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The Syrian Refugee Crisis Was Created By US Policy | MIC 5

The Syrian Refugee Crisis Was Created By US Policy | MIC 5

Hello all. So last Week I was in Budapest.
Mostly because it’s cheap and they have American Fast Food. This is the Keleti Palyaudvar train station an absolutely lovely piece of public architecture from
the 1800’s. Right now however it’s also providing a painfully on point
illustration of the European migrant crisis. If you’re someone who pays
attention you’ve probably read something about how those dastardly Europeans
aren’t doing enough for the migrants streaming across their borders I think this is a bit
unfair. Europe has its dipshits. Hungary’s Viktor Orban comes to mind. But
some countries are stepping up in pretty remarkable ways. Germany, a country of around 80 million is expected to absorb 800,000 migrants this year alone. Countries like Greece are having trouble
feeding their own poor. So we should probably be a little more sympathetic. if
you’re sitting in the United States looking for someone to blame for the current
crisis you don’t need to look across the Atlantic. Folks like to claim that this is about poverty or climate change. It’s really not. It is a direct result of actions taken by the US-led military industrial complex. In just one month, the United States has worked with our international partners to mobilize a broad coalition, secure an international mandate to protect
civilians, stop an advancing army, prevent a massacre, and establish a
no-fly zone with our allies and partners. This hasn’t worked out so well Libya currently has two entities
claiming to be the national government, and is under the actual control of
multiple militias. We basically built a new Somalia. There is no central control
and the country has become a hotbed for people smugglers. Roughly a third of all the
migrants and most of the boating horror stories have been launched from Libya. The Syrian
civil war might have happened without us, But we’ve done two things to make it
much much worse. First there’s ISIS a group that our boneheaded choice to
disband the Iraqi army after our 2003 invasion created. The second thing we did
to make Syria worse was actually taking down Gaddafi. Since 2011 the most
frustrating thing about Syria has been the international community’s utter powerlessness.
Russia and China have refused to let the UN Security Council take any action
against Assad. Not even a no-fly zone. This is because we burned them so badly with Libya. Russia and China let a United Nations resolution go forward
establishing a no-fly zone for civilian protection in Libya. But we didn’t stop there. [RUSSIAN] The UN Security Council never aimed for regime
change in Libya or any other country the forces that are now using the Security
Council resolution to justify regime change are clearly violating the UN
mandate. Long after the civilians were safe and Gaddafi was begging for a
cease-fire we kept on bombing. We weren’t satisfied until he was dead in the streets. Russia and China don’t trust us to use the United Nations in Syria,
and they shouldn’t. It’s worth saying again. If it weren’t for NATO actions in Libya there
would not be a migration crisis today. If it weren’t for the us-led invasion of Iraq there
probably wouldn’t be any, or least not as many Syrian refugees. So Germany is taking eight
hundred thousand refugees this year. How many are we taking in the US? 70,000. If you want to get angry about an aspect of the refugee crisis there is your hook right there. Thanks for watching. Please subscribe, and if you’d like to help me make more videos like this one please click on the Patreon
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12 comments on “The Syrian Refugee Crisis Was Created By US Policy | MIC 5

  1. Yes, so true. U.S. intervention, with Europe going along with it, is directly responsible for this crisis. "The fanaticism of Sarkozy and Cameron to bomb Libya – what they have done is to completely destabilise Libya.  We ought to be honest and say we have directly caused this problem." -Nigel Farage

  2. The disastrous U.S. policies in Iraq and its failure of leadership in the Syrian crisis, aggravating domestic persecution in that country and paving the way for the rise of the Islamic State, have helped create Europe's refugee crisis. And also thank you Mr. BHL !

  3. Hey Rob!

    We met us at the YT Space in Berlin and i said i will leave a comment here! ;D

    I really like the style of your videos and it's very interesting to see this situation from the other side! (I'm from Germany 🙂 )

    I will definetly gonna watch your videos for beeing up to date with international politics!

    Have a nice day (or mayby good night :D)

    Don't know where you from 😀

    BYE ✌

  4. US army created tragedy migrtion in Europe,Us army kill millons mens womans e childrens in libya,Afeghanistan,sirya ,Irak etc….

  5. True it would have not, but Assad killed many innocent protestors, supporting him isn't exactly a good thing either, though Syria wouldn't have become so unstable. In politics, no one is a good guy, everyone is after their own interests, it is better to refrain from taking sides.

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