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The White House Is Gaslighting The Media (And the Entire Country)

The White House Is Gaslighting The Media (And the Entire Country)

Donald Trump and his cronies aren’t just
liars. They want to make you and the press not believe
your own minds. The Trump administration is gaslighting America. Trump’s team wants to create a world where
no one knows what to believe; where facts and reality are irrelevant, and all that matters
is what Trump says. “You are fake news!” They want to make the very concept of an independent
media obsolete. “Gaslighting” is when an individual psychologically
manipulates someone into doubting their sanity and questioning their understanding of what’s
going on around them. When other sources of information are cut
off, the process becomes self-reinforcing. The gaslighted don’t trust themselves to
perceive reality correctly, which makes them more dependent on the gaslighter. Here’s one example. There have been massive anti-Trump protests
since the beginning of his term. Yet, many Trump supporters and even some Trump
opponents believe these protesters have been paid. Why? Because of bullshit like this. “People are being paid to protest?” “Oh, absolutely. I mean, protesting has become a profession
now. This has become a very paid, astroturf type
movement.” Others have debunked this lie, but Trump and
his team are attacking their credibility, claiming that they are the actual victim. Here’s a non-political example. Let’s say you’re at the beach. You see a whale breaching. Excited, you shout out, “Whale! I just saw a whale!” Three other people at the beach who hate the
environment say to you, “No, that wasn’t a whale. That was a rock. You saw a rock.” The rest of the group agrees. You begin to doubt whether you saw a whale
or not. You replay the image of the whale breaching
in your head, but it becomes distorted by what the group said. You question your perception of reality. Donald Trump is gaslighting on a much larger
scale. “I say, I don’t have to do anything for
anybody!” He does this all the time. And here’s the kicker: it’s not just Trump. It’s also propaganda outlets tied to Trump. They rush to reinforce Trump’s false narrative
with his base, which only puts mainstream outlets in a tougher position. The future of American democracy depends on
journalists, reporters, and everyday Americans rising above Trump’s gaslighting and putting
an end to it once and for all.

45 comments on “The White House Is Gaslighting The Media (And the Entire Country)

  1. And the establishment Democrats need to quit gaslighting too. They scapegoat Bernie supporters like Trump scapegoats immigrants.

  2. But George soros does pay to protest it's a fact check it out

  3. So you're saying that mainstream media doesn't lie either? This is such bullshit, it's the same media that's providing credibility to the BLM movement, you know, an anarchist movement?? Don't trust anyone for fuck sake.

  4. theyve been doing this for years. theyve created a culture where people can pick what's true, where everyone everywhere is a paid shill, a liar, or biased. it's a substantive attack on truth, and as with all totalitarian movements, you must first remove a core sector of supporters from reality and then use those people to further undermine truth and reality. theyve built their own media empires, have their own think tanks, and have already converted huge sectors of well meaning people into loyal ideological foot-soldiers who are told what to believe and what's true by those in authority.

    we're headed for a dangerous period in US history. americans cant tell what's true anymore. we're perpetually stuck debating even the most obvious of facts, like whether or not trumps "extreme vetting" program is a muslim ban. if we cant even rise past this trivial and obvious fact, that it is a muslim ban, we'll never be able to get to discuss things that really matter – which is precisely what totalitarian movements want. it creates unnecessary divisiveness and reinforces the narrative of the oppressed conservative. if you can convince people everything and everyone is out to get them, it's fairly easy to radicalize them afterwards, especially under the banner of militant strongmen who promise national renewal by purging the society of the undesirables…

  5. This whole chanel is is just one of George soros paid propaganda

  6. I wish everyone would stop using the term "gaslighting" – what trump is doing in this video is not gaslighting for pete's sake

  7. So how do you stop someone who has brain washed half the country, feeding them lies and false narratives and undermining professional journalism for every story that currently breaks? *to anyone who even tries to blame CNN-leave it at the door- I'm talking about unbiased international press.

  8. Duh, the Empire of Lies strikes back.

    Whilst we are further operating like psychobombs against the collectivistic red/plague/cabal and mindset aiming to turn us into AI and oppinion controlled biorobots.

