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The Tribulation & Time of Purification: The Arrival of Nibiru (The Adjudicator) & The New Jerusalem

The Tribulation & Time of Purification: The Arrival of Nibiru (The Adjudicator) & The New Jerusalem

25 comments on “The Tribulation & Time of Purification: The Arrival of Nibiru (The Adjudicator) & The New Jerusalem

  1. Is there a possibility to have subtitle added to this video? It would be grateful for deaf viewers to read what Gabriel of Urantia said in the video because deaf viewers do not hear the audio. Thanks!!

  2. Gabriel of Urantia,
    I thank you and the other celestial beings who are helping you bring these truths to us. Frankly, I know of very few who know about this, let alone doing anything about their lives to correct what is clearly so wrong with this planet. I pray in the hope we can change what's been going so wrong for so long. I will do what I can to share this information with friends and family. I also hope that the other authors on Youtube you mentioned in this video, ones of quality truths can connect with you. I feel they could greatly benefit from your clearly higher views of what's going on in the cosmos. To help them connect the dots as you have so well done. I am amazed at your videos and blown away by this one. It is my hope that they call you. God Bless you, Gabriel. Thanks

  3. By God's grace and the vision and decades long work of The Mandate of the Bright & Morning Star I have been blessed to be a student at The University of Ascension Science & The Physics of Rebellion for four years now. This video is truly unprecedented in its synthesis and detailed explanation of who and what we are, the end times we are in, the correlation of many prophets and prophecies and the effect of the coming of these new planetary bodies to our solar system. I have watched a lot of videos by truthers like WSO, Naughty Beaver, Planet X News etc. and I appreciate their work, but none of them can synthesis the truths of prophesy and the facts of what they are seeing like Gabriel of Urantia/TaliasVan – the planet's only Audio Fusion Material Complement. May those with eyes to see and ears to hear take this teaching to heart and grow forward in ascension in understanding, wisdom and virtue.

  4. 148:8.3 (1666.2) "About this time there arrived at the Bethsaida encampment a trance prophet from Bagdad, one Kirmeth. This supposed prophet had peculiar visions when in trance and dreamed fantastic dreams when his sleep was disturbed. He created a considerable disturbance at the camp, and Simon Zelotes was in favor of dealing rather roughly with the self-deceived pretender, but Jesus intervened and allowed him entire freedom of action for a few days. All who heard his preaching soon recognized that his teaching was not sound as judged by the gospel of the kingdom. He shortly returned to Bagdad, taking with him only a half dozen unstable and erratic souls. But before Jesus interceded for the Bagdad prophet, David Zebedee, with the assistance of a self-appointed committee, had taken Kirmeth out into the lake and, after repeatedly plunging him into the water, had advised him to depart hence—to organize and build a camp of his own." (The Urantia Book)

  5. Well thank God for revelation. I've been blessed to be around Paladin the Finaliter and the Mandate for over 20 years and this has been the highlight of my rich life. From what I've seen, people attack the truth for 2 reasons…. it's easier than getting real about whatever darkness is in them that's being pointed out by a real leader and soul surgeon and the other reason people attack Van is they put their own agenda and desire before destiny, Providence and Gods direction in their life, and again this is 'easier' when excuses replace reality. And then there are those from afar who don't get it and attack what they do not yet understand.
    When we persevere thru that which we would not seek on our own but which God puts before us, we are eventually blessed all the more. I am finding this ever so often now in my life in Divine Administration. Power to the Mandate, the Cosmic Family and all who love God, are called according to His purpose…and obey. 🙂 DeAsUnJa Student Destiny Reservist

  6. Thank you TaliasVan for this video. As your teachings always do, this video brought me closer to what is true and right, and a very clear message of what is the priority at this time on the planet. The fallen system has masterfully led people to live with their heads in the sand and not being aware of the great need for change personally and globally. I believe the prophetic and timely words you speak, the call to purity and the coming of the first stage of Light and Life on Urantia. The tribulation and purification is indeed here. I am grateful to be a student at the University of Ascension Science and the Physics of Rebellion, where we daily learn the principles of God in experience and why the planet is in such turmoil. God bless your powerful ministry.

  7. Thank you Gabriel of Urantia/TaliasVan of Tora for keeping Urantia in the Palm of God’s Hand. The truth, goodness, and beauty of our fourth dimensional reality is truly for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. While we pray for victims of the suffering around our world now upstepping to extremes at this time of tribulation and purification that you outline so clearly, we continue to pray for the Destiny Reservists who are meant to learn under their elders and how to serve at the next levels of actualization here now – at the Planetary Sacred Home that you and Niann Emerson Chase founded 30 years ago. This is an inspiring, life-giving opportunity of accelerated ascension. We are all honored here as your students and to have experienced the Audio Fusion Material Complement process for decades so that we can identify who is speaking, how and when. What a gift to be shared with those who have not yet discovered Epochal Revelation and the Mandate of the Bright and Morning Star.

