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This Is The Safest Country In The World

This Is The Safest Country In The World

How do we calculate which countries are the
safest to live in? Well, the Global Peace Index, which decides
which countries are the safest, is calculated by a number of factors. The number and duration of internal conflicts
and the number of deaths from external and internal organized conflicts are all calculated. The relations with neighboring countries are
also taken into account. Crime levels and the numbers of political
refugees and the general political stability are factored in. The impact of terrorism and levels of political
terror, and the levels of violent crime along with the likelihood of violent crime are all
weighed into this rigorous calculation. Weapons and nuclear capability, military expenditure,
and the amount of armed personnel are also all taken into account. So with all these factors taken into consideration,
today on the Infographics Show we take a look at – The 20 Safest Countries to Live In. The list that we are about to present shows
it is generally safer to live in Europe than the rest of the world. The majority of the countries on our safe
list are European with Asia and Oceania also represented. The countries deemed safe by the statistics
are usually democratic nations or well-formed republics. Scandinavia is arguably the safest region
in the world with Norway, Sweden, and Denmark all represented. Iceland and Finland are also considered safe
by world standards. Although the stats for the Global Peace index
do not take employment numbers into account, employment also appears important to a country’s
safety. An underemployed or unemployed populace is
usually more likely to resort to violent crimes such as robbery and muggings. GDP and GDP per head are also good indicators
of how safe a country is but the stats for a country’s wealth are not included in the
Peace Index calculations. Generally a richer country is a safer country. Few people, besides the mentally ill or the
poor, commit crimes around the world. So with the above in mind let’s move along
with the list of the 20 safest countries as determined by the Global Peace Index. Number 1 and the safest country in the world
is Iceland with a Global Peace Index of 1.095. Iceland not only has a small population density,
it also has a low crime rate on a per capita basis. Despite having one gun for almost every three
persons in the country this country is still one of the safest countries you could ever
visit or live in. Number 2 is New Zealand with a score of 1.192
and with low levels of violent crimes. New Zealand also has a comprehensive government
safety regulation program, a small sustainable population, and very little disease. New Zealand is a safe place to call home. There are no dangerous animals here, and probably
the greatest danger can be found if you were to wander off into the beautiful national
parks trying to relive a Lord of the Rings adventure. Number 3 is Austria with a score of 1.274. Austria boasts one of the lowest serious crime
levels in the world. For a country that welcomes 25 million visitors
every year street crime is very low. But be careful if traveling to Vienna as a
European tourist as bag-snatching and robbery does take place, as it does in most tourist
zones. But if you’re living here you know what
to watch out for so you should be safe. Number 4 is Portugal with a score of 1.318. Throughout history Portugal has always been
a country of emigration. During the Age of Discovery between the 15th
and 18th century and the more recent period of economic downturn, the number of people
leaving the country has always outnumbered the incoming immigrants. Portugal’s relaxed policy on drug possession
has no doubt contributed to its position as 4th safest country in the world. Number 5 is Denmark with a score of 1.353. Traveling to Denmark is very safe business
and appears on lists as one of the safest countries in the world. In general you should be able to walk around
wherever you like in the big cities without having to have your wits about you. And if you decide to make Denmark home you
will find the people warm and welcoming. Number 6 is Canada with a score of 1.372. Canada is listed at around 80 out of 125 in
the crime index and is the second largest country in the world. However, for a country that large their population
is less than the state of California. So one of the biggest risks here for a newcomer
is getting lost or isolated out in the wilderness. Number 7 is Czech Republic with a score of
1.381. The capital city of Prague is brimming with
bohemian charm and the cultural heritage here is second to none. One of the biggest dangers in the Czech Republic
is the pounding headache acquired after sampling too many of their famous beers. This is a safe European city in which to dwell. Number 8 is Singapore with a score of 1.382. The island state has seen a financial boom
in recent years and has cast off its colonial past. Singapore also offers one of the best education
systems in the region and has strict laws, including the total ban of chewing gum. Don’t even think about smuggling drugs into
the country if you want to remain safe and free. Number 9 is Japan with a score of 1.391. The Japanese are a polite nation and this
is reflected in their Global Peace Index rating. Japan also has one of the lowest gun crime
rates in the world and one of the highest life expectancies. This is a comprehensively safe place to live. Number 10 is Ireland with a score of 1.393. Millions of tourists visit Ireland every year
with very few crimes or complaints reported. If you are living here you are probably not
going to become victim of any serious crime. However there are some danger hot spots in
some of the cities such as Belfast that you want to avoid in the early days of your stay
here. Number 11 is Slovenia with a score of 1.396. Slovenia is one of the safest and most beautiful
countries you could live in. Possibly the biggest danger here is stumbling
into a clear and sparking lake whilst staring at the beautiful Alpine vista surrounding
it. Number 12 is Switzerland with a score of 1.407. A visually stunning country with beautiful
landscapes and impossibly functional infrastructure, Switzerland is also very safe. Another country with a high gun ownership
rate yet low crime levels, Switzerland is one of the safest countries you could live
in and is beautiful in a chocolate-box kind of way. Number 13 is Australia has a score of 1.435. Despite all those dangerous spiders, sharks,
and crocodiles Australia manages to be one of the safest places in the world to live. Who would have thought it? Well, in reality you are far more likely to
die due to the recklessness of another human being rather than a strange creepy crawly. Luckily Australia has a pretty low population
density making it relatively safe to live here. Number 14 is Sweden with a score of 1.502. According to the Organization for Economic
Co-operation and Development 77% of Swedes feel safe when they walk home at night. This is better than the OECD average of 68%. Also better than the USA figure of 74% and
Japan at 70%, but not quite as good as fellow Scandinavians Norway at 90%, Finland 86%,
and Denmark at 85%. Number 15 is Finland with a score of 1.506. Often credited with the best schools in the
world Finland is a well-developed nation with a good feeling of safety amongst its inhabitants. Finland has the 8th highest gun ownership
rates per citizen in the world, but generally the folks here don’t feel a need to go on
wild shooting sprees. Number 16 is Norway with a score of 1.519. With finances in check due to abundant natural
resources, Norway is a well-developed country with both good employment and social welfare
systems. Travel here is not to be considered dangerous
and if you can stand the weather, this is a great place to live. Joint number 17 are Germany and Hungary both
with a score of 1.531. Both these countries are tied in the safety
stakes and welcome a large number of tourists each and every year. Both countries are safe to live and work in. Number 19 is Bhutan with a score of 1.545. This Himalayan Kingdom measures the happiness
of its citizens through the Gross National Happiness Index. The previous king even claimed GNH to be more
important than GDP. Travel here is monitored and safe as you will
ordinarily be part of an organized tour group. And lastly number 20 is Mauritius with a score
of 1.548. By international standards Mauritius is relatively
safe. The island is closed to any but high end luxury
holiday makers. Much of its economy is tourism-based and if
you were to live here, you’d probably be working, in some capacity, in the tourist
industry. So what do you think about the Global Peace
Index? Where’s the safest and most dangerous place
you have ever been to? Where would you most like to live? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, be sure to watch our other video called
Boy Scout Tried to Build a Nuclear Reactor in His Backyard. Thanks for watching, and as always, don’t
forget to like, share and subscribe, see you next time!

