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The Trump Iran Policy’s Last Chance | Maximum Pressure | Iran Sanctions 5

The Trump Iran Policy’s Last Chance | Maximum Pressure | Iran Sanctions 5

Hey there. I think I have been pretty clear about how
much I dislike Trump’s Iran policy. But for today, let’s pretend that it’s
plausible. I’m going to try to put aside my massive
prejudices and evaluate how the “Maximum Pressure” policy is doing. The first thing to do here is attempt to figure
out what the Trump administration’s goal is, because even that isn’t exactly clear. There seem to be two goals here, the official
goal, and what looks to me to be, for most people in the administration, the real goal. Thanks to few moronic Washington, DC think
tanks, and a monolithically war mongering news media, from CNN to Fox News, your average
half-informed uncle thinks that the Obama administration’s Iran Nuclear Deal was bad,
and that a better deal was somehow possible, and all that was necessary was a real tough
guy to get it. This is the official story that Republican
congressmen can sell to the half informed uncles that fund their campaigns. Our half-informed uncles don’t generally
want war, but in their heart of hearts they just know Trump can get a better deal than
that wimpy black guy. The thing is, if you look at the backgrounds,
speeches, and tactics of the Folks in the Trump administration, it’s clear that for
most, the official goal is just a cover. Most of them are working for regime change,
and they always have been. A lot of these guys seem to think that the
Iranian regime can be overthrown without war, but it’s pretty clear that most of them
would be very OK with war too. It’s darkly comic that Donald Trump is the
only person in his administration who seems to believe that the official goal is possible. It’s Trump, so it depends on the day, his
mood, and which Fox News show he watched last, but he occasionally does seem dumb enough
to believe that he will produce a lasting deal with Iran. Unfortunately nobody he has hired has any
real interest in that. The Trump administration doesn’t have the
temperament, the personnel, or the capacity to negotiate a nuclear deal. The goal is regime change, and it always has
been. Now we should move on to methods. It’s clear from tweets, speeches, and the
murderous sanctions at the heart of Trump’s maximum pressure policy that the plan is to
use the Iranian people as a weapon against the regime. And to some extent it has been working. People are dying for lack of medicine, and
It’s estimated that Iran’s economy will contract by 8% this year alone, driving horrific
joblessness and poverty in a country that was already pretty poor. The people have been driven to the streets,
and over the past few months the Iranian regime has murdered something like 1500 protesters. Some vocal people in the comments have been
asking why I’m not making a bigger show of supporting the protesters. Well, for one thing, the last thing Iranian
protesters need is guys who look like me or Mike Pompeo or Donald Trump rooting for them. The main argument that the Iranian regime,
and all regimes use against protesters is that they are supported by imperialist forces
from the United States. When Pompeo or Trump tweets their support
for protesters it hurts the protestors cause, it does not help them. This should be obvious, but it goes against
Fox News dogma. Back in 2009, the Obama administration helped
the Green movement become the most successful Iranian protest movement since the Revolution,
precisely by not making it all about the United States. On Fox News they called this weak, so Trump
and Pompeo have been consistently cutting the legs out from under the opposition by
tweeting their support. That’s not something I want to do on this
channel. For another thing, the recent intensity is
new, but anti-Regime protests are not new. The Trump administration has been claiming
the regime is about to fall due to protests for over two years now. I made a video on Iranian protests back in
2018 and I hate repeating myself. To be clear, I think that Iranian protesters,
like Egyptian and Saudi protesters, who are willing to take their lives into their own
hands to protest a despotic regime are heroic. They have my full support, but I know well
enough not to make a big deal about that. Americans who make a big deal of supporting
Iranian protestors are helping the regime kill those protestors. It’s that simple. The Iranian people of today are caught in
between two buzzsaws. On the one hand they have the regime, which
is mismanaged, brutal, corrupt, and an eager murderer of dissenters. On the other hand they have US sanctions that
are crushing the economy, making things even worse for the people of Iran. The theory here is that the Iranian suffering
we are causing is worth it, because they will eventually overthrow their government. Maybe it will even work. But if the regime has murdered 1500 protesters
over the past few months, how many more will have to die before this plan works. This plan has also not been working in Venezuela
for a couple years now. Between 1990 and 2003 this plan also failed
in Iraq. Many claim that US sanctions killed hundreds
of thousands of Iraqis in the 1990s, and it all just functioned as a prelude to war. I’m afraid that’s what our Iran policy
is as well, just a way to generate another trillion dollar war. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the Trump administration has the right
mix of toughness and unpredictability to make it work. The Iranian regime’s horrific incompetence
has made its fall look more possible today than it has at any point since the more peaceful
green revolution days of 2009. The one-two punch of the Iranian regime’s
weak response to the Soleimani assassination, followed by their admission that they shot
down a plane full of their own people makes them look incredibly vulnerable.This is the
time. They look weak. They look stupid. They look brutal and evil.The Iranian people
are incredibly angry, and they have every right to be. If the Trump administration’s plan of using
the Iranian people against the regime was ever going to work, now is the time. But what if the regime is still here next
week Or six weeks from now, or six months from now Well then we’re going to have to
look honestly at the complete failure of Trump’s policy. We will have to face the fact that all it
has done is cost lives, increase tensions, risk war, and make an Iranian nuclear bomb
more likely rather than less likely. The 176 people who died on Ukraine air flight
752 have given Trump’s maximum pressure policy it’s best chance of success. If it doesn’t work now it never will. This should be the Trump Iran policy’s last
chance. Thanks for watching, please subscribe, and
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78 comments on “The Trump Iran Policy’s Last Chance | Maximum Pressure | Iran Sanctions 5

