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Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries In The World

Top 10 Most Dangerous Countries In The World

You have heard the stories, haven’t you? Tourist destinations where you get robbed,
beaten, detained, and in extreme cases, killed. Whatever the reason may be, here are the 10
most dangerous tourist destinations in the world. 10. Venezuela
Venezuela has one of the highest per capita murder rates in the world. However, that’s just one of the things that
makes it one of the most dangerous tourist destinations ever! We also have the kidnappings and robberies. Let’s start with the kidnappings, shall
we? The information you supplied in a survey or
a questionnaire could be used to demand ransom in return for the safety of your loved ones. This is known as virtual kidnapping. It won’t really matter if the kidnapping
is real, you wouldn’t want to risk the safety of your loved ones. Another type of kidnapping on the rise in
Venezuela is “inside kidnapping”. Employees are paid a token to gain access
to tourist’s hotel rooms to kidnap children with the sole purpose of extracting cash from
the parents. You have to be more careful in this tourist
destination if you drive an expensive car. Armed gang ram vehicles from behind with the
aim of jacking it. Resisting a robbery is even more dangerous,
it can result in the death of the victim. Another method used by carjackers in Caracas
is the setting up of fake police checkpoints inside tunnels. Now you are thinking, surely it is better
to take a cab, right? Cab drivers in Caracas not only overcharge,
they are also known to rob and injure their passengers. If you do decide to walk, the crowded bus
and subway stations packed with pickpockets might be a problem. 9. Mali
The dangers you can run into as a tourist in Mali are numerous and are as a result of
the Tuareg rebellion, which subsequently led to the growth of Al-Qaeda in the northern
region. Rebels are paid to kidnap tourists by al Qaeda,
who then demand a substantial amount of money in ransom. This is the primary reason Mali is a dangerous
tourist destination to westerners. A major thing to avoid in Mali is attending
cultural festivals in remote areas, far from the reach of the police. You would not only be exposing yourself to
armed robbery but kidnapping as well. In fact, a British citizen who attended a
similar festival in Anderamboukane was executed. Canadians and American diplomats are usually
the target of kidnappings in Mali. The festivals to avoid include, the Tuareg’s
“Festival in the desert”, “Sahara Nights” festival, and the “Tamadach Festival”. Places to avoid include, Gao and Timbuktu
in the northern area, including provinces like Kidal, Koulikoro, Segou and Mopti. 8. Colombia
Something as normal as hailing a cab can get you killed in Colombia where criminals pose
as cab drivers to rob unsuspecting tourists. They drive their “passengers” around at
gunpoint to different ATMs to collect as much as possible. While accepting a drink from an attractive
stranger is harmless in different parts of the world, in this tourist destination, it
is deadly. You can end up drugged, and robbed. Some gangs are even creative enough to lace
chewing gums with drugs. According to experts, for every part of this
country that is tourist-friendly, there are three other dangerous parts that should be
avoided. Such parts include any rural area along Venezuelan
border. There is a growing trend of visiting huge
cocaine plantations in the rural part for the purpose of drug tasting, please avoid
this. However, if you do find yourself anywhere
in Bogota that you know you are not supposed to be, taking these precautions might just
save your life. Wear simple clothes without pieces of jewelry,
leave the iPhone at home, and use low-limit credit cards. Hailing taxis is also not a good idea. 7. India
We have talked about kidnapping and robbery related violence in Colombia, Mali, and Venezuela. India, on the other hand, is infamous for
violence against women, or “Eve teasing”, as it is known in India. Yes, we are talking about “rape”. According to the Foreign and Commonwealth
Office website, reported cases of sexual assault against women and young girls is on the rise. Foreign female visitors are just as likely
to experience this horrible ordeal as the locales. Some time ago, a 39-year-old Swiss cyclist
was gang-raped in Madhya Pradesh. What’s more, the newspapers constantly publish
rape stories to fuel the fear. Why is violence against women so prevalent
in India? The answer is simple. According to Gill Charlton, the author of
our Beginner’s Guide to India, it is due to the combination of three things. 1. Proliferation of internet porn
2. Availability of illegal homebrews
3. An increase in the number of uneducated single
men who have no hope of finding a wife. As a result, Indian women take extra precautions
against sexual harassment such as, booking a taxi or auto-rickshaw after dark, having
a proper bolt on their door, wearing a long tunic over loose trousers, avoid eye contact
with staring males. 6. Egypt
The recent political turmoil in Egypt has turned a great tourist destination into one
of the most dangerous places in the world. There has been a dramatic decrease in the
number of tourist visits since the revolution and attacks on foreign journalists. The constant fear of an imminent ISIS attack
makes the country even more dangerous. How real is the attack? Back in September 2015, 9 tourists were killed
in the western desert by Egyptian military who thought they were terrorists. Earlier that same year, a Croatian man was
kidnapped and killed by ISIS in the western desert near Cairo. In fact, the FCO warns that “terrorists
are very likely to carry out an attack on Egypt”. However, if you ever find yourself in this
