
health disorders that kind of manifest from these psychological roots. – Traci is the best
example of a student who comes to the PhD program not
just wanting to do a PhD, but wanting to do a Phd
because you have questions that require training,
additional training, to achieve those questions. – Her interests and her
background as a student athlete, I think, offer her really
interesting perspectives on unanswered questions in
the field of eating disorders and eating disorders prevention. – So I hope to use these
skills that I’m learning in epidemiology to show the issue. I hope that my findings
will really serve to inform doctors, PTs, really anyone
in the medical field that deals with athletes and these
outcomes related to athletes so that they’re better able to serve. – Traci comes with a
background in health behavior, health education, and is getting
training in epidemiology, which is critical to
advancing research questions in the fields of eating
disorders prevention. – I really enjoy
this collaborative community and just the engagement
with the school as a whole, so, the medical community being woven in, I think it’s really unique to
be at this level of academia and have such supportive
peers and a cohort of friends who really want each other
to succeed and want to see the best for everybody. I’m able to attend lab
meetings in nutrition and have a master’s in health behavior, but now I’m in epidemiology
and that all kind of comes together really
perfectly in the research questions I hope to ask. (funky upbeat music)

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