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Top 10 Immigrant Countries

Top 10 Immigrant Countries

These are the top ten countries with the most
foreign-born immigrants living there, and where the different groups in each country
came from, according to a 2013 report by the United Nations. Number ten is Spain. Romanians are the biggest
group in Spain. You’d think it would be Moroccans because of it’s proximity – they’re
basically neighbors. But Romanians in Spain became more numerous than Moroccans around
2007. Latin American immigrants are also well-represented because of the appeal of still being able
to speak Spanish. Spain – and every other country on this list – draws immigrants mainly
because of its relatively strong economy, although Spain has taken a big hit after the
global financial crisis led to the collapse of its housing market. With almost 6.5 million immigrants Australia
is number nine. There are almost three times as many Brits living in Australia as the next
most prevalent group down under, the Chinese. In fact, out of all the countries in the world,
Australia is home to the most British immigrants. Australia’s foreign born population in relation
to the rest of the country is pretty large, with more than 1 in 4 of its residents coming
from somewhere else. Number eight is Canada. Even though Canada
and America share one of the longest borders in the world, there are only 317,000 Americans
living north of its northern border. But Canada is home to the biggest Hong Kong community
outside of Hong Kong, and to reciprocate, Hong Kong is home to the most Canadians of
any city in Asia. France and its 7.4 million immigrants is number
seven on this list. Its largest immigrant group is from Algeria, which is also its only
foreign-born population larger than 1 million people. Algeria was a colony of France for
more than a century until it declared independence in 1962, so the ties between the two countries
remain deep. Number six is the United Kingdom. As an island
nation, its easier for the United Kingdom to regulate immigration. Just like France,
the UK’s biggest source of immigrants is a former colony–in this case, India, whom
Britain ruled until 1947. After Poland joined the European Union in 2004, the number of
Poles coming to the United Kingdom increased sharply. The UK is now home to more Polish
immigrants than any other country. A staggering 83.7% percent of the people living
in the United Arab Emirates were born in another country, that’s by far the highest rate
in the world. Indian, Bangladeshi, and Pakistani workers arrive by the hundreds of thousands
each year to help build the UAE, as places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi experience a construction
boom unlike any the world has ever seen. Saudi Arabia is right up there with Russia
as the world’s biggest exporter of oil, which drives its entire economy and attracts
millions of immigrants. The vast majority of migrant workers come from the Indian subcontinent,
Southeast Asia and Africa, and are employed in the agriculture, cleaning and domestic
service industries. Turks are the largest immigrant group in Germany,
a trend that began on a wide scale during a labor shortage in the 1960’s and 1970’s
in West Germany, which the government solved by striking a labor trade deal with the government
of Turkey. The more than 1 million Polish immigrants in Germany makes sense because
the two countries are neighbors, and – after the fall of the Soviet Union and the Berlin
Wall – so does the more than 1 million Russians who were attracted to Germany – like the Poles
– because of the strong German economy. All ten of Russia’s largest immigrant groups
came from countries that used to be part of the Soviet Union. They come because Russia’s
economy is stronger than their own, but they’re pretty much the only ones coming. The number
of people leaving Russia in 2013 stood at 186,382–that’s more than 5 times as many
left the country just three years earlier, in 2010. And number one is the United States of America,
with more than 45 million foreign-born residents. One in every five people in the whole world
living outside of their country of birth live in the United States. That’s a big deal,
and is the single-biggest reason why the Americans lead the world both economically and culturally.
The nearly 13 million Mexicans living in the United States make up the single largest group
of immigrants anywhere in the world. Today, Asians – which includes, and is driven by,
Chinese and Indians – is the largest immigrant group in America. Thanks for watching, share your family’s
immigration story in the comments below. And click on the screen to watch our documentary
that runs through the full history of immigration to America. Or watch our video about the 10
biggest construction projects around the world–the megaproject endeavors that will continue to
fuel immigration to many of the countries on this list. For TDC, I’m Bryce Plank–a descendant of
Western European immigrants to the United States.

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  1. The United States of American created the internet Robert E Kahn and vint cerf where both born and raised Americans that created the internet and every one uses it that’s influence and the best product of America you can hate but that is a fact

  2. I exepted Sweden on this list. 20-30% (the number is different on different websites) of the population are Born in another country.

  3. My family are big immigrants.

    They've been everywhere from the window, to the wall, (to dat wall)
    – to the sweat drop down my balls.

    It's pretty great. 🙂

  4. Other than 1 they are all WHITE COUNTRIES. Research white genocide. Educate yourself and then stand against it when the civilbwsr comes.

    Choose the right side.

  5. Come in! Welcome, welcome.

    Oh but just please remember to leave your shoes and your religion at the door.


  6. Spain has one of the strongest economies in the world and one of the biggest economies in Europe. British people go home! We are tired of Britts invading our country and not learning our language! Deport Britts from Spain, they are not Europeans!

  7. Almost think we should let the Mexicans come! We got 12 Million!!!Mexico is gonna run out of people. Maybe we should go South and fix it up for them while they wait in the US?I FIXED IT!!