    Western mainstream "media" will have to work very hard to reclaim some of their nonlegitimate credibility they lost in the last years fog of war.

    Meanwhile we are investigating and retaliating the crimes they committted and covered up against us.

    Don´t play us teletuibby, Shills!

    The truth shalt make ya free!

    Kind Regards,

    Michael Fischer

  9. I find it hilarious that MMFA is talking about gaslighting when they did the same for Hillary Clinton's campaign. Just because we oppose Trump, doesn't mean we will forget your own lies.

  10. I find it hilarious that MMFA is talking about gaslighting when they did the same for Hillary Clinton's campaign. Just because we oppose Trump, doesn't mean we will forget your own lies.

  11. I hope most americans dont belive this propaganda you are putting out. It must be really sick demonic people who works for Media Matter.

  12. Also why u guys love a criminal like Hilary Clinton did u know she tried to leave the country cause she's under investigation but the FBI stop her from getting inside a Egypt airlines in new york

  13. Hilary Clinton knows she going to jail for sure even his hubby bill gave the FBI a testimony against her so she is shitting her pants rite now

  14. Media Matters is a far Leftist radical group that pushes the anti Trump agenda. It's run by David Brock who gets funding from the Nazi collaborator George Soros. This is not a channel to hear the truth.
    George Soros needs to be arrested. He is funding many anti government groups in hopes of bringing in a One World Government. Soros is being blamed for the Muslim migrant crisis in Europe. Soros is a bad person and hated the world over. Vicktor Orban of Hungary blames Soros for the migrant crisis. Soros turned in the Jews to the Nazi during WW2 and said it was the happiest time of his life.
    David Brock is a creepy guy.
    Wake Up America!!

  15. has nobody ever notice this before.. y'all's memories are short.. this IS the political spin.. this has been going on way before trump.. this IS the American way.. and honestly, what does a video do to change it..

  16. This sounds like what happened under GW Bush and then again under BH Obama admins. There's a fine line between disinformation and falsifying. Disinformation is necessary under a prosecutional despondency but actions that transfer wealth under broken agreements that tear down Americans while hiding the truth is falsifying. Who's doing what will be decided under the term of history. There's a group that wants history to cease and that's the previous administrations policy.

  17. so trump and foxnews and 2 other obscure right wing news channels are making all americans question their reality? even though most news channels (CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, NPR, ETC…) and nearly every news paper in the country constantly fact check and contradict him??? If he is able to gaslight in a situation where most of america hear that trump is wrong on a daily basis, then he is the best gaslighter ever…

  18. "Gas Lighting" has to be one of my favorite SJW terms.

    If you say you saw a whale, and literally, all I do is simply disagree with what I saw, then I'm "gas lighting".
    What's really funny is how the person saying they saw a whale – for some reason – can't be gas lighting the person saying they saw a rock. Because it's already decided beforehand who has to be believed, and who has to be wrong. Any disagreement with the one who has to be believed is "gas lighting".

    I've been accused of this several times. When an LGBT person asks me if I feel oppressed (as a trans woman), and I say no, then I'm "gas lighting" them. I HAVE to say I feel oppressed, or I'm "distorting their reality". Again, they are never distorting my reality by telling me I'm oppressed when I don't think I am. It's decided beforehand who gets believed and who has to be wrong.

  19. The only "gaslighting" going on is being perpetrated by the damned media. It means fabricating the truth, or better yet outright lying. MSM has been at it for decades and Trump didn't invent it.

  20. The main stream media that took us to war in Iraq twice and continues to defend NSA and not report on the massive epidemic of pedophilia with the political elite.

  21. But all the proof the other way around! Your being gaslit by msm! They have the resources to gas light not trump & his tweets!

  22. ACTUALLY, what's going on is the exact opposite. We've been gaslit by the left for so many years and Trump is trying to get us to wake up and get out of it. Think about it people. The left controls the media, the music, the movies, the fashion, the fads, and the trends.

  23. Oh my god…there are so many flaws in this little piece of propaganda. If you believe this bulldinky, congratulations!…you have confirmation bias and thus have been successfully brainwashed/programmed.

  24. Check out this music video that takes a look at the "gas-lighting" technique.

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