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The Perfect Country

The Perfect Country

this is a film about the perfect country it doesn’t yet exist and it may never but thinking about it is no idle daydream sketching utopia’s is a way to address current problems and understand how to solve them focusing on the ideal version of something helps us more clearly define what we feel is wrong with what we have utopia’s bring our plans for reform into focus here therefore are a few glimpses of what the best place in the world might be like in the perfect country people are perhaps surprisingly still very busy working everyone isn’t on holiday while robots do the work that’s because people know that when it’s the right sort work can be far more fulfilling than leisure what people mean by the right sort of work is work that feels meaningful that is work that leaves one with a sense at the end of a working day that one’s made a genuine improvement to the lives of others and that one’s done so through the exercise of some of one’s distinctive and higher talents and skills that’s a lot more fun than sunbathing to get this point in the perfect country a lot of time is spent drilling into people’s characters from an early age in order to determine what sort of work they’d be best suited to realizing the potential of every worker is pretty much the national priority the perfect country is rife with a new breed of entrepreneur like the entrepreneurs of old they want to make money but they want something else too to properly and deeply satisfy their customers there’s no selling of here even if it flatters the balance sheet naturally aiming to make a profit while doing something meaningful is a very hard double act to pull off that’s why entrepreneurs are so lauded here it’s deeply taboo to be a philanthropist in perfect land because having enormous surplus wealth is generally a sign you’ve probably been extracting rather too much cash from your business and have not been courageous enough to risk money investing in properly meaningful goals in the perfect country respect is given not just for becoming wealthy but for how serious the problem was that you fixed while making your wealth there are famous people in the perfect land but not the usual suspects here celebrities are exemplars of qualities we really need in our everyday lives one of the most famous people in the country one the good apology contest last year few of us are ever called to be movie stars or great singers so these are the names people know about here the curriculum is reverse engineered from the things that used to give people most trouble in the old world therefore there’s extensive study of things like how to find your vocation and settle into a job you can love how to be confident defuse conflicts and know your own mind how to have satisfying relationships and this is a huge class how to wind down and not lose your temper a sign of being well educated isn’t erudition it’s being happy and kind people are incredibly unromantic in the perfect country that’s why unsurprisingly relationships go so much better here people don’t talk endlessly about finding the right person they know there’s no such thing romantic enthusiasm is deeply frowned upon and seen as the enemy of love people are extremely emotionally literate about their feelings psychotherapy has high prestige it’s not unusual to hear someone say you’re transference is interfering with my projection of your ego ideal people have a really good grasp of their own craziness and how it might affect their relationships it’s not uncommon for people on a first date to ask one another quite good-naturedly and so in what way are you crazy human fragility is a given as is the need to treat it with sympathy there’s a routine assumption here that no one has a clue how to bring up a child just as no one knows by intuition how to land a plane or perform brain surgery that’s why everyone is given a good deal of training classes start from an early age you can of course have a baby without doing the training but that would be like a Mountaineer setting out to climb an ALP in their slippers evidence of the success of the nationwide parenting program is that hardly any 11 year olds want to be famous or unusually good-looking the last person whose life was ruined by a messed up childhood died several decades ago there are some quite bad things on the news in the perfect country but no one comes away terrified or incandescent with rage the nightly news which is drawn up and read by philosophers provides a subterranean lesson in maturity and calm the news isn’t just any old thing that happened today its purpose is to guide people to the information that can best help them and their country to flourish it’s an applied branch of one of the country’s biggest industries wisdom in the perfect country very few people still believe but the population as a whole feels quite sympathetic to what religions used to bring especially community ritual and morality and they found some inspiring substitutes people gather in new kinds of secular temples dedicated to important qualities there are temples to calm and temples to community temples to forgiveness and to kindness there are rituals for all the major life stages and the best writer in the country has recently written a secular liturgy for weddings and funerals there’s a replacement also for the Ten Commandments which makes a big deal of the idea that most people are mean through anxiety and vulnerability rather than strength or evil in the perfect country people love art but they’ve entirely given up on the strange idea that art should be for art’s sake being an artist is a job with a very practical purpose it’s to make the best ideas vivid and persuasive so that we can keep them at the front of our minds at all times art is there to remind us to be calm forgiving open to experience and properly awed by all that exceeds us it’s a therapeutic medium which is judged to be part of the National Health Service in the perfect country the cities are beautiful partly because there are very few Architects around an originality in design is really frowned upon so rather than call in architects every time a new building is required developers here just follow templates that have already been shown to work six story high buildings with large windows contemporary forms and natural materials abound you build densely don’t give up all roads to cars and make sure that the streets are lively as a result of this beautiful slightly boring predictability there’s very little NIMBYism and property prices stay reasonable though people love nature they’re never that unhappy when a new development is announced as none of us would be if Venice or Bath was about to be built in a field near us that’s the sort of standard of beauty expected and delivered by developments in the perfect country people accept that they need help with many things so there’s no terror at living in quite a paternalistic or even you might call it nanny in culture the perfect country is a complete democracy therefore people know and trust that the government is always acting to defend citizens own best long-term interests it’s a force enabling them to realize their true potential that’s why the government bans business doing certain quite unhelpful things and whether a shows on TV about how to be a kind of person it’s not spooky because it’s properly democratically sincere people are grateful in a perfect country patriotism isn’t seen as a weird aberration it’s an appropriate response you don’t just feel proud of what you’ve achieved you can feel part of a bigger better collective adventure now the surprising thing is that perfect land is oddly not so far from many of the places we live in already all we need is a little more philosophy and a lot more willpower and imagination and we’ll get there you

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  1. This is the most inhuman, narrow viewed, and utterly disturbing vision of a "perfect world" I've ever seen. Somebody please write a book about this place.

