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Top 10 Countries Where Women Are The Most Unsafe

Top 10 Countries Where Women Are The Most Unsafe

10 Countries Where Women Are The Most Unsafe No matter how forward we move and how progressive
we may appear, some things just don’t change! The attitude towards women is one such thing
that hasn’t been changed or worse still has even deteriorated in certain civilizations. Where on one hand women are aspiring to conquer
the world on their own, some people see women as nothing more than a conquest! You may be living in the most advanced part
of the world, but hostility may still find you. Confused? While there may be hundreds of ways to be
badly affected by the world, it is easier when you are traveling to the ‘not so progressive’
section of the society! So ladies before you pack for your next trip,
know the countries where you’ll be risking your neck, alert: this might lead to change
of plans! Number 10. Japan
Whoa! What is such a safe country doing on this
list? Uhmm, a lesser known fact about Japan is witnessing
an increase in the number of sexual assaults! Groping in crowded areas and trains had become
so common that they had to introduce female only carriages in trains! If you are a foreigner in the country, be
extra vigilant because there is a high chance that you are seen as an exotic beauty and
might be groped, stalked or verbally abused! That sounds so unlike the country we have
always read about but yea, women aren’t safe even here! Number 9. Jamaica
Now the ultimate holiday destination with its warm weather and inviting beaches might
have to be struck off from your bucket list! Even though dressing conservatively isn’t
a norm here, women can’t be very relaxed here. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the vacation
altogether? The American tourists often face a lot of
sexual assaults in Jamaica and the most shocking thing is that in most of these cases the perpetrator
was from the staff of the resort! Now women aren’t even safe in the resort,
let alone crowded market places. This won’t do much good to Jamaican tourism! Number 8. Egypt
If ancient pyramids attract you, Egypt is definitely the place to visit but be extra
cautious throughout your trip if you are a woman! There is an ever increasing problem of sexual
assaults in the country, be it the locals or the tourists, both are equally attended
to, and we mean in a WRONG way! With less police on the streets, chances of
being groped are higher and if you make an eye contact with someone, they might take
it as a sign of your interest! Why else do you think women are always wearing
sunglasses while out in public? Fully covered clothes- check, sunglasses-
check, covered head- check; now you are ready to roam around in Egypt! Number 7. Mexico
With so much drug dealing going on, you can’t expect it to be very safe in general, let
alone for women! Though drug related violence is restricted
to only a few areas, you can’t still be sure about your safety! If that is not enough, mugging and kidnapping
are also pretty common so there is a high chance that your folks are getting a call
for ransom! Oh we went too far, that might not happen
but dragging you to a nearby ATM and forcing you to withdraw cash can happen, it’s an
everyday thing over there! Oops, did we scare you too much? Number 6. India
From the culture to languages to dresses, so much variation in a little country, surely
a nation of diversity! But all is not sweet and nice here, the problem
of sexual assault is no more under the wraps so you probably aren’t surprised by this
country’s presence on such a list! Be it public transport or crowded markets,
women aren’t safe anywhere and if you are a foreigner wearing a mini skirt, you have
to be on high alert! The introduction of all women carriages in
trains was a much required step and you must use them every time possible if you don’t
want random strangers to feel you up! Number 5. Saudi Arabia
If you are a woman from the west, we advise you to not pack your most loved minis in your
travel bag when your tickets to Saudi arrive! Moral policing about how women should ideally
be dressed while on the streets will leave you covered in a black cloth head to toe so
what point getting your sexy bodycon numbers on the trip? If that is not enough, terrorism is at an
all-time high so you might not want to buy a return ticket in advance, you know just
in case you do not exit the country, ALIVE! On the flip side, you might have a gala time
and sing ‘Get out alive’ by Three Days Grace on your way back! Number 4. Brazil
Gorgeous coasts and long unending roads often tempt travellers to hire a car and get set
for a road trip! But that should be the last thing you attempt
in that country if you have the slightest of love for yourself! Cases of people get shot on the streets have
come up many times, you definitely don’t plan that for your vacation, right? Poverty levels are very high in some parts
of the country which push the residents towards crime and violence so you can well imagine
if you are a woman from another country, wandering off the streets alone what good will these
people do to you! Number 3. Somalia
If you go by the warning from the US State department then there is no way you are traveling
to this country turned graveyard! There is utter chaos in the country, a complete
absence of any law and order and the looming threat of terrorist attacks! You might be walking the streets exploring
the city when you meet a person and bamm, the man blasts into tiny pieces, oh and you
too! If nothing of that sort happens, being a woman
puts you at a risk of sexual assault. When their own women are going through genital
mutilation by the age of 11 and getting raped, being a tourist isn’t going to save you! Number 2. Turkey
You aren’t questioning Turkey’s presence on this list after the numerous terrorist
attacks that the country has seen! Nobody wants to return home in a bag as little
pieces! Okay that was harsh but then bomb blasting
does not make it to anybody’s vacation plan whatsoever! Amid so much violence you very well can imagine
the plight of women, they are an easy target and thus may be manhandled and assaulted sexually
as well taking benefit of the chaos. If harassment is out of your ‘bearable’
zone, then a visit to Turkey needs extra vigilance! Number 1. Venezuela
Going by the statistics, on an average 80 people are killed every day in this country,
do you still fancy going there? Violence of every sort prevails but women
in particular need to be extra cautious because sexual assaults on tourists and locals are
increasing exponentially! That’s not the only scare in this country,
human trafficking is a big business here and none of us want to expand it by giving our
services! So women if you shudder at the mere thought
of being sold and bought like an object, be very alert while you are holidaying in Venezuela! Which of these countries would you permanently
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  1. you only named two countries in the Middle East you are right on some turkey isn't dangerous and you only showed one terrorist attack in Turkey I happen to be on a plane that just left at airport when it happened exposed and now that Turkish International Airport also Brazil isn't dangerous you just make it sound dangerous and Jamaica is not dangerous I just exposed you

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