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Top 5 things to do Basque Country – Travel Guide

Top 5 things to do Basque Country – Travel Guide

Bienvenidos! Welcome to Northern Spain! Right now I am in the Basque Country, or as the locals call it, País Vasco. Come with me I am going to show you the top 5 things to do in this awesome region of Spain. #1 Bilbao This is the largest city in the region and is a great place to spend at least two days exploring. Start off at the super abstract Guggenheim Museum, then walk along the river to Casco Viejo or the historic center, and finish at the Ribera market to see what ingredients the locals like to work with. Mind as well stop at the market restaurant for what is undeniably the freshest food in the city. #2 San Sebastian Just 12 miles from the French border, this popular summer destination is known for having one of the best in-city beaches in all of Europe. There are some really great viewpoints worth checking out, as well a small historic town great for taking a stroll. Stop and visit the Miramar Palace, the Spanish royal family’s vacation residence, since the end of the 19th century. Did I mention, this place even has charm, in less than ideal weather conditions. #3 Food Or gastronomy for the fancy folks. This place has something for nearly every
type of foodie. Pintxos are epic here, and they come in all
shapes and sizes. Is a pintxo, a tapa? For a first timer I would say “kind of”, but to find out the difference, be sure to chat up a local to get their opinion. So close your eyes and experience the Basque country with your mouth, too…You won’t be disappointed. #4 Xtakoli & Wine The Basque people love their grape juice! Xtakoli is a slightly sparkling dry young white wine with high acidity and low alcohol content. It’s the local’s choice when eating pintxos and has been steadily gaining popularity. However, there are many wineries specializing in other varietals. If you are interested in learning more about wine making in the region be sure to visit some of the wineries and do a tour and a tasting or if you are like me do several tastings and bring some friends. #5 Small Towns There are many great towns to visit both along the coast and inland. This is where you will witness the real charm of the Basque people. My favorites include Gaztelugatxe, La Guardia, Hondarribia, Pasai Donibane and Zumaia. Just to name a few. Well unfortunately this is the end of the video. I hope you like my list of the best things in the Basque Country. If you think that I left anything out, or I did not include your favorite. Please put it down in the comment box below, and I will be sure to visit it on my next trip to this awesome region. So, goodbye…hasta luego and agur.

25 comments on “Top 5 things to do Basque Country – Travel Guide

  1. Hey Travel Vlogger,
    nice travel guide! Actually, I study abroad in Bilbao for some months.
    So, thanks a lot for your tips!

  2. Can you compare the flavors of food to an area in the US? I’m sure chicken still taste like chicken lol but what combo of herbs and spices do they use? It look sooo good!!!

  3. OMG don't tell anyone that txacoli has low alcohol content no way. So dangerous because it's so refreshing but will mess you up. I only drink a couple as if I was drinking a shot!!! Trust me… The cidre has low alcohol content

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