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These Countries Have Been Proven To Have Most Beautiful Women Statistically

These Countries Have Been Proven To Have Most Beautiful Women Statistically

What makes a woman beautiful? Her eye color? Long lustrous hair? Freckles? A sweet smile? Thick thighs? Slim, graceful hands? The age old adage that beauty is in the eye
of the beholder is true and perhaps stereotyping the women of a particular country, even if
it is a positive stereotype might be a tad unfair. But which countries do the most beautiful
women in the world come from? In this case we’re strictly discussing physical
appearance and not personality. First we have to acknowledge that beauty is
arbitrary and your interpretation of what is beautiful is shaped by many factors including
your background and culture. Your perception of beauty is also distorted
by your exposure to pop culture which often holds up unattainable standards of perfection
achieved via manipulation, and which are frequently European oriented. It’s simply impossible to not have any personal
bias when it comes to aesthetic judgment. Also, there’s no single test to judge the
beauty of women by country. So we’ve relied on stats, surveys and contests
to aid in our discussion. There are four international beauty pageants
that are considered the top beauty pageants in the world: Miss Earth, Miss International,
Miss Universe and Miss World. While each contest has various rules, the
contestants are all young women qualified to participate through winning subdivision
or national contests in their own countries. So all the contestants for these contests
are already considered among the most beautiful women, if not the most beautiful woman from
their home country. In more recent years, beauty pageants have
fallen out of fashion with the mainstream. While each contest has always sought to pick
well rounded winners of good character who weren’t just another pretty face, the big
four contests have now placed far more weight for judging on intelligence, knowledge, graceful
manners and being cultured. Winners often serve as goodwill ambassadors,
work with charities and promote various causes worldwide. Therefore they must be prepared and able to
excel at this type of public role. Far and away the country of Venezuela is top
dog with 23 wins in the big four beauty pageants. The country has won 8 Miss International crowns,
7 Miss Universe crowns, 6 Miss World crowns and 2 Miss Earth crowns. The Philippines is a distant second with 13
wins–6 Miss International crowns, 4 each Miss Earth and Miss Universe crowns and 1
Miss World crown. Brazil comes in third with six titles: 2 Miss
Earth, 2 Miss Universe and 1 each for Miss International and Miss World. Admittedly, contemplating beauty pageant winners
might not be the best way to determine which country has the most beautiful women. Not all of the world’s 195 countries participate
in beauty pageants. Also Venezuela is incredibly victorious in
its contestants winning because beauty pageants are deeply embedded into Venezuelan culture. It’s actually quite common for Venezuelan
contestants to go to beauty bootcamp where upon arrival advisors note each contestant’s
imperfections that ‘need’ to be corrected by plastic surgery. Then the hopefuls often undergo extreme makeovers
spending upwards of 6 months preparing fulltime for pageants with an army of staff to assist
them. That includes dental and plastic surgeons
as well as hair stylists, makeup artists, physical trainers, deportment and speech coaches,
dance and walking instructors. Is it fair to consider a country to have the
most beautiful women in the world if much of that beauty is purposefully constructed? Another way to judge which countries have
the most beautiful women would be to consider models. In 2014, there was a survey taken of lingerie
company Victoria’s Secret models to see what country they hailed from. At that time, there had been 295 Victoria’s
Secret models and they came from 53 different countries. The United States produced the most Victoria’s
Secret models with a count of 81. Brazil was a distant second with 32. Australia was third with 14. The United Kingdom produced 13 Victoria’s
Secret models, just ahead of the Netherlands and France which both had a count of 12. On and on. Germany, Spain, Argentina and Poland each
produced 6 Victoria’s Secret models. 15 countries including Namibia, Portugal and
Malaysia each produced 1 Victoria’s Secret model. These numbers could mean several things, that
women in the US are the most beautiful in the world.… Or that in America the barriers to modeling
as a viable career are much lower than in some other countries. Also the US is the third most populous country
in the world. That actually makes the quantity of Victoria’s
Secret models per population percentage very low. In 2014, the US had approximately a population
of 318 million people with females making up roughly 50.5%. The average age for retirement of a Victoria’s
Secret model is 28. Most models begin their careers in their mid
to late teens. Even accounting for age, in 2014 the US had
tens of millions of females in the suitable range to be a Victoria’s Secret models. In 2014 Namibia had 2.3 million people with
females making up 51.4% of the population. Portugal had a population of 10.4 million
with 52.5% females so by density, Portugal and Namibia actually produce more Victoria’s
Secret models than the US. A similar domination of the fashion model
industry by the US was found in data generated by the crew of a 2011 documentary on modeling. The top 5 models producing nations per capita
were: 5. Latvia, 4. Denmark, 3. Lithuania, 2. Iceland and the top model producing country
per capita was 1. Estonia. Yet the top 5 model producing nations overall
were: 5. Netherlands, 4. UK, 3. Russia, 2. Brazil and the US was #1. The data also described the ideal model as
5’11, weighing 117 Pounds with dark blonde hair, a fair complexion and blue eyes. However, that’s simply the reigning opinion
of one western oriented industry that is slowly diversifying. Several English language travel websites have
generated lists of countries with the most attractive women from user surveys. While you can’t put much stock each of these
stats as these are internet straw polls, which in some cases were easily manipulated with
multiple submissions of the questionnaire, it’s interesting to see which countries
show up on multiple lists. Russia, Brazil and Sweden frequently appear,
as well as the Netherlands and Colombia. Science is beginning to explore whether beauty
is entirely arbitrary or not. Of course there are certain traits that universally
humans unconsciously find attractive. It’s a no brainer that clear skin, bright
eyes and strong white teeth–basically general indicators of good health and fertility are
instinctively valued by cultures world wide. However, our instinctive assessment and preference
for beauty may run deeper than that. Though many researchers dismiss it as pseudoscience,
others believe that a mathematical equation known as the “Golden Ratio“ appears repeatedly
in beautiful things in nature. During the European Renaissance, master artists
and architects used the golden ratio to draft out their masterpieces. In more modern times some scientists have
studied this mathematical formula to help define the elusive standard of what makes
someone beautiful…or not. You can assess your own face to see how closely
it adheres to the golden ratio and other standards of proportion. Measure the length and width of your face. Then divide the length by the width. The ideal result—as defined by the golden
ratio—is about 1.62, which means a beautiful person’s face is about 1 and 1/2 times longer
than it is wide. A second test is to measure the three segments
of the your face—from the forehead hairline to a spot between the eyes, from between the
eyes to the bottom of the nose, and from the bottom of the nose to the bottom of the chin. The more equal the numbers, the more beautiful
you are. Finally, measure the length of your ear and
the length of your nose. Also measure the width of one of your eyes
and the distance between your eyes. On a perfect face, the length of an ear is
equal to the length of the nose, and the width of an eye is equal to the distance between
the eyes. Other science experiments are discovering
that humans instinctively assess more than just the face to determine beauty. In 2015 the University of Texas at Austin
published a psychology study about beauty, attributing modern men’s preferences for
women with badonkadonks to evolution based on 2 surveys. The first survey investigated vertebral wedging,
an underlying spinal feature that influences the actual curve in women’s lower backs. A study of 100 men were asked to rate the
attractiveness of several manipulated images displaying female spinal curves ranging across
the natural spectrum. The result was that men preferred images closest
to a theoretically optimal 45.5 degree curve from back to buttocks. This conceptual ideal angle of lumbar curvature
enables pregnant women to balance their weight over the hips, thereby allowing ancestral
women to better support, provide for, and carry out multiple pregnancies. The second survey queried whether men prefer
the 4.5 lumbar curvature because it accentuates larger buttocks, or whether if the preference
can be attributed to the angle in the spine itself. Approximately 200 men were shown images of
women with differing buttock size and vertebral wedging, but maintaining a 45.5 degree curve. Interestingly enough, men consistently preferred
women whose spinal curvature was closer to ideal lumbar curve regardless of posterior
size. This enabled the researchers to show that
men prefer women who display specific angles of spinal curvature over rump mass. So which country has the most beautiful women? We’ll let you make up your own mind. Also, what’s a feature or trait you find
beautiful? Let us know in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our other video
called Which Countries Do the Most Beautiful Women Come From?! Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t
forget to like, share, and subscribe. See you next time!

