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Top U.S. negotiator in defense cost-sharing talks with S. Korea in Seoul for 4-day stay

well not only is Davis still in South
Korea but the Tobii us negotiator in defense cost-sharing talks with South
Korea is also in Seoul for a four-day stay observers here in Seoul say he
appears to have come to gauge public sentiment in South Korea over the allies
negotiations on their cost-sharing for the US troop presence on the Korean
Peninsula here’s Eason Jae with the details James
to heart the senior adviser for security negotiations and agreements bureau of
political military affairs and the top US negotiator in defense cost-sharing
talks with South Korea arrived in Seoul on Tuesday very good to be here this
this week thank you watchers say his visit through Friday may be aimed at
gauging public sentiment over the two countries cost-sharing negotiations the
heart is expected to have an unofficial dinner meeting with representatives from
Seoul’s foreign ministry including his counterpart Chung and bull and meet
South Korean lawmakers as well as journalists the visit comes as to heart
and Chung failed to narrow the gap in their defense cost-sharing talks in
Hawaii last month under the tent special measures agreement struck in February
Seoul agreed to pay 870 million dollars this year but reports say the Trump
administration wants five billion dollars for 2020 a figure that’s
considered far too high by South Korea it’s true that the US side is asking for
much more than they did in the past while South Korean the US will meet in
Seoul later this month for further negotiations observers say it’s unlikely
dillhart will engage in any form of negotiations during this particular trip
easing Jay Arirang news

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