  1. So in essence do nothing and let Iran's fascist government kill it's own people , then acquire a nuclear weapon and act like North Korea in the middle east . Well handled sir well handled. SMH

  2. I don't think a regime change in Iran is going to be beneficial to the US, it will most likely turn Iran into another North Korea, with nukes and all the baggage that comes with them. A regime change for the benefit of the world will most likely to happen if the US starts pulling troops out from the ME

  3. Iran should go ahead and make the Nuke, it's the only way to manage US, Israeli and Saudi war mongers.

    Also, those three countries should be able to manage one country and cannot, that's a damn shame 😂😭🤣

  4. The Iranian regime is like a virus. the more the US attacks it and tries to put it under maximum strain, the more it will expand and empower its proxies and let them go rampant.

    if anything lifting the sanctions will give the people a chance to not be in this constant "Total war" mindset against everyone and will make the middle class prosper. Who in turn must inevitably oppose the regime

  5. Fuck iran, there fucked up religion destroyed the arab world so regime change ir not these cunt need to be burned along with their mosques…

  6. Iran is dangerous and unfair to their own people and nothing else but Saudi regime and whabism is most dangerous to the work.

  7. I bet Iran wont be open to a new deal UNTIL Trump is out of office or until he wins a new term bc Ayatollah knows it would be a win for Trump, which would help him get elected.

  8. I suggest that the US should keep retreating from the middle east and also from Germany. Since the heavy blows in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria countries like Turkey and Russia are doing their own thing and they don't obey the weaken US anymore, they even openly help out Iran economically. US is now a delusional empire who just won't accept reality, they are like those proud bad guys who will do whatever in the end to clinge to some power in the world. Conclusion: either way, the US should and will naturally keep themselves out of foreign policy. They have alot of domestic conflicts and chaos which are visible to the world, they are so deep in the shithole that a recovery would be a miracle. Devided states of america is not a myth but an undeniable truth. History tells us all

  9. Iran is a very rich country, it is third oil richest in the world with a vast gas reserv, larger than Russia. It has been managing under the illegal sanctions for 40 years and it will mange in the future too. There is poverty in Iran but it is much less than the US. Iran is producing 98% of the medicin it needs, as a matter of fact Iran is one of the rare countries in the world which makes radioactive isotopes for cancer treatment. Just some new facts. The regim in Iran will not be changed any time soon and US troops will leave the ME.