  2. There you go, the perfect communist failure complete with the "new man" and others … 🙂 Some of your ideas sound good though …

  3. So I’m guessing a “perfect” country is where people are told to act freely but are low key brainwashed, aren’t able to think for themselves or believe what they want to.

  4. Whenever I'm passing through a place where all of the buildings look the same it low key creeps me out, no thank you fam

  5. this is either utopia or dystopia, so much emphasis on emotions and in this world just watching tv all day would probably be a crime..

  6. This all depends on how you look at it, for example, i agree with some points but not a good chunk. I implement my own ideals until i have my version of a "Perfect Country" First, do the democracy one and let the people decide how they want things.

  7. Being negative will never lead to a perfect nation, so people must be productive but not only think for profit but should engage to their social responsibilities to also help nature for us to live longer.

  8. My ideal (not perfect) country:
    -Finnish education system
    -Danish economic model
    -Sweden's labour unionism
    -Universal Healthcare
    -Liquid democracy
    -Criminal justice focused on rehabilitation
    -Controlled immigration
    -No spying on citizens
    -No censorship (hate speech is protected as a form of free speech)
    -My right to throw punches ends at your face. No victim, no crime. Legalized drugs and prostitution.
    -Strong military but non-interventionist foreign policy. Military should be for defense of the nation only.
    -Right to bear arms
    -No capital punishment
    And above all a vigilant populous that can recognize a tyrannical government and can take the appropriate action against it.

    Am I being too idealistic?🤔 Yeah, probably.

  9. The perfect country is the country that aligns with each and every person, personified to each, shared with everyone

  10. This video is rather personal opinion. I agree with some of the things but other are questionable. Utopia meaning no where would never happen.

  11. I hate this.
    This seems more like a dystopia to me rather than a utopia excpet for the education part.
    I love it when buildings look similar and symmetrical.
    I love it when cities are bustling instead of empty and open.
    I think religion would never work the way you described it and if it did….my god it would be a disaster

  12. No freedom of religion, originality if frowned upon, romantic and sexual feelings are nullified, news is a tool used by the government to control your feelings, there are 4 main ideas that must be worshiped, housing has an emphasis on practicality and nothing else, patriotism is encouraged, the abstract thoughts associated with art and gone and art is used to control how you think and the economy is heavily regulated. DO YOU NEED ANY MORE PROOF THAT THIS IS BASICALLY THE BOOK 1984. Hell even the 4 main ideas have their 1984 parallels (that being the ministries of truth, love, peace and plenty).

    How can such a country be considered perfect if their is no other option. The idea of perfection necessitates that their is imperfection however that is not an option in this utopia/dystopia. How can their be positivity with no negativity? There is no yin without yang. How can a society be expected to evolve if there is no acceptance of new ideas? You're expecting us to simply follow. In this utopia/dystopia we are completely powerless.

    Everything is so heavily controlled that humans lose their humanity. There are no feelings, no objectives and no freedom. Humans are simply born, they do things, then they die. Imagine all the people in blade runner, how they simply wonder with no purpose. So many of the ideas that make us human have been stifled.

    This is not a utopia by any stretch of the imagination. I genuinely hope this is some sort of sick joke.

  13. How to make this video sound better:
    When he says, how the citizens feel. Imagine it as that is how they, out of their own free-will, end up feeling due to the commodities, services and abilities around them, and not because you wouldn't be able to feel the contrary.

  14. This doesn't seem so much The Perfect Country but more an ideal state of human society, your neglecting to think about the infrastructure of the society and more describing human emotional state which is a lot harder to control without removing elements of free will.

  15. Ah the old utopian dream re-emerges. The imaginary place or state of things in which everything is perfect. Wake up. Utopia is only a figment of your imagination:

  16. Possible ideal world will be establish if no bad people in ideal world all people love each other and love all willing to help.

  17. I just came across the channel yesterday. Everytime I cry the comment section, I feel so sad and happy in the same time.
    From where I came from, intellectual people are few. It's very hard to find someone to talk to in interessting subjects.
    When I read the comments I feel so bad for my country yet so good that such people exist.

  18. sorry school of life, you have no authority to make your claims. it is fun to think about though.

  19. What are you on , work that makes a genuine improvement to other people’s lives is the secret, you delusional idiot , doing work for humans is only worth the money you get for it because they will not be thankful of your efforts, quite the opposite, they expect and demand your services, lazy good for nothing overweight bigots , all of you

  20. This sounds terrible. And in the end of the video he says "we'll get there"? Don't you know that our flaws, voulnerabilities, shortcomings is what makes us worthy? And that we will always seek out and long for struggle? People want a difficult life. People want their lives to be slightly