100 comments on “These Countries Have Been Proven To Have Most Beautiful Women Statistically

  1. According to beauty contest
    1. Venezuela
    2. Philippines
    3. Brazil

    According to survey of victoria secret
    1. US
    2. Brazil
    3. Australia
    3. Uk
    4. Netherlands
    5. France
    7. Spain
    8. Argentina
    9. Poland

    According to data by crew of modelling documentary
    Model produced by country per capita
    1. Estonia
    2. Iceland
    3. Lituvania
    4. Denmark
    5. Latvia
    Top 5 model producing nations overall
    1. US
    2. Brazil
    3. Russia
    4. UK
    5. Netherlands

  2. 4:00 maybe take the ratio??? Take amount of models divided by country inhabitants count.

    If you do that i'm sure the netherlands are #1.
    Ah you did that.

  3. United states of America, Israel, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Latvia, Estonia,Columbia, Lithuvania ,Georgia,Ukraine,South Korea, Tawain, and Kurdistan.

  4. So I just watched a 9 minute video for the conclusion:
    “We’ll let you make up your own mind”
    Yeah thanks, now I still don’t know where to go on holiday

  5. These Countries Have Been Proven To Have Most Beautiful Women Statistically…. uses miss universe and victoria secret models …… You mean by economic value not beauty. The Infographics show is 100% sure that all companies regardless what country they are from are not influenced by economic interests but rather just always pick the most beautiful women from huge countries automatically . How is that possible, you couldn't even sample a city like that. Infobs SHow

  6. I've noticed certain regions/countries never place on any of these lists. It isn't racist to simply not be attracted to certain types of people. There is a reason that black men notoriously want white women. The list of top 100 pornstars are always Latina and White no matter where in the world you go. From Australia, China, to Canada. They are the most desirable mates on the planet.

  7. Im from Thai And Im still only juniors but most women that I found attractive are Russian however the most beautiful girl I ever met is half Sweden half Thai

  8. Beauty perception is different from person to person, but statistically european, american and Brazilian are more beautiful. What the heck dude

  9. But models aren't chosen only for being beautiful but more for medeling qualities… for example all of them are very tall but many gorguous women that isn't that tall but are far more beautiful can't become a model…

  10. So basically latin America has the most if u go by stats of the pagents. Yet if u go by Victoria's secret models ( and no doubt their hot ) my country wins. It really is subjective.

  11. Can you please tell us where do majority of thick, curvy, voluptous women live? I love them!!! I'm having a hard time finding those women in my country…

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