  8. Thier plan is to destroy Us from the inside out as they have done for thousands of years starting with thier first destruction of babylon then jerusalem and the land of canaan then Europe and America South Africa and on and on..
    I for one am patiently awaiting for the day till they will finally be dealt with as predicted in the Bible..
    Go God !!!

  9. Omg! such illiterate and bigoted people in the comment sections. Just bashing the top immigrant countries and blaming immigration for future downfall of developed nations.
    Dude! Controlled immigration is always good for the host country, and for the world in general. You guys need to take Globalization 101 lectures again. And before cursing in the comments section again acknowledge that all these immigrants are government approved (the video is about immigrants and not refugees, excluding middle-east), and I highly doubt that you know better for your country than those highly educated men in power who make such policies.

  10. Poor France

    (Asking why is a very stupid question , everyone knows very well why I say this. I just don't refer to any people , people who ask why are racist because they want to start a dispute in the comments)

  11. My comment isn't meant to be provocative or political or racial, but the US and Canada and Australia etc are all populated by fairly recent immigrants (not many people in those countries have families that have been in their present location for more than a handful of generations).

    The others, like the UK and Germany and the other European countries all have large expatriate populations currently living overseas, and even bigger numbers of people who can trace their ancestry to those countries (for example, there are many more Irish descended people in the US, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, etc than there is actual Irish people in Ireland today!! The British and Germans and other European nations etc all have millions descendants named Smith's/Taylors/McDonalds/Robertsons/Mullers/Schultzs/Goldschmidts/Pedersens/Garcias..

  12. My Top 10 Most Multicultural Countries by Immigrants
    1. USA
    2. Canada
    3. Australia
    4. Germany
    5. Netherlands
    6. UK
    7. Sweden
    8. France
    9. Switzerland
    10. Norway

  13. Can these countries stop immigrating? Immigration is already enough, now people need to work on their on country and not let their people move out of there.

  14. Curry alert! 6 countries (AU, CA, UK, UAE, SA, USA) in this list have Indians as one of the top 3 sources of immigration. Apu is everywhere.

  15. Actually for usa is
    10. Canada
    9. Dominican Republic
    8. South Korea
    7. Cuba
    6. El Salvador
    5. Vietnam
    4. Philippines
    3. India
    2. China
    1. Mexico

  16. We have to make them leave nobody wants them. If you want them give your address and we can easily send some to you…TRUMP 2020

  17. U.A.E: No, those aren't immigrants. They're slaves.

    Whole world: Shocked pikachu face

    Saudi Arabia: How do you think we make our towers.

  18. so basically all western countries except saudi arabia/uae/russia

  19. Brazil is the number 2 for sure.
    They have people from all places of the world there.
    Look, more than 3,3 millions japanese descendants, there have a lot of germans descendents, Italians, Lebanese, South Korea and etc.
    Guy, you forgetted Brazil.

  20. Canada is the the home for most 3rd world shiteholers by far, give us all the indians, all the somalians, all the nigerians, thats the motto of the canadian government.

  21. Puerto Rico is part of the United States. We are US citizens at birth. We are not immigrants in the United States.

  22. Sure Saudi Arabia has 9M born foreign people, but the number of foreign people is 12M. I’m not sure if it’s 12M, because they count the population every six years. It’s weird because they haven’t counted the population in the last six years…

  23. My paternal grandparents were immigrants from Morocco to France, while maternal great-grandparents were immigrants to the U.S. from Lithuania, and my father was a U.S. immigrant from France. I'm an immigrant from the United States living in France (I have also lived in Venuezula and Spain). And you?

  24. Germany surpassed Russia,
    Germany had 12,005,690
    Russia had 11,643,27
    This is written in the: "UN 2015 report: immigrant population".

  25. I am malaysian and I can see from this video that malaysians are affraid to migrate to other country even to muslim countries with a lot of opportunities like saudi and uae(with a lot of halal food restaurants and mosque to perform friday prayer if compared to western countries, australia,uk,us). Even indonesians and filipinos migrate to other countries, i dont understand why stupid malaysians mentality still loyal to the stupid country in the name of Malaysia.

  26. I predict the Indians being the 2.0 Mexicans in America 😁😁😁 Indians will dominate the world.
    Sorry racists.


  28. Wrong report bro… Saudi since 2005 has over 20 million. In 2015 Saudi has 23 million. Those were recorded but government did not report it. After the war in Syria and then yemen those two nations are way more than their previous numbers. I believe saudi in 2018 had over 27 million. I did not mention those who are working in saudi and don't have paper. They are way over a million. We all know that in saudi. The while businesses are run by non saudis to approx 82%. The saudis prefer government jobs over companies… thank you

  29. Merkel's open border insanity, like Blair's before her, has turned Berlin into a lawless arena of drug dealing third world savages, just like London has been for the last five years (read David Vincent's book 2030: Your Children's Future in Islamic Britain), this is only the beginning of a terrifying process that will culminate in the complete destruction of Europe.

  30. In % Spain is the most invaded country in Europe by massive immigration from outside Europe (southamerican, african)

  31. I fell like ranking by % of the population would have more value, because having 27.7% of its population immigrants is a lot more major than 11.9% for exemple.

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