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The Safe Third Country Agreement

I was thinking about this for a little
bit but wasn’t sure if I should talk about it, or if it would come off as “crazy person talk.” Then, a Youtuber by the name of “Some Guy From Vancouver” talked about taking the migrant children who were separated from their families in America out of
ICE facilities and into Canada. They’re completely correct: we can certainly handle 350 children in our country, and with a bit of work, we can swing 2500
more people coming in, as well. We absolutely should take it upon ourselves to do such a thing. However, with “recent” events (more like
recent developments_ regarding migrants and refugees in America, I thought that we
should go much much further than this. I’ve heard of this issue before back in
late 2016 or early 2017 when the United States all a sudden uptick in hate
crimes and speech and refugees and migrants are being denied entry into the
United States I have to admit I didn’t understand anything about it then save
their country that means they could come here right it must mean that because
Justin Trudeau said it in a tweet that this country is safe for them fuck it
I’m not gonna joke around I don’t want to be my fists cease yourself here
because it’s just not that funny in fact it’s not funny at all very
simply put the safe their country agreement states that between Canada and
America if someone seeking refugee status should come to Canada when it
could have made the claim in America then they can be turned right back to
America as it has been designated a safe country for refugees to be in in fact
under the text of the agreement it is designated as the only safe country for
these migrants if you want to read the full text of this Agreement check it out
here but I’m going to summarize what is provided by Canada’s official website
refugee claimants must request protection in the first safe country
they arrive in unless they qualify for an exception if they do not qualify for
an exception then they will be sent back to the country of loss presence in this
case America to claim refugee status there these dealing exceptions family
members in Canada unaccompanied minors document holders like a visa holder and
Public Interest cases other than this upon review on a case-by-case basis a
person can be punted right back to America if
found that their claim could have been made in America and not in Canada
because America is considered safe for migrants and refugees under the
agreement why am I talking about this well if anyone’s been paying attention
for the past four years or have turned on the news lately and paid two seconds
attention to the American news cycle then you’ll have seen what I’m about to
say coming from a kilometer away but I’m still going to say it part of changing
things is accepting what exactly is happening with the situation so I’ll
just say it as hard as it is to formulate that this is in fact what is
happening concentration camps there I said it
I am NOT going to argue semantics or entertain the pedantic this is what they
are and this is what we have to call them and don’t you dare start with me
saying what about Obama he used military bases – that is blatant what about ISM
meant to distract from and derail the conversation long story short in the
Obama days it was done because of overflow and that’s it
we did not have an administration actively and aggressively calling for
the hunting down of illegals back then it was mostly just a public opinion back
then so kindly fuck off am i catastrophizing in this situation most
likely but this is not the time to worry about that so what can be done having to
save their country agreement in effect stalls the process for people who need
it the most whether they were a refugee that came to
America because they had no other choice and found it to be nothing but hostile
towards them or they came to America only so they could go through and onto
Canada knowing what was waiting for them if they try to stay in America instead
you might say to yourself okay so remove America from the agreement and add
someone else like Britain or whatever so they have somewhere else to go if we
take all these people in then we have to find spaces for them we have to find
people to help them adjust to the culture where are we going to get all
this help we should solve our own problems first that’s spending precious
time not only debating on where to send them but as spending precious time
setting up the logistics of transporting these people elsewhere there is no other
country available to people in North America where conditions are considered
good enough to send them certainly not because America had a hand in making
that so but that’s for another time as these people are truly fleeing for their
lives whether you mean that in a livelihood way or an actual
life-and-death way then would it make more sense to fly them to another
country and make them wait especially if it was still on a case-by-case basis or
would it make sense to let them in without the possibility of them being
punted back to America where they are not safe we need to pay attention
we need to act if we want to prove that we care about all peoples then we can
start by proving that we care about people fleeing human rights violations
the United States is not safe for migrants or refugees it may have been
deemed so at one point but that certainly is not safe now
as long as we continue to designate America as such then people are going to
continue being harmed people are going to continue being picked up and put into
these facilities whether it is justified or not this is only going to get worse
as long as we stand by and continue to recognize America as a safe country for
migrants and refugees the safe third country agreement should be suspended
until such time that the United States of America is safe for migrants or
refugees we in Canada should be welcoming and accepting to those in need
even if it is likely to open the floodgates of fascists action in
rhetoric here we can always deal with that later it is much more important to
save human life where we can when we can and while it is still possible so what
can you do about this in all seriousness I have no good answers we are in an
election year and what is done now can easily be undone later on if the
conditions play out as such again with the Canadian political climate being
what it is I don’t have much hope for this working out but it’s still worth it
to try our best so again I have no good answers just the obvious ones if can’t
do much or if you’re only willing to put in the bare minimum amount of work then
call your MP and make them aware of the issue write up a little script for
yourself and talk to them make this an issue worth our time put the idea into
their head then to derive from the bare minimum amount of work possible keep
doing it check in with them and now and again to remind them of the issue
especially since federal election sees that’s coming up soon get on the ground
as well because as nice as it is to put the idea into the heads of lawmakers it
means nothing if he can’t get the average person to come around on the
issue as well what’s the direction of Canada is slowly but surely headed in we
have to change minds of others over here to make this a change is not only likely
to come but a change of this likely to stick and be well received make people
understand that this is happening and that we as the people who are closest to
the situation cannot look away there are actual large amounts of human lives at
stake here this is happening not like the brazen giants have Greek fame with
conquering limbs astride from land to land here or sea-washed sunset gate
shall stand a mighty Roma where the torches flame is the imprisoned
lightning and her name mother of exiles from her beacon hand girls worldwide
welcomed her mild eyes command the air bridge Harbor that Twin Cities frame
keep ancient lands or storied pomp Christ she with silent lips give me your
tired your poor your huddled masses yearning to breathe free the wretched
refuse a retaining shore send these the homeless tempest-tossed to me I lift my
lamp beside the Golden Door thanks for taking the time to watch a huge thing he
goes out to some guy from Vancouver for turning me on to this issue and I wish
you the best of luck with your goals hopefully this can help even if only a
little bit also I thank you to carry whether first starting that this is
virtue tag in the first place I really think that this can go somewhere I’m not
gonna ask my usual stuff here I’m simply going to ask that you keep this phrase
in mind as time goes forward no matter what happens do not look away

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