  10. Maximum pressure angers iranians towards the US more. It blows my mind that Trump thinks they would align with the US sanctions that are killing them against their government. Like when he was tweeting in Farsi was he actually thinking he's like a symbol of hope or something?

    On a related note, I saw a western poll that showed that Rouhani's support dipped with the collapse of the JCPOA and Soleimani was an all-time high. Seems to give good insight. You might wanna check it out rob

  11. Trump is the definition of bipolar lol, I swear he's on his period 24/7. This new 'official goal' is just a puppet show of the administration. They want Iran's oil and the regime is in their way. I've become pretty 'secular' in a sense over the past few years. I don't agree with the laws of the Iranian government, but I'm also COMPLETELY opposed to US intervention in Iran. It would be catastrophic.

  12. The chances of the Iranian government collapsing because of the US government's actions is low but the chances of the US government taking credit when this happens is very high.

    However I think because the overthrow of the regime will happen independently of the US, the chances are the US policy towards Iran won't change. Let's not kid ourselves the US doesn't care what the regime is like all they seek is submission and if the new revolutionaries in Iran don't submit to the US they will be treated all the same.

    The post Soviet collapse Russia is Iran's likely future.

  13. Good video; I've wondered about the end-game in Iran. But I don't think it's so easy to land at regime change.

    There is no 'rebel' force strong enough to take on the government and institutions to produce effective change that results in anything but anarchy. A regime change would require foreign boots on Iranian soil and I have to assume that the hawks aren't so stupid where this is not realized.
    It's too easy to say the administration is too incompetent to realize this. Maybe there are a few who think this, but I think it's a masquerade that's playing well with the base. So the true answer is chaos is the desired result. Chaos is where you make money quickly and when you can do resource grabs and border changes. Also, it makes it easy to target true enemies of the US. It buggers up the economies of Russia and China, and throws a wrench into their short and long-term plans.
    Stir up the waters to catch the most fish so to speak. You can argue that regime change will do that as well, but think of who would get the blame if the Iranian regime would topple. War in the 21st century and creating power-vacuums has shown to be the result you don't want. But going right up to that line? That's the sweet spot. That's where you make the most amount of money with the least amount of effort with none of the public backlash. Your enemies get to deal with the stink bomb that results.
    It's the multi-faceted total war doctrine that Russia is so good at. Creating battlefronts in as many soft targets as possible to throw your enemy's country so off-balance that it collapses "organically" while you profit as much as possible.
    That is more likely in my mind than a straight-up, 20th-century-style monochromatic regime change.

  14. The American Empire is acting like empires act. The only way to bring down the American Empire is to dismantle the invisible 'British' Empire (The City of London) which powers/coordinates the system. Shed some light on The City and the US-UK Empire would shrivel like a Vampire.

  15. Rob you’re missing the point, am surprised.
    What if “Sanctions” ARE the 10 next years real Goal.
    Not a “better JCPOA”, not “regime change”, not hoping Iran changing regional behavior.
    But a BALANCER to weaken next decade growth of Iran / Saudis & gulf countries / Israel etc?
    Saudis won’t have 100 Million population with real universities 60% students being women.
    Iran’s geographical position with 15 neighbors, plus more diverse economy make it different from Saudis & even Turkey.

    So Sanctions are by themselves THE Goal for next decade.

    Because US assessed Iran doesn’t want nukes anyway.

    My predictions:
    – Ayatollah’s death will be the only game changer, but maybe in sense of more military power over politics
    – Sanctions in long terme will push Iran to non oil economy faster and development of Asia
    – China will profit of the opportunity
    – Dollar monopoly will go under its critical mass of “absolute” monopoly
    Third of the planet is under US Sanctions

    Lastly the attack on US military bases & its precision, never happened since WWII.
    Added to Aramco attack & US 220 M drone shot down,

    All showed Iran’s homemade military industry can’t be balanced by “patriot missiles” or 50,000 US troops.
    No US public opinion appetite for a new TYPE of war. It won’t be anymore about “Trillions”.
    But what would happen to World’s oil reserves, to Haifa & Tel Aviv & israeli economy?

