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Top 10 Most-Visited Countries

Top 10 Most-Visited Countries

These are the 10 most visited countries in
the world and some interesting facts about each one.
Thailand grew its tourism industry by almost 20% in 2013, jumping ahead of last year’s
number ten country, Mexico. Thailand’s name in Thai means land of the free, which is true,
as it’s the only country in Southeast Asia never to have been colonized by a European
power. The capital, Bangkok, is the most-visited city on the planet. It used to be called the
Venice of the east as many buildings were built on stilts to rise above water-filled
canals, although most are filled today. One-tenth of all animal species on earth live in Thailand,
including the world’s smallest mammal, the bumblebee bat, weighing just 2 grams.
Russia is home to 25 UNESCO world heritage sites. It makes sense there would be a lot
given that its land area is bigger than Pluto. Russia’s so massive, it spans nine time
zones, down from 11 a few years ago. The country’s most famous natural attraction is Lake Baikal,
the oldest and deepest lake in the world, holding 20% of the world’s total unfrozen
freshwater. Partially because its so miserably cold, one of the favorite pastimes is drinking.
The Russian government estimated that alcohol abuse prematurely kills 500,000 people a year.
The United Kingdom is the ninth-largest and third most-populated island in the world behind
Indonesia’s Java and Japan’s Honshu. Almost 75% of the land in the UK is taken for farming.
The British invented the world’s earliest railways. London’s river Thames has over
200 bridges and tunnels along its course. Big Ben refers to the bell and not the clock,
and in 1945 a flock of birds landed on its minute hand, putting the time back 5 minutes.
Speaking of birds, there are more chickens living in the UK than people.
Germany is Europe’s economic powerhouse, exporting $1.5 trillion dollars worth of goods
in 2013, second only to China. But its second to none in its number of Zoos, with over 400.
The amazing Neuschwanstein Castle seems computer generated and was the inspiration for Disneyland’s
Sleeping Beauty Castle. More than 61 million people have visited it. Germany’s Autobahn
is the world’s oldest motorway network in the world. And then there’s the beer. Munich’s
two-week Oktoberfest draws a staggering 6 million visitors each year. Germans recently
dropped to third in the world behind the Austrians and Czechs for most beer consumed per capita.
Turkey’s largest city, Istanbul, is the largest city in Europe and the only city in
the world with a population of more than one million to span two continents. It has been
the capital city of three of the world’s great empires, the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman.
Istanbul will soon be home to the world’s largest airport. The model for Santa Claus,
Saint Nicholas, was born in Turkey. Turkey is the most heavily muslim country with a
secular democracy in the world. The bird does get its name from the country because the
birds were imported to Central Europe through Turkey. We in the west also have the Turks
to thank for introducing us to coffee. Italy’s home to the greatest number of UNESCO
World Heritage Sites in the world, including the Coliseum, Venice, the Vatican, Florence,
the leaning tower of Pisa, the vineyards of Piedmont, Pompeii, Naples, Sicily, the Italian
Alps, the Amalfi Coast, the Italian Riviera, and Lake Cuomo…I could go on all day. All
that’s pretty amazing when you consider the country is just slightly larger than the
US state of Arizona. With the introduction of the tomato from the Americas, Pizza, the
world’s most popular food, was invented in the 1700s by the peasants of Naples.
China is the world’s oldest continuous civilization and actually trails Italy by just three, 50-47,
in terms of total World Heritage Sites. The Great Wall was built to try and keep out Genghis
Khan and his Mongol army, but it didn’t work. China’s megacity, Shanghai, has the
fastest train in the world, hitting 311 mph. Beijing’s immense Forbidden City is the
world’s largest palace, covering more than 170 acres. More than 30 million Northern Chinese
live in Yaodongs, which are house caves that brilliantly use the earth to stay warm during
the cold winter and cool during the hot summer. Natural attractions include the epic Huangshan
mountain range which inspired scenes in Avatar, and the larger-than-life Three Gorges area
of the Yangtze river, home to the Three Gorges Dam that produces more electricity than any
other power station in the world. Spain is a top holiday destination for Europeans,
mainly because it has over 3,000 miles of gorgeous coastline, but Barcelona’s beaches
didn’t exist until the 1992 Olympics allowed Spain to transform the city’s industrial
coastline into miles of sandy beaches that are now considered some of the best in the
world. The Spanish speak the second-most spoken language in the world behind Mandarin Chinese–English
is third. Spain didn’t fight in the first or the second World Wars. Madrid is one of
those rare big cities that doesn’t sit on a major body of water, although it’s name
means the “place of many streams.” The intricately detailed Alhambra fortress palace
is the crown jewel of a country that prides itself on architectural beauty. It was constructed
during Muslim rule over the Iberian Peninsula in the 9th century.
Visitors to the USA spent nearly $140 billion dollars in 2013 – more than twice as much
as second-place Spain hauled in – because America has so many great places to check
out. New York is basically the capital of the world with over 800 different languages
spoken within the city. Out west, LA’s Hollywood sign was built in 1923 as a massive advertisement
for what was then a brand new real estate development. It used to say Hollywoodland.
The US Navy wanted to paint San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge black with yellow stripes
for visibility. America’s aviation safety agency was created in 1958 as a result of
two planes that collided trying to get a better view of the epic Grand Canyon. And the first
atom was split in Chicago in 1942, leading to the nuclear age.
The most visited country – by far – is France although there’s a lot less of it to visit
than when the French empire covered 8.6% of the world’s land area. France is one of
the few countries in the world where the number of tourists exceeds its population of 66 million
people. Paris’ Eiffel Tower has been visited more than 200 million times making it the
most-visited paid tourist attraction in the world. It was the world’s tallest structure
until New York’s Chrysler Building was completed in 1930. The world’s most-visited museum,
the Louvre, started out as a fortress; was at one point abandoned; and was even renamed
the Musée Napoleon after the egomaniacal French conqueror. Normandy’s spectacular
Mont Saint-Michel is accessible in low tide, but surrounded by water in high tide.
I hope you enjoyed this little tour around the world. Be sure to like this video and
subscribe to our channel for more mini-documentaries like this. For The Daily Conversation, I’m
Bryce Plank. Bon Voyage.

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  1. I'm really proud of my country ! People will say that we are arrogant maybe it's true but France is not the most visited country for nothing 🙂 (Btw I'm french) Love you all guy

  2. as usual the French bashing sounds so worldly …. i have been everywhere and France suck so bad ….actually sound so ignorant and cliches…within the next 10 years reaching the 100 000 000 visitors , Paris # 1 destination in the world…the French must do something right …..

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  5. I'm surprised India didn't make it on the list, India tour is like a world tour in itself, different cultures in every state of India, approx 780 different languages are spoken in India. Himalayan snow caped mountains to Thar desert, Goa beaches to Mumbai chaos, world heritage and architecture like Taj-Mahal, beautiful temples and many forts, great Indian food, colourful festivals, Yoga and spirituality and richest history. What else do you need?

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    People dis on America because of obesity but don’t dis Russia for their alcohol abuse deaths.
    I’d rather get fat and choose the life I won’t than mess with alcohol.
    Sorry if I made people mad.

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