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Top Admin Official Leaves – White House In Shock

Top Admin Official Leaves – White House In Shock

President Donald Trump has been doing just
about everything in his power to combat illegal immigration, secure the southern border with
a massive wall, and make the nation safer for Americans. It hasn’t always been easy given he has
gotten little to no help from Democrats and left-wing judges who push activism from the
courts. And now one of the top immigration law enforcement
officials in the Trump administration, Carla Provost, chief of the U.S. Border Patrol,
is set to step down from her position by the end of January, The Daily Caller reports. Provost is one of the longest-serving officials
in the administration, as she was tapped by Trump to serve as acting chief of the Border
Patrol agency in April 2017 and later received the nod to serve on a permanent basis in that
capacity. Reports suggest even the White House was stunned
to learn she was leaving this month. It is unclear exactly why or when Provost
will leave the administration, but she was certainly a valuable asset to the president
and his team. Provost’s impending departure comes with
a bit of controversy circulating beneath the surface. There was reportedly some internal debate
among CBP officials about the importance of race as a factor in choosing Provost’s successor. Reports claims CBP leaders questioned if there
are “too many white faces” in leadership roles and what sort of public perception that
might generate for an agency that often arrests and detains non-white individuals. To most, that shouldn’t even matter. If someone broke the law to illegally enter
the U.S. — regardless of their race, ethnicity, and/or gender — they should be apprehended
and deported. But it seems like some are pushing political
correctness and are demanding more racial diversity in the leadership. While Provost’s departure is certainly not
good news, the Trump administration did secure a massive victory earlier this week. A federal judge ruled Monday that the Trump
administration is operating within its authority when separating families stopped at the Mexican
border. U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw indicated
he was uncomfortable second-guessing government decisions to separate children on grounds
that parents were considered unfit or dangerous, or in other limited circumstances like criminal
history, communicable diseases and doubts about parentage. The judge also found no evidence that the
government was abusing its discretion. The government argued it separates families
when it suspects the parent has a “criminal record, a communicable disease, or when there
are questions about the relationship between the adult and the migrant child.” The government also made it clear that the
current practice is no different than prior administrations, including the Obama administration. This is a big win for the Trump administration. For starters, it speaks volumes that a judge
in liberal California ruled in favor of Trump. He said the administration is within its authority
to separate families stopped at the border. The judge pointed to the fact that many of
these parents are dangerous or have a criminal history. These are people who think they can use their
kids as pawns to get into America. While securing the border and continuing to
build more of the wall between the U.S. and Mexico remains a top priority, the administration
is also focusing on internal issues. This ruling is big and gives the president
even more momentum going into the 2020 election.

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