    Numbers matter and Nationalism matter.
    Current protests in Iran bring in streets thousands or best cases tens of thousands of intelligent students who wanna live, a better life.

    Soleimani’s death brought out Millions who are ready to die for their beliefs.

    It will increase brain drain from Iran but enough brains will stay for even better ballistics & homemade radars.

    Iranians are polyglots and have arabic population to communicate with West Asia.
    Persia to communicate with Central Asia.
    Pashtun & Ordu with Pakistanis.
    Zoroastrians with India
    Turkish with Azerbaijan & Turkey

    The axis of Russia Iran China and partly Turkey & India, have GEOGRAPHICAL & cultural irreversible links & interests to not let go down.

    3 Billions people with most ressources on same continent, desire to build together the old Silk road.
    THAT is long terme Strategy.

    Sanctioning third of the planet is not a Strategy.
    Over extending military spending in federal budget is not a Strategy.

    At the end Asia has lands, populations, ressources & now the scientific fast growing level.

    And the big difference with Europe & even US, in Asia, populations are hungry for success. Really hungry.
    And younger.

    All that can’t be ignored.

    Delusional obsession to “stop Iran” is ignoring the World has changed last 50 years.

  16. Rob, cant Iran say f*ck your sanctions n deal with China n Russia? Or is the IMF too powerful? Perhaps you think the East will pull away from the dollar and imf. Idk, i dont understand the IMF so much. But it seems to me that with Trump bullying everybody, even threatening tariffs on Europe for not doin Iran how he wants them to. It just seems like the best thing to do is to give Trump what he wants-America first (America alone).
    I know, i know, my animosity is showing.

  17. Dear Mo .. It seems that you still did not realize why Trump was allowed to become President of the United States .. The goal of the new world order is not to weaken Iran but to weaken America itself. Make America weak again is an essential stage for establishing this tyrannical regime … Their slogan is: Let us weaken the Americans, especially the middle class white America , and make a fuel for a coming civil war after Trump is sacked or killed and after the advent of a woman as president and an LGBT vice president !

  18. I just got back to IRAQ from a trip to IRAN, and I wish IRAQ was half as administered (governed), half as built, half as modernised, half a corrupt, half as free, half as lawless, as IRAN (even under those crippling sanctions & under those Mullahs)..

    Those idiots out on the streets of TEHRAN should consider the benefits US FREEDOMS has brought the folks next door, in AFGHANISTAN & IRAQ, before going out..

    Sadly, I don't know much about what it's like in AFGHANISTAN, but somehow, I don't think it's much better or different to IRAQ – And after 17 years of US occupation, I shall list you the benefits, to IRAQIS, of US FREEDOMS..

    ■ We have no constant electricity supply and power cuts are the norm – (Saddam fixed the grid within the 2 days, under sanctions)..
    ■ We have no clean drinkable tap water, and have to buy everything bottled..
    ■ We have no land-line telephone service & everything runs on mobiles – (including the government)..
    ■ The infrastructure is totally messed up (with a capital "F") – (What was bombed & destroyed in 2003 is still bombed & destroyed in 2020)..
    ■ We have various lawless gangs (controlled by the parties), that have no qualms about killing any
    dissenters – say it loud and watch the fireworks..
    ■ We have no public transport and no public amenities,
    ■ Millions of Palm trees have been burnt down and the public land sold or given away to those in control – (stolen)..
    ■ We import Petrol, Gas and Electricity from IRAN.
    ■ We have an unelected Prime-minister, his own security detail burgled a bank, killed 8 security guards and stole 8 million dollars..
    ■ We have no jobs, no future and rampant unemployment, but we do have lots and lots of shiny new shopping malls, and lots of unemployed people to fill them, and no money to spend..
    ■ And now, to fix everything, we have pawned out our OIL to CHINA for the next 50 – 250 years..
    The government has spent trillions on various projects to remedy the situation, but the money just disappeared and nothing has been fixed…

  19. you are wrong im Iranian and i know please dont confuse us with israel agents online we love our country we wont let you do what you did in iraq Syria Yemen Libya Afghanistan and so on you should be shamed to have trump as a president.