100 comments on “This Is The Safest Country In The World

  1. Most of these countires are also attractive for tourists. I want to know if you've ever been pickpocketed while travelling? I know some tricks can be pretty creative…

  2. I live in Sydney Australia 🇦🇺 I feel very safe we leave our doors open and walk around at night with no worries 😉

  3. 5:15 infographic “you’d want to stay away from Belfast” I can assure you Belfast is one of the safest cities in Ireland, maybe 50 years ago it wasn’t but that was the troubles and it’s long gone, so Infographic if there is nothing to criticize then don’t give out about something that’s irrelevant.

  4. This is all relative, racism is always an issue in many of these mentioned country. For example as a Arab you probably feel safer to be in say Malaysia than some sketchy area in Ireland. I would say thought the safest is one of these islands in Pacific ocean.

  5. Just need to point out one thing
    My grate grandma is 95 years old she has lived in Finland her hole life and not once has she seen a gun

  6. Mauritius is pronounced as M-o-r-i-sh-i-u-s. It is very clear that you made the video from a safety research paper without doing any homework of your own. No offense but this channel lacks originality. All the videos are based on some random researches and studies done by various organizations.

  7. uhhhh…. that was tge wronf place ment of singapore we are barely a dot and the country you thought was singapore was malaysia as highlighted by your own crew…

    r u paying attention to your placement of countries.

  8. Biking in Spain traffic if the scariest thing I’ve done, a car ran me over because he came way to fast around the corner in a poorly visible crossover

  9. Sweden amongst the safest? Seriously? That's long gone… There are a lot of no-go zones, just like in France, the UK, Germany or Belgium. Apparently, in this sense, Denmark and Norway are getting worse and worse. I would be less surprised to see Poland, Lithuania and Estonia in this ranking. Singapore is no surprise, but you guys highlighted the neighboring Peninsular Malaysia…

  10. I just realized an error in this video:
    Singapore doesn't have a total ban on chewing gum. It merely states that you can't sell it. Consuming it is still legal.

  11. Wow, great job Infographics show. Didn't know my country wasn't an island and at least 30 times bigger. That's totally Singapore and not west Malaysia

  12. I live in ireland and I'm really surprised where I live there is alot of knife crime and people putting things on fire or even in halloween people were lighting fireworks at each over in fact somebody got stabbed in the neck one Street across from me

  13. Singapore is a country not just an island and as a Singaporean i am very offended of saying that it is just an island yall are just kids that does not know wat is history

  14. Singapore is obviously the safest country in the world. This is an understatement, there are CCTVs everywhere no criminal can escape our Police.

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