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TOP 💥 25 which richest country in the world 🔴 WORLD RICHEST COUNTRY

TOP 💥 25 which richest country in the world 🔴 WORLD RICHEST COUNTRY

Welcome dear reader and cybernaut. On this occasion, we will meet the 25 richest countries in the world. We continue to share knowledge of wealth and finances and it is important to know the world’s wealth and which are the countries that most possess it. We have prepared this ranking and in each position, we will know its estimated GDP, per capita income, the general characteristics of the economy of each country, main industries as well as the data of its exports and its imports. We ask you to support our channel, your valuable subscription and that you can activate the doorbell so that you continue to receive videos like this. receive videos like this as more wealth
is created in the world more of this is concentrated among the richest people in
the richest countries the combined gross domestic product of the countries for
which there is data totals 116 point seven billion dollars nearly 93 billion
dollars of that wealth is concentrated in only 25 countries the 25 richest
countries in the world tend to have complex and diverse economies many of
these countries export goods and services from a variety of industries
such as pharmaceutical biotechnology and aerospace
however some nations on this list depend almost exclusively on a product to feed
their economies some smaller countries that do not have a wide variety of
industries are still among the richest nations in the world because they are
among the countries that control the world’s oil the richest countries also
tend to be the healthiest the average world life expectancy at birth is
seventy two point two years however in each of the 25 richest countries in the
world the average life expectancy is at least several more years if not a full
decade more some of the richest nations are also among the healthiest countries
in the world the different phases of the economic cycles throw economies
throughout the world however it is interesting to see that these major
economies do not move easily from the positions they occupy in addition to the
fact that the key actors remain almost equal this analysis reveals that these
economies are the engine of growth and control most of the world’s wealth the
nominal GDP of the top ten economies represents approximately 66% of the
world economy while the top 20 economy contribute almost 79% the remaining 173
countries represent less than a quarter of the world economy this list is based
on the IMF world economy Outlook database which dates back to recent
years data like nominal GDP equals gross domestic product current prices US
dollars GDP based on PPP equals gross domestic product current prices
purchasing power parity international dollars gross domestic product per
capita current prices US dollars gross domestic product based on the proportion
of purchasing power parity PPP of the world total these are the 25 richest
countries in the world of which we will make a ranking a playlist with a video
for each country describing their wealth 25 Belgium 24 Sweden 23 Thailand 22
Poland 21 Taiwan 20 Switzerland 19 Turkey 18 Saudi Arabia 17 Netherlands 16
Indonesia 15 Mexico 14 Australia 13 Spain 12 South Korea 11 Russia 10 Canada
9 Brazil 8 Italy 7 France 6 United Kingdom 5 India for Germany 3 Japan to
China one United States now we will start the ranking in the following video
with the country Belgium we ask for your valuable subscription to our channel
share the information and help us with up like share and comment below what is
your perspective of world wealth in the following video the 25th place of our
ranking of the 25 richest countries in the world Belgium

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