  20. I totally agree with you about US must shut its mouth about Iran. But without international support, Iranian people really doesn't have means to overthrown the regime since regime is based on totalitarian ideology and would take any measures to stop uprising. There is a regime in Iran that would kill tens of thousands of its citizens to protect itself. Last massacres are proof of it. Even if regime looks weakened compared to before it still holds so much power than Shah regime (In 1979 Revolution only 180 people killed). On the other hand Iranian democrats are lack of organization to create air of counter-revolution alone because they are not majority either. So at least they need international support in a humanist way. EU, Turkey, Russia and China could provide that support but they seem like they don't want the regime to change or they don't care.

  21. The US can officially say that they will respect and accept the nationalization of Irans oil and minerals if there is a ideology change in the country and stop threatening Israel. This ends the Saudi circlejerk and lobby complains. Ideology also will lead to a new government. This will reedem the 1953 coup the US supported. Last thing you want is a marionette royalist or islamist.

  22. do you know that islamic intelligence services (pakistan, iran, Egypt, saudi Arabia) create fascist islam to burn any real democracy to the ground…so facisim in islam exist like it or not, by the way do you remember amin al Hussaini the fascist cleric that recruited muslims for the fascist cause and how he incorporated fascist teachings within the philosophy of islam and we are suffering greatly because of that cunt and similar cunts…there are three axis of islamic terrorism : (wahhabism, ottmanisim,khomenisim)…and these cunts fight in the middle ground which is iraq and Syria, that's why Mesopotamia and the levant have always been secular in order to avoid being dragged into the Islamic a abyss…clearly that's not enough the ideology itself needs to be confronted…

    Yours truly
    -An Arab muslim

    Please is there any way that i could contact you with, i think you realy need to hear what i have to say because you're obviously not getting the full picture…

  23. Despite all the oppression iran puts on it's citizens, iranians would rather be under an authoritarian Iranian government than another weak American proxy. The idea they will overthrow their government with the exception for the ethnic secessionist every now and then is a joke.

  24. Trump looks like the guy who geniunely believe that the Iranians secretly want him to free them and that the sanctions and tough guy persona actually don't hurt anybody but the baddies, and if he wonders if that's really the case, Fox News reassures him.
    I just don't get from him the "vicious bastard" vibe people like Rubio and Cruz exude. Yes he's dumb and vulgar, but the whole Reagan-to-Bush culture he was the champion of was dumb and raucous. The whole foundation of society should be put in question, not its product. Attacking Trump for threathening American society the way the MSM does seems to be a ploy to preserve the rot of American culture while using him as a scapegoat. "How can you say President Biden has corrupt motives?? HE OPPOSED TRUMP" (loljk Biden would lose)

    Also, what is "wrong" with the Iranian regime. What makes it "right"? Institutions do not make a regime, its sociocultural structure does. There are benign authoritarian countries and hellish democracies. Despite what we desperately want to believe since two centuries, the Law can't stand on its own against Customs. If we want to extinguish the jingoist propaganda of the Iranian regime, US bases and NATO venom-spewing are not the way to go and it'll take decades to erase that. The people want food and dignity, a stable authoritarian regime can grant them both, and Ben Ali's Tunisia was "a model and a friend of the West" as the Iranian news services know and repeat. As for the corruption, well, we need those low-cost pistachio nuts, and we need them conveniently, right?