dangerous tourist destination, stay away from demonstrations, protests, or any crowded area. There is also a danger of being confronted
aggressively for money or business in high profile tourist sites like the Giza Pyramids. Therefore, use a pre-booked guide, even better,
stay vigilant. 5. Bangladesh
You are on this great vacation spot and had a whole day planned out. You highlighted the places you wanted to visit,
only to run into a street agitation, which eventually developed into a political rioting. That is Bangladesh. The violence in this tourist destination is
a result of political rioting. The dangers range from being stuck in street
fights, to getting hit by stray bullets. As such, it is important that you stay away
from political riots. 4. Honduras
According to the U.S Department of State, Honduras has one of the highest murder rates
in the world. Sixty-nine U.S. citizens have been killed
since October 2009. That’s not all, there is also the problem
of petty theft. There are pickpockets at the entrances of
major tourist destinations across the country. However, if you don’t get murdered, and
somehow escape getting robbed, you still have diseases such as malaria, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis
A and B to worry about. The poor medical care in the whole country,
with the exception of San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa, ensures that you die of malaria rather than
being shot dead on major highways. If you absolutely have to visit Honduras,
wear simple clothes without jewelry. Leave the iPhone, iPad, or any related gadget
at home, and always use low-limit credit cards. Keep your passport and any other valuables
in concealed pouches. Do not drink water from the tap, Finally,
talk to your doctor about anti-malaria drugs, and a vaccination for Hepatitis A and B before
you go. 3. South Africa
South Africa has a reputation for being one of the most dangerous tourist destinations
in the world, which was built on the high rate of violent crime and murder in the country. The fact that xenophobia is a little high
in some areas of the country makes it even more dangerous. The disparity between the rich and the poor,
combined with former apartheid policies has led to a widespread poverty in the region. This, in turn, created a fertile ground for
crime to grow. Getting robbed at gunpoint is not an uncommon
scene in South Africa. In fact, areas with ATMs are a hotspot for
robberies. The precautions to take against this is the
same as other areas with high rate robbery rate. Wear simple clothes without jewelry. Leave the gadget at home, and use low-limit
credit cards. Like India, South Africa also has high sexual
assault statistics. Reported cases of violence against women are
prevalent in this tourist destination. Even though tourists are generally not targeted,
it is better to be cautious. Be conscious of what you wear. Better safe than sorry. You should also be wary of natural hazards
in some regions of the country. According to Lonely Planet Cape Town, Table
Mountain, which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in South Africa has claimed
more lives than Mount Everest. Consequently, it is advised that you dress
and pack appropriately for your hiking trips. 2. Brazil
Like other South American countries in the region, there is a high prevalence of crime. You can easily get robbed, pickpocketed, or
assaulted in Brazil than anywhere else in the world, especially in the slums where drug-related
crimes are more popular. If that doesn’t scare you, the poisonous
trees and fruits should. There are different trees in Brazil that grow
a variety of fruit. While they may appear tantalizing, most of
them are poisonous. Tourists, in a bid to get a taste of a local
flavor, have picked and eaten some of these fruits that are harmful to human health. Do not pick fruits off any tree and if you
want to get a local fruit, just buy it. Finally, the last danger of traveling to Brazil
is health related. Apart from the risk of e coli that is a result
of water filled with garbage and feces, there is also a risk of getting Malaria when traveling
in the jungle region. 1. North Korea
North Korea is perhaps the most dangerous tourist destination in the world right now. Visiting this country means risking arrest
and long-term detention. After the death of Otto F. Warmbier, a University
of Virginia student convicted of trying to steal a political propaganda poster from his
hotel in Pyongyang, the United States government decided to ban Americans from visiting North
Korea. According to Susan A. Thornton, the acting
assistant secretary of the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, “Due to mounting
concerns over the serious risk of arrest and long-term detention, the department will soon
impose a travel restriction on all U.S. nationals’ use of a passport to travel in, through or
to North Korea” There are no precautions or safety measures
to take, you simply cannot visit this country. This is why it’s one of the most dangerous
tourist destinations in the world. Have you ever visited any of these countries? Let us know your experience in the comments
below. Don’t forget to subscribe and see you next
time on Awesome America!!

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  3. wow I live in Honduras in San Pedro Sula there’s lots of violence yeah but is not that bad it should be like number8

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  7. People are overeating how dangerous Brazil really is. I am brazilian personally and I lived there until I moved to the U.S when I was 5. It’s a beautiful place to be in and everyone will always help you and give you a hand. Yes it used to be very very dangerous and about 3 months ago which was the last time I traveled, I was scared.But everything turned out great. Just don’t go in the shanty towns and you’ll be good.

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