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This week in the Legislature – House Leader’s Report – October 1, 2019

This week in the Legislature – House Leader’s Report – October 1, 2019

So, the fall sitting in the legislature
began last week and we are here committed to working on solutions around
housing affordability the climate crisis and the healthcare crisis that we’re facing
here in Nova Scotia. Last week we tabled legislation to deal with period poverty.
We want to make menstrual products available in washrooms across the
province for people who need them, to make nursing home enquiries more
transparent, in the wake of some of the news we’ve seen recently, and to change
the Police Act to better serve complainants who need to file against
the police. The government held an emergency debate on climate change. Even
with two hours notice, we managed to highlight the need for hard targets
around emission goals, for a real and robust green jobs plan, and for all of
the various elements needed to transform our economy in this precarious moment. On
Friday, in particular, the day of the global climate strike, which the majority
of our caucus was really honoured to participate in, we tabled two pieces of
legislation. One to declare a climate emergency, which we think is absolutely
necessary, and the other to ensure that the students’ rights to protest are
protected because we know that they’re the ones who are leading the way in this
struggle now. This coming week we’ll continue to ask questions that are
important to Nova Scotians. Questions around housing affordability, questions
are unregulated short-term rentals, which really impact that affordability, and
generally drawing more attention to what we’re seeing in our offices, which are
more and more and more people who simply can’t find and afford a place to live.

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