  25. I'm Iranian, so let me explain how middle class and working class people think about the unrest in the country
    First of all, middle class has been always aginst the officials policy but never felt another revolution and unrest help things to get better. They've been always trying to reform issues from inside. It links to 2009 demonstration which demonstrator where mostly middle class.
    Until 2017, For the first time in the modern era of Iran, the poor and working class people came out in the streets of not only big cities but everywhere. Middle class didn't feel to cooperate that time.
    Again 2019, another protest held larger than 2017, started nationwide from big cities to small towns mostly working class again where +1500 got killed by the regime. It is the day where the regime changed this revolution into a completely new phase.
    At this point, after IRGC mistakenly shot down the ukrainian airplain, only middle class in the large cities protested, giving warning to Islamic Republic.

    So what I'm seeing from this point on, The middle class – the influencial part of society – has decided to end this regime which is too risky while the US is like a hungry wolf waiting behind the border to tear this country apart. But I believe middle class in Iran are way more educated to let this happen. Unlike other failed states, people of Iran are not seeking for revenge or radically change whatever islamic republic has bult by far. They're doing it carefully to just grab the wheel without leading the country into civil war and chaos.
    It's possible. Why? Comparing Iran to Iraq, venezuela or afghanistan is completely wrong. Socio-economically and socio-politically Iran is way more advanced. Iranians and their opositions are not dreaming of falling Ayatollah like how Iraqis did to Saddam or they never ever see Americans as their liberators.
    Fall of Islamic Republic is more likely to fall like Soviet Union. Army will stay in order, Centeral bank, legislative and executive won't be violently beheaded. Even opositions(!!!) believe that we need them to avoid Americans(foreign) interfere.

    It's too risky. But the regime given no choice for the people

  26. Never understood why Americans are obsessed with Iranian nukes and disarming Iran's nuclear weapons. Nukes are pretty useless, because if anybody fires one, then he gets to die second. Imo America should focus on asking concessions on the field of the "informal empire". Once American companies start to employ millions of Iranians and create prosperity Iranian will start to love the USA. Also the USA should demand the Iranian leadership to give free western media and internet access to the Iranian people.

  27. The US policy in middle east and Afghanistan is so dump that there is a conspiracy theory that US and Iran are secret allies

  28. You mentioned the killing of 1500 protesters in Iran a couple of times but I have not seen it in MSM news. Hmmmnnn.
    Also they may look stupid for shooting down their own jetliner but remember we shot their jetliner down on purpose killing 290 innocent civilians. The Iranians haven't forgotten. If you know things please tell me what's going on with eight countries willing to put sitting ducks in the straight of Hormus. Lastly, I would think the "real goal" is to stranglehold oil sales in order to mitigate the balance of their ten dollar per barrel oil vs. US and Canada's costly 50 dollar barrel. In this respect we can keep this up until the day Elon Musk has single-handedly destroyed the hegemony of the petrodollar.

  29. Wow, really love this one, Iranians are literally stuck between two evil regimes, there own and America. I personally think this is the beginning of the end of the regime, but who knows how long it we'll take, and more importantly what will happen and be the outcome of this revolution, if it actually happens.

  30. I don't get why you keep emphasizing on Iran's government being as bad as USA and it's actions against Iranians in the last decade. Please look at Iran and it's people through an unbiased lens.

  31. The goal is very simple. As it was in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya and in every other Muslim countries . The goal is Maximum misery . Turn them into fail States. Let them die!
    And USA isn't doing this for oil or hegemony. It's doing it for Israel.

  32. I think the 'official goal' is divided into smaller goals:
    1. The nuclear program
    2. The proxies
    3. The giant scary ballistic missles
    4. Iran being a repressive dictatorship

    The concensous is that a good deal would deal with at least two or three of the goals

  33. Iran's government is not without significant support within the less educated more rural parts of the country. Many people still want an Islamic system of law and government, so opposition is not as widespread as some might expect.

  34. Assasinations are usually justifiable if this man was the big obstacle between the US and fixed relations with iran. Not the case here. But the man was a kidney stone in israel-iran relations. Maybe the sides are less close to war now

  35. My impression is that in most Westerners minds sanctions are merely an abstract economic measure. Something which might perhaps make it hard for the effected population to get overtime, or maybe make luxury goods scarce for a while. That's how l used to think anyway, before l started to get beyond the mainstream news. Did that by impulse buying a book by Pilger. Oh jesus fuck.

