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Foreign Policy Analysis

Top diplomats of S. Korea, U.S. discuss N. Korea, Middle East tensions

our top story this morning the top
diplomats of South Korea and the u.s. they’ve been discussing North Korea as
they look to revive momentum in the stalled denuclearization talks that was
just one of the topics they touched upon our Kim Minji starts us off
the top diplomats of South Korea in the u.s. reaffirmed their close coordination
on North Korea Seoul’s foreign minister kang dongwon US Secretary of State Mike
Pompeo Munir San Francisco on Tuesday to discuss the situation on the Korean
Peninsula alliance issues and other regional and international matters
speaking to reporters following the meeting Kang said broadly speaking talks
between North Korea in the u.s. and between the two Koreas should complement
each other and go through a virtuous cycle she added the Seoul and Pyongyang
must continue to make efforts wherever they can to keep a life of momentum for
North Korea’s engagement amid the nuclear standoff between the north in
Washington that said coggan Pompeo shared views on initiatives which the
two Koreas can work on without violating UN sanctions and Pompeyo showed
understanding for Seoul’s determination the talks were the first between the two
diplomats in nine months and come after North Korea warned of taking shocking
actual action and threatened to showcase a new strategic weapon on rising
tensions in the Middle East Kangin Pompeo vowed close cooperation as
for a us-led initiative to safeguard the Strait of Hormuz near Iran
Kang said that the u.s. holds the position the countries that have a large
economic stake in the region must contribute to such efforts noting the
South Korea relies on the area for oil imports Khan said the Seoul is
interested in the matter and will be considering ways to contribute but that
a decision will be made based on the safety of the Korean people and
companies in the region as well as its ties with Iran the talks were followed
by a trilateral meeting with Japanese Foreign Minister Toshi meat sumit eggie
the diplomats agreed the three-way cooperation is essential to ensure
regional peace of security and reaffirm the importance of coordination for
achieving North Korea’s denuclearization Kannamma Peggy also held a one-on-one on
the sidelines to discuss efforts to slow their bilateral throw over trade and
historical issues Kim Minji Arirang news

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