  8. There is no doubt in my mind that this message is needed on this fallen world. Gabriel of Urantia/TaliasVan of Tora has been my teacher for almost 30 years and i feel blessed that i left the system, the 3rd dimension, because now i have hope and destiny purpose and i am no longer part of the problem but part of the solution. It brings a peace to your soul and the teachings given in this video will help everyone that is willing to listen to the Fathers will. Isn't it amazing that this planet will soon be transformed and healed from all the evil,sin and iniquity. I ask all to become part of this Spiritualution, and follow the Spirit of Truth. If you haven't met Gabriel of Urantia and are still able to, make arrangements and come to hear his teachings. Everyone of us, especially if you are called to be a Destiny Reservist, is needed in these times of purification to become an instrument of peace to others. May you be blessed in your walk and decisions to leave the fallen system. I am looking forward meeting each one of you here at the University of Ascension Science and Physics of Rebellion to complete building the Global Temple and live and participate in the outworking of God's plan of establishing a Divine Administration at Planetary Sacred Home. See you soon and thank you Gabriel Of Urantia and Paladin/Nostradamus/Jacob for this timely and perfect message.

  9. This is a very obvious needed and clear call to all the races, all the religions, and all the seekers across the earth. The signs are here and for those with eyes to see and ears to hear, it is the voice of the Father to all of His children. I am taking it very seriously and thank you so much Gabriel of Urantia for this University of Ascension Science and the Physics of Rebellion. It is the highest school on the planet and is the lighthouse amidst the waves of the purification ahead.

  10. For true truth seekers this teaching by Gabriel of Urantia is a treasure beyond compare.
    I especially appreciated the teaching about elders and the need to find, follow, and personally know elders in our lives who have a higher walk with our Creator and can guide us. I can attest to how elders in my life have saved me from much continued strife.
    I believe there are no coincidences and finding this teaching is a true gift!

  11. After studying the prophecies of The Bible, the Hopi, the Mayans, and Nostradamus it is very clear these times we are living in are the times of tribulation and purification foretold. In this cosmic context all that is transpiring which Gabriel of Urantia/TaliasVan is speaking of is clearly the unfolding of the adjudication of the Bright and Morning Star vs. Lucifer. There is a saying that "fact is stranger than fiction" and it is wonderfully true. There is a reckoning happening and Thank God.

  12. Is it so hard to recognize the supernatural?
    We are spoiled by scientific hubris; cosmic impudence, to think that we are approaching the cusp of omniscience.
    Or perhaps every generation thinks they have reached the pinnacle of knowing?

    The "rational" world dismisses the supernatural past, while the religious world exalts it. Jews believe Moses parted the Red Sea… Christians believe Jesus rose from the dead… Muslims believe Mohamed was contacted by the angel Gabriel… and so many more supernatural occurrences that have sparked devotion in the past. Where are those unexplained, supernatural experiences happening today?

    Even The URANTIA Book, it's origins shrouded in mysteries… Do readers not pause to consider the day to day activities of Seraphic Planetary Government today? You cannot accept the teachings of The URANTIA Book without carefully considering how truly supernatural it is. Are the Life Carriers a work of fiction? Are Caligastia and his staff an ancient legend? What of Amadon of Urantia, does he still stand unmoved? Tattered tales of Adam and Eve, passed down from generation to generation. The mysterious mention of Melchizedek in Genesis. Was the resurrection of Jesus a fantasy that the authors of The URANTIA Book included as a concession to build a bridge to believers?

    Santeen, a nearly supernatural personality himself, used to issue a challenge to people who were honestly examining Divine Administration. He used to say if there is a greater gathering of more spiritual people on the planet, to let him know and he would go and follow them. I use this same logic in my day to day walk as I reconcile the supernatural and the mundane. No one has ever accepted Santeen's, and now my, challenge to find a more actualized spiritual elder than Gabriel of Urantia and his spiritual complement Niann Emerson Chase. I am deeply honored to recognize their souls and do what I can to support their mission at this time.

