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Top U.S. diplomats urge N. Korea to return to denuclearization talks

Top U.S. diplomats urge N. Korea to return to denuclearization talks

denuclearization talks between
Washington and Pyongyang have been stalled for the past few months top
American diplomats voiced their concern regarding the lack of progress urging
the north to return to the negotiating table
Aram Jian what has this report you as Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said
Washington is committed to denuclearization talks with North Korea
and hopes the regime will keep its promise to return to the negotiating
table in an interview with a local radio station in Missouri on Friday local time
Pompeyo said that Washington is willing to continue talks with Pyongyang to
bring an outcome that is good for both countries the top US diplomat said that
he believes North Korea still remains committed to such talks
despite its latest series of short-range ballistic missile launches regarding the
missile launches pompei acknowledged that North Korea has the right to defend
itself and assured Pyongyang of Washington’s security guarantees should
the regime dismantle its nuclear weapons program meanwhile US Special
Representative for North Korea Stephen vegan took a stronger tone during his
speech at the University of Michigan on Friday local time began called on the
North to halt its demonstrations of hostility referring to them as a
violation of UN sanctions he warned that if North Korea clings to its development
of weapons of mass destruction the US and the rest of the world will quote not
accept that the top US envoy urged the north to return to talks adding that
Washington is prepared to engage as soon as Pyongyang makes the call dialogue has
stalled despite an agreement between US president Trump and North Korean leader
Kim jong-un on June 30th to resume denuclearization talks within several
weeks on ji-yong Arirang news

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