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Top 10 Most Powerful Countries in The World in 2050

Top 10 Most Powerful Countries in The World in 2050

Top 10 Most Powerful Countries in The World
in 2050. You might be surprised how much the economic
landscape is going to change in the next 30 years. To help us mere mortals HSBC has used a complex
but fascinating analysis of economic systems, industries, infrastructure and serious number
crunching, to project the wealth of countries (GDP and per capita income) in 2050. 10: Canada. Canada will have an economy worth $2.29 trillion
by 2050 and a projected per capita income of $51,485. That Canada stays put (it remains in tenth
position) is to its credit, or to the credit of its renowned healthy banking system which
is said to be one of the most resilient in the world. 9: France. The size of France’s economy will be $2.75
trillion, and it will have a projected per capita income of $40,643. There will be tough times ahead for France
though, as it struggles to cope with (continuing) sluggish growth and demographic challenges
(decline in working population), and it will drop three places in the economic league table
to ninth position, surpassed by countries such as Mexico, India and Brazil. 8: Mexico. Mexico is the second Latin American entrant
to the pantheon of putative economic powerhouses. With a projected GDP of $2.81 trillion and
a per capita income of $21,793. Prospects look extremely good for Mexico:
its current president Enrique Nieto is spearheading a number of wide-ranging reforms from telecommunications
to energy that will boost the country’s long-term productivity and prosperity. 7: Brazil. Brazil is a surprise entry in the top ten
– given its past experiences of inflation levels of over 500 percent. With a GDP projected at $2.96 trillion and
a per capita income of $13,547, Brazil will be the seventh-most powerful economy on the
planet. And it will be a pretty sizeable economy too
– Brazil’s population is expected to reach in excess of 200 million. It won’t be all sunshine and carnivals though:
the country’s per capita income is expected to drop from 52nd place to 61st. 6: United Kingdom. The UK’s projected 2050 GDP is $3.58 trillion,
with a per capita income of $49,412. The current gap between British economic wealth
and that of Germany will narrow significantly by 2050 (from a $346 billion gap to a $138
billion gap), with the UK boosted by a projected year on year percentage growth in the working
population. The UK is projected to fall in the economic
league table by just one position, so it’s hanging in there. 5: Germany. Germany will have a projected GDP of $3.71
trillion with a per capita income of $52.683, making it the largest European economy in
2050 (although it has dropped one place from 2015). Given that Germany is roughly the same size,
in terms of population, as the UK that’s pretty impressive. 4: Japan. The size of Japan’s economy by GDP will
be $6.43 trillion; its income per capita is projected at $63,244. Japan faces demographic challenges of an ageing
population and a dramatic decline in working age population (of nearly 40 percent). The shrinking working population is also expected
to support an increasing ageing population. Perhaps incentives will be offered to the
Japanese people to have more children: the fertility rate here is the lowest on this
list of world economies. 3: India. India will become the third-largest economy
in the world, with a GDP of $8.17 trillion and an income per capita of $5,060. India’s working population is set to explode,
fuelling its growth.Its income growth rate is set to overtake China’s after 2030 partly
as a result of China’s one-child policy, and its economy is projected to grow at an
average 5.1% annually between 2040 and 2050. In addition to becoming one of the world’s
super-economies, India is also poised to become the most populous country on earth by 2050,
overtaking China with a projected 1.6 billion people. 2: United States. The US will be the second richest economy
in the world in 2050, with a GDP of $22.27 trillion and a per capita income of $55,134. The projected growth per capita income for
the US is lower than other developed economies because its already rich infrastructure “constrains
growth”. For so long the richest country on the planet,
the US will have to contend with being ’second best’. 1: China. In 2050, China is expected to be the world’s
richest, and probably the most powerful, economy, with a GDP of $24.62 trillion and a per capita
income of $17,759. China’s income per capita will still only
be roughly a third of that in the US, so there is room for considerably more growth. However, it will no longer be the most populous
country in the world – that can be a plus or minus depending on your own point of view.