    I ask that you watch this video with a truly open heart and mind. Take your time and watch the whole thing to the end. To some, it will seem ludicrous… Everyone wants to think they would have recognized the truth if they had been alive when Copernicus or Darwin presented it. Or for that matter, that they would have recognized and followed Christ, but statistically the Master went from having 5,000 followers to 500 followers overnight… and by the end of his life, only a handful of loyal souls stood by his side. Similarly, everyone thinks they would have been 'Oscar Schindler' in Nazi Germany, the one compassionate person to quietly oppose the zeitgeist, but as Jordan B. Peterson so frequently points out, history statistically tells us otherwise. Very few are willing to go outside of their social conditioning and a priori assumptions.

    For those of you who have read this far, I invite you to take in this video and not only consider it’s validity, but also the opportunity that it presents.

  13. My prayer for those who view this video is to first pray to God/Allah/The Creator to activate the three-fold spirit within you at a higher capacity in order to be able to hear from the Spirit of Truth to understand and to discern the validity of these teachings. As a student at The University of Ascension Science & The Physics of Rebellion for the past 20 years, much of this information is not new to me, but some is and it is magical the way that truth expands as concepts are built upon precept by precept.

    It is obvious that we are living in the "end times" prophesized by all faiths and that a new world is coming into focus on the distant horizon. I for one want to walk in that new world and guide my children into that realm where disappointment's arrows of war, violence and disease are a thing of the past, but I know that I have a personal responsibilty to see and overcome my own heart of darkness and I am grateful for the guidance of my spiritual elders Gabriel of Urantia and Niann Emerson Chase, who help me to identify those weak areas that need pruning within my soul. Spiritual ascension is about continually looking within and shedding that which drowns your soul or keeps you anchored in the harbors of spiritual stagnation. May the Lighthouse shine in your heart and mind and guide you to your destiny.

  14. This is a truly unprecedented video with unparalleled new information that literally all the world’s people need, in order to learn about what is actually happening worldwide and why, because in every corner of our precious planet millions of her people are being impacted now by devastating earth changes, as the tribulation continues to magnify.

    Thank you so much to Gabriel of Urantia for this amazing wisdom and the spiritual insights about the happenings in the heavens and our solar system, including the direct linkages to many prophecies that foretell of the present time and era on our planet and what we’re experiencing.

    Thank you also for courageously teaching the real truth and the importance of each of us building a clear, direct, and solid relationship with God, the Universal Father of us all (no matter what name we each may call Him by) because at this point in time and space any rebellion from the Creator’s way and His Divine Will is a kind of spiritual suicide, and the consequences of the Lucifer Rebellion—which has run amuck on Urantia/Earth for the last 200,000 years—are coming to a close now, in order for our world to transition into the first stage of light and life, where true peace and justice will reign.

    So I encourage everyone who sees this video to absolutely please share it on social media and any other way you can, and definitely personally tell & email all your friends & family, because you can help save lives with this information.

  15. This is really amazing, this is actually epicly (epochally) historic. Thank you, Gabriel for putting yourself out there so courageously and letting the world see you and the true spiritual man that you are. I pray that the people of this world see a true prophet, and a true leader, and a man of destiny that could help remake the whole world into the place it was always meant to be in God's eyes.

  16. Satans time is running out and socially engineering/conning the human race to merge with technology. Read Revelation 13:16-18 DO NOT take the mark of the Beast, the A.I technocratic Beast system. Read The book of John and Romans.

  17. Gabriel, would ANY one recognize them if they appeared on Earth; Jesus Christ Michael or Trinity Teacher Son… Or daughter? Our hearts LEAP when we receive TRUTH… but only if we're humbly looking…

  18. Don't let the sacred prayers die. WE must continue to pray, with our whole and open hearts & minds, in supplication… with HUMILITY! We never have to defend WHO we are… nor do we have to TRY to be who we ARE. We just need to BE who we ALREADY are, in TRUTH.

  19. Gabriel, I don't have an Elder… to walk with, talk with, cry with. To challenge with my confusion and questions. I'm looking, searching, SEEKING! The ELDERS are ALL far away… I do find clarity & answers & guidance… from my Father & his Son, my BROTHER. I seek a physical Elder… but I will also accept if I am not able to find one… here, now. I think YOU may be one, Gabriel, even though you are FAR away… Thank you ! 11 11

  20. I have been a fallen child for so long. I've been full of hate and immorality, I've been a sinner and a disbeliever, Worst of all I've been lost and in self-loathing. The internet has rotted my brain and told me so many falsehoods but in you Gabriel I have found my spirit and with my spirit I have allowed God back into my life. I don't have alot of money or wealth in any sort besides knowledge in the teachings of God but with that I will make others around me rich with love and kindness for ourselves and each other. I've been given so many chances by God and I've denied them for way too long. All I want to do is help others around me and give them what they need in life and that is self-enlightenment.

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