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  1. Tip for those from the Americas: It's considered rude not to greet everyone in Ireland with "Top of the morning"! They also love to hear all about how your family originally came from Ireland; they may even make you an honorary Irish person.

    When in Scotland remember that they only eat deep fried food, mainly Mars bars and haggis, its offensive to ask for anything else. If you enquire at your hotel they will tell you where the nearest Haggis shoot is, the season is February to October.

    If you visit Wales then you must always speak Welsh and shout. Nobody will pay attention to you otherwise, they will shout back but just give them your best smile and say "Ewch shag dafad!"

    English people like you to anounce your station, saying "look oik, move out the way, I'm very rich" will always get you to the front of any queue and is considered quite proper. If you are staying in London you might try speaking in a Cockney accent snd in ryhming slang, this really thrills the locals.

    Do enjoy your tour of the UK, and remember all the people here love to hear about how much more advanced your country is and how the American way gives people there the freedom to own and to do just about anything….

    PS. Of courseif you have the good fortune to become ill or have an accident and require an ambulance you may receive treatment and leave without becoming bankrupt.


  3. What the hell hes also saying rumors in Canada want to know why Penny arent allowed because because they use to be allowed but then they said not t because baby can choke on it duhhhhh its small idoit!

  4. I am from India.. Just for sake of making video u r saying anything about all countries.. Both facts are wrong for India which u showed..

  5. First stop using incorrect Indian map, this is an disrespect to my country… Apart from that I have had never seen people jumping queues so much that it would need a mention and it doesn't make any sense to even mention this fake fact when the subject of the video is to avoid doing specific things in specific countries.

  6. I don't know about any other Caribbean country but in Jamaica its perfectly fine to wear camouflage. Been wearing it up to today so …

  7. Hey the Indian Map You showed is not right. What happened to the head part…
    And yes we Indians do use left appropriately. It doesn't mean that it's only for bathroom use. Absurd…

  8. One day at school I saw 5 dollars and was about to pick it up. But a person who didn’t see the money stepped on it. So I told them “hey your standing on 5 dollars”.

  9. 15:10
    Why don’t they make the “no touching head law” in America.
    I get so mad when someone touches my hair.
    I give them 1 warning then if they do it again I attack.

  10. In the UK it is extreemly rude to put your index and midle finger upright with a gap (and the back of the hands facing the other person when doing this) as for us it is the same as the middle finger.

  11. I’m Turkish and it’s not actually rude to blow your nose in public it’s just a normal thing everybody dies😼

  12. News Reporter: Local stranger was just executed for feeding a starving bird that was dying

    People that live there: What a idiot, helping a poor bird.

  13. You can use your left or right hands …
    It's not a problem .. but don't use both at one time.

    There are thousands of left handed people..

  14. Singapore: tourist can only bring 2 packs of gum

    Me: brings two 35 packs of gum

    Singapore: Thomas has never seen such BS before

  15. No using the left hand for anything other then bathroom related things in India. Not to rude or anything…WHAT ABOUT LEFT HANDED PEOPLE!! It's not our fault

  16. it is not "Don't use your Left hand in India ; it is Rather 'Use Your Dominant Hand In india ' , for some it is right for some it is Left"

  17. I think not stepping on money is normal in every countries because we should respect the people on the money

  18. Alot of what yoy post and say is outrageous and straight up bull shit. Comimg from someone whos been to alot of repeated places you talk about. Your videos are brutally bull shit. Like so much u are the fucking bull shit

  19. Actually, for the Malaysian touching thing, hand shaking is not allowed between different gendered people.

    A female cant hand shake a male, though males can offer handshakes to females.

    Aku bodoh lah ;w;, I never knew this until I was 12.

  20. U hit ur head when u were small didn't you
    I am Indian
    Am lefty
    give money with my left hand
    Eat with my left hand
    And almost do everything else with my left hand

  21. Here, in Romania, it's the same thing as in Russia. Even number of flowers are given at funerals so if u want to make someone happy, give him/her an odd numver of flowers. 😉

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