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Top 20 Country by Suicide Rate (1950-2018)

Top 20 Country by Suicide Rate (1950-2018)

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  1. You can clearly see after 1991 when the soviet union collapsed… wrong decision making from Gorbachev

    and korea slowly climbs up a few years after asian financial crisis

  2. It seems that there are two major sources contributing to the increasing suicide rate: 1. Extreme High speed of economic growth such as Japan 2. Unstable society Russia and Ukraine

  3. thnk u….for showing data by 100000 per people. coz many western statics show us data by total number. for example they r comparing india's1.3 billion population with other countries, who hv some million population. by showing that number they want to show their people how lucky they are. thank u again for showing real data. coz if we only show total numbers of suicide india will surely come in top 3. same with rape nd crime stats, west shows total number without showing their people they r comparing billions with millions population. still its a huge problem for us (india). hope we improve.

  4. Very interesting. Amazing how the state of the country affects the statistics. The more unstable the situation, the higher the suicide rate.

  5. The pressure in South Korea and Japan are very high. I saw a report in Germany where educated South Korean prefers to work as farmer in USA, less stress and pressure. I expected to see China leading here, but not. The Chinese seem to be happy compared with Japanese and South Korean. Not as often presented in medias as completely not happy folk and just exploited by their government?

  6. Countries Streaks in Terms of Suicide Rate per 100,000 People:

    🇯🇵 Japan: (1950 — 1951) — (1 Years)
    🇩🇰 Denmark: (1951 — 1952) — (1 Years)
    🇯🇵 Japan: (1952 — 1959) — (7 Years)
    🇭🇺 Hungary: (1959 — 1988) — (29 Years)
    🇱🇰 Sri Lanka: (1988 — 1993) — (5 Years)
    🇷🇺 Russia: (1993 — 1997) — (4 Years)
    🇱🇰 Sri Lanka: (1997 — 1999) — (2 Years)
    🇷🇺 Russia: (1999 — 2007) — (8 Years)
    🇱🇹 Lithuania: (2007 — 2009) — (2 Years)
    🇱🇸 Lesotho: (2009 — Present) — (11+ Years)

    Countries Streaks in Total:

    🇭🇺 Hungary: (1959 — 1988) — (29 Years)
    🇷🇺 Russia: ('93' — '97','99' — '07') — (12 Years)
    🇱🇸 Lesotho: (2009 — Present) — (11+ Years)
    🇯🇵 Japan: ('50' — '51','52' — '59') — (8 Years)
    🇱🇰 Sri Lanka: ('88' — '93','97' — '99') — (7 Years)
    🇱🇹 Lithuania: (2007 — 2009) — (2 Years)
    🇩🇰 Denmark: (1951 — 1952) — (1 Years)

  7. Nonsense stats. Been a censor and demographer it's skewed. Most suicides in northern Europe are no longer listed as suicide

  8. Это верно. А то дебилы кричат что Корея на первом месте, а на самом деле рф на первых местах по самоубииствам.

  9. This is one of the few lists my country Sri Lanka has topped the world in. Frankly I'm sad about this. No pride in being number 1 for suicide.

  10. Because suicide rates vary vastly (3x, 5x) between men and women, it would be even more interesting to see male and female versions of this graph. Nice looking graph though. But it lumps in too many categories of people for the viewer to learn anything useful from it.

    More needs to be done to make the general public aware of what drives different segments (men, certain age groups, etc) to suicide. Kudos to you on at least trying.

  11. No suicide rates for the USSR. Concealing suicide rates is done when the rates are so embarrassingly high they cannot be admitted. In Canada this happens with the suicide rate broken down by sex*. The sex difference in rates are published behind a paywall on the government site, and discussion is suppressed by the CBC (government owned media) and by Statistics Canada not presenting them in a deciphered format readable by laypeople.

    * The rates here are by biological sex, not gender.

  12. Where did all these f!lthy chinese come from? I thought their commie government blocked access to Youtube? Are they planning to spoil Youtube now?

  13. In France, we have a toll-free number « S.O.S Solitude » which means « S.O.S Loneliness » and we can talk with psychologists to prevent people from the suicide.

  14. Well i’m a Chinese student in Italy. In these days I’m very very frustrated especially after I have gotten the mail telling me that i hadn’t passed my ACCA exams for which I have studied a lot. I have gotten a lot of problems with my study. Italian is my fourth language, even though I have passed my C1 language exam, I can hardly understand what the professors were actually talking about in the class. I have asked my prof for help during the break but she is politically against immigrants so she just told me “if you cannot speak Italian why do you come to Italy”. Well I’m just a normal international student i have never ever wanted to change my nationality. I’m proud of being chinese. I have struggled a lot to pass my exams but I still have 13 exams to take and I’m in my third year which is my last year in the university so I’m very worried about my graduation and my future. The life in Bologna is quite expensive compared to China especially the rent which is crazily expensive because of the exploding students. I don’t know whether I can still remain my normal life in italy ‘cause I haven’t gotten any help from my family and I have to work to save the money for my univeristy for ACCA exams for my rent etc. now I’m doubting myself that I’m stupid or I might not be able to come true my dream.. hmm but I don’t think I will be brave enough to kill myself

  15. i watch this video, because i will learn a lots of cases that i don't know about the reasons people suicide.

    and by this statistic, it's shown that islam has its teach, that proven to makes our spiritual mind peaceful, and keeped away from suicidal tough.
    and I'm sure people realize it.

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