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  1. Where is Saudi Arabia this is fake video why put poor country on 3rd 70 percent public sleeping on road and u give india 3rd joke of the year

  2. This is not true, we must consider the following.
    Political crisis
    Economic crisis
    Civil war like marawi
    World war
    Act of God like typhoon

  3. Wrong… By 2050 India will rule the world or China maybe…, but both of these countries will be on 1 and 2 no in terms of power

  4. The way things are going, I doubt we will get to 2050 without another war between the major powers and that will mix everything up, to say the least. There may be few of us left to enjoy wealth.

  5. What matters to the vast majority of us living in the real world is the per capita wealth and the distribution of that wealth. A lot of changes will be based just on the sheer sizes of countries like China and Brazil. Economics experts only ever look at a country from the point of view of how rich can a foreign investor get from investing in a country.

  6. The populations of the UK and Germany are substantially different in 2019, so I can only assume that the reference to them having similar populations relates to 2050 after 30 years of heavy immigration?! Also why so many pictures of military hardware and military exercises, especially for Germany which has radically cut the size of its armed forces?

  7. If per capita income in India 30 years from now is only $5,000, then Indians have very little to look forwards too. Of course the use of monetary values has not been explained, is this the value in 2019 dollars or 2050 dollars? If 2050 dollars then that is likely to be much less in spending power than $5,000 today!

  8. I have no idea what is meant by the comment on US infrastructure constraining growth, I suspect the person who made this video doesn't either, otherwise they might have explained it!

  9. The problem of an ageing population and its impact on the size of the workforce is not a real problem at all, it can easily be remedied by increasing immigration of working age people from abroad. The problems of rapidly growing populations, so favoured by right wing politicians who see national strength in terms of population size, is a potentially disastrous problem. As population grows exponentially the economy has to grow faster and faster just to maintain the per capita income. Worse, add to this that the age structure shifts increasingly in favour of people under the age of 18. This can be expected to lead to growing violence, lawlessness and political instability. I ascribe the 'Arab Spring' largely to this phenomenon, which I predicted decades ago on this basis. Many countries which do not control their population growth will probably descend into lawlessness, chaos and political instability. They will become ungovernable Anarchies.

  10. Haha a lot of comments here is so funny and feeling confident remember it's just saying but look at reality, well wait if it really happen don't be so assuming, don't mad in my comment I just telling the truth base on my observation

  11. No matter every things will be turn into waste after ww3…… one know about future………prediction is predicted but future is future……..

  12. It's just a fake ' no one else know the future'..

    America and Philippines are most richest in the world. 🇺🇸🇵🇭💪💪💪🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍😊😊😊😊😊💪💪💪💪💪🗺️🌎

  13. Land Ophir is Philippines it might have a big chance in the top!!! God will rise the strongest person in the world.

  14. Before this 2050 i think every nation will be fair because of reingning our King JesusChrist….. Be hold he is coming Quickly!

  15. if we are not controlling popoulation in India, we will not have space to even stand. Our politicians have to look at this matter seriously

  16. Wrong america will be in first indian wil be in 2nd position becox all china market capture by indian people soon.

  17. Where is russia?? It is in second position in world superpower which is only possible by the economic of russians.

  18. Dih, indonesia gak masuk ,ngaco nih admin nya, tahun 2050 Kita tuh urutan ke-4 dari segi GDP, Britain kalah sama Kita..

  19. I am really afraid of these nuclear war. May god bless the world with peace and love for mankind. Religion is man made. Hope to build a loving world for my upcoming child

  20. While I agree mostly with rankings but figures are probably different. France is currently having 2.75 trillion usd how is it possible that in 2050 also it will be same. (And for some other countries also it is mentioned same)

  21. En el 2050 china tendrá una renta percapita de 70 mil dólares…waooooo…para la población de qué tiene…..y Usa solo 55 mil

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