  36. I don't think that the policy will work out here, I mean the IRGC will probably stay on the regimes side no matter what and a revolution won't happen

  37. The international sanction policy is incontrovertible proof that the U.N. is a criminal organization that uses strong arm tactics to impose it's will no matter have many people are hurt, as a Canadian I'm appalled at the support our own P.M. is giving to these horrific sanctions that's basically putting blood on our hands!!! The reason the U.S. was able to invade Iraq so easily was because the country was on it's knees after so many years of crippling sanction and this is the long game that's being played out with Iran, there will be a war with Iran during Trump's second term I have no doubt about that!!!

  38. Karl Rove? mused, "We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you're studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we'll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that's how things will sort out. We're history's actors…and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do. "

  39. Just bought your new book. I really enjoy British history and I always have wondered what would happen had Britain not made the mistakes it did. I am sure it will shed light into many areas and mistakes that I don't know about.

  40. Lots of good food for thought in this video.

    One is left with a dilemma. Iran's regime is both incompetent and evil. Is it not morally superior to disengage with a regime described as such? Allowing Iran to enjoy the liberty to trade with everyone may only help perpetuate that incompetence and evil.

    It is too bad that MoFreedom chose to bring racism and Fox News antipathy into this discussion. That cheapens his argument, though I admit it is red meat for much of his audience.

  41. I think you are missing out the Iran attack was clearly successful. The regimecwanted to show that they can attack if they want to. The targeting was onporpuse they did it to show the accuracy of their balestic missiles. It was not a failure. And I agree with most of the other stuff you mantuned

  42. If you believe in modernization theory then the civilians will never overthrow their government regardless of sanctions.

  43. Regime change through sanctions causing masses of people severe harm has never worked. But the empire uses the cookie cutter corporate method. No matter what the price to other human beings it is always right for the kind of people who rule us through the slaughter every day of innocent people.

  44. I just want to add one thing,
    Every incompetent and corrupt regime wishes to have somebody to blame. Golf dictators started Iran-Iraq war to stop infection of revolution and weaken Iran regime. Instead, cemented Iran regime and all Muslim people want a half ass Islamic regime like Iran.

    Iran regime was weaker before Iran-Iraq war than after. JCPOA was cutting off radicals influence from government. Now everything is Trump fault.

  45. You are wrong about the Iranian government. They may have made a mistake but the steriotypical view that every ME government is brutal and authoritarian so Iran's must be too is simply not true. It is tge efficiency and compitance of the Iranian government that has lead to the safety and security that Iranians today enjoy. In a region full of chaos, they have been able to keep their people safe. Not to mention kept the economy going regardless of how bad the economy got. Iranian policy makers have long since adopted the policy of atrition. This is why Iran is almost entirely self sufficient today and will be for the forseable future.

  46. The iranian lobbyist in the U.S.A. created the false image that modern day iran is a rebirth of the Persian empire and not the rebirth of the fascist Islamist ideology, that's why you hear that the regressive left giving their full support for this Marxist-Islamist ideological hellhole…
    And yes they are Marxist in their efforts to spread Shiite islam, one of the shitiest sects of Islam, based on blind submission, even more than normal Islam…

  47. Iran need to be confronted on it's ideology, it's no less dangerous than the wahhabisim cult. In fact it's more dangerous since they provoke the wahhabis to make a violent response then claim that they are oppressed and need to fight back, kinda like a rerun of the holocaust politicization, they creat a tragedy and then cry over it (jews didn't create the holocaust but they use to cover up any mistake they make)…
    Sulimani was just another one of those "tragedies". First they provoked the U.S to make a response and when they did then iran started crying as if sulimani was going to iraq to teach kids how to read and write, as if he was going for a fucking humanitarian mission and not joining a sectarian war…

  48. Impeachment trial on. Maybe for the duration that will keep the Trump administration focused domestically. If so hope it lasts all year.

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