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Top 100 Most Visited Countries Comparison (2019)

Top 100 Most Visited Countries Comparison (2019)

100 comments on “Top 100 Most Visited Countries Comparison (2019)

  1. Just to clarify a few things…
    1. The data is from 2019 and the data from 2010 is only for comparison purposes. So basically the data beside the country name is from 2010 and the data outside the bars is from 2019.
    2. France is indeed the most visited country right now if Hong Kong and Macao are excluded from China.

  2. China is top not because the country is beautiful, its because of the Chinese population itself. China is a dirty , rude people, no manner, greedy country in the history of mankind.

  3. Many Koreans and Japanese say they don't like China, but the most tourists to China are Koreans and Japanese. Among the 2018 foreign tourists to China, South Korea ranks first, Japan second, and the United States third.😂

  4. Many Koreans and Japanese say they don't like China, but the most tourists to China are Koreans and Japanese. Among the 2018 foreign tourists to China, South Korea ranks first, Japan second, and the United States third.😂

  5. huge population country near by China, thats reason why,middle 。,east ,south Asia,east south,25+million population

  6. 中文标题+中文字幕,我已经预见结果了。我希望作者并不是专门通过这种手段来吸引中国人的目光和流量的

  7. visited (this include business) or tourist?
    Because in the tourist category, France is the number 1, and if we measure per capita, it is the super number one.

  8. France first is a big fake. it's a video in french and at the end there are articles that confirm this thesis.

  9. Idk what pleaseure it gives to indians after mocking pakistan or any other south east asian country…..glad i left that asshole like country with
    crap like people…LOVE NYC !!

  10. Notice that MAINLAND CHINA has less visitors than Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao…People are smart to avoid this Communist Shithole Nation.

  11. Thailand is only number 11, wouldn't think it with all the whore mongers, 'I want to wear elephant trousers and go to Khao San Road' crowd, English 'teachers' and lonely old western men here.

  12. The first position, China including HK & Macao, includes visitors from the same China (Mainland), therefore this value is unreal because you’re adding local visitors into the same category of foreign visitors.

  13. “有朋自远方来,不亦乐乎”
    This is an ancient motto that has been circulated in China for thousands of years.
    It means that when friends from afar come to visit me, I will be very happy.

  14. Im balinese from Indonesia, and because bali. Indonesia get position in 34. But indonesia have thousand island, well time to show the world the other island

  15. Thats seems like chinese patriotism but ok… you have to stay objectif. Hong kong and Macao are never added in China in statistics! So 1. France and the 14 US territories are never added in contengous USA so you have to separe each territories in the list… i mean wtf broo what are you doing

  16. quite the clickbait since 2019 is no over yet!!!! also much of the data is not current, so pretty much useless info!!! give a thumbs down!

  17. Taiwan is a seperate nation. Not belong to China. Hongkong and Macao are also not totally managed by China. They have grown independently.

  18. In fact, China latest data has reached 130 M.
    but , excludex HK, MO and TW is only over 60+ M.
    China has not paid much attention to the tertiary industry, the tourism service industry, and the threshold for foreigners applying for visas in China is relatively high.

    So, can u imagine why HK people are so resentful of extradition bill? bcz It's not sinful for them to sin in mainland China and then sneak back HK. if HK extradition bill passes….in a sense, "crimes will not be punished." the privileges previously enjoyed by HK people may not be able to continue in the future… bcz HK law does not have extraterritorial jurisdiction, as long as criminals do not commit crimes in HK, HK law cannot sanction criminals. as long as he sinned outside HK and successfully fled back to HK after the crime, he was a sinless person. fuck .. for freedom

  19. Dear authers, How Russia could be one of the most dangerous country (in your previous video) and in the same time beeing placed on the 18 position in this video? Russia is not recomended for tourists, ok) but the place in this video and the quantity of tourists give us strange statistics. It's have beenencreased) i thk it is something wrone with your statistic information)))

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  21. I was surprised Vatican City was not on the list. Many visitors to Italy (number 7 on the list) must spend time in Rome. I'd think that a lot of people who visited Rome would drop by the Vatican for an afternoon.

  22. Argentina has 2 millions of VOLGA GERMAN immigrants that comes in and out the country. They have their own newspaper circulation and already 8%of the population are mestizos. What the Germans are creating is a way to purify, to preserve their own White race. And Argentina it's their surrogate-cloning-bank proving just that!

  23. I live in greece and with the school programes we get to visit plenty of counties every year on december ill be in Prague and Vienna

  24. Officiality and in reality, it's the France the most visited countrie around the world. In your video, un China, you including LOCAL tourists. It's for this reason the France is the second and no the first.

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