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The Wagner Experience: Tatiana Zorgno (MPA)

The Wagner Experience: Tatiana Zorgno (MPA)

My name is Tatiana Zorgno and I’m doing my Masters of Public Administration in Public and Nonprofit Management and Policy. I’m from Argentina and I moved to the United States 13 years ago. What led me to Wagner is that I love this city. I love New York. I was already living here and also NYU Wagner is among the best schools in the country. Before I came to Wagner I was working in the financial industry. What made me want to come back to grad school was I didn’t want to pursue the financial or the regular business path. I acknowledged that I still had a lot to learn and, in particular, that I wanted to learn about the field of public service and all the opportunities that it offers. One of my friends came to Wagner and she really helped me out in making the decision to apply here and try to transfer all the skills that I learned in the financial world to the public service space. The internship I did during my summer in grad school between my first and second year was at Community Empowerment Lab. I was immersed into the program design process that they were going through in order to build up their social enterprise model. The internship influenced me in the way that I realized that I have a passion for public health and especially children and when it comes to maternal and newborn health and early childhood development. When I came to Wagner I didn’t know what I wanted to do in particular in the field of public service, but I really knew I felt really strongly about the field itself. So during these two years, I got exposed to many different areas of interest and many different things that you can do in this field. And actually, I was worried that I was going to come into this field and not be able to get a job or not have as many options and now I think I have too many I hope to take part in decisions and policies and programs that provide for sustainable solutions. I think if, for any reason, we find ourselves with the problems we have today, it is because we don’t look long term or we don’t take care of how the world is going to be in 20 years. So I just hope to find and to work towards sustainability and that’s why I also want to focus on children and I think a positive impact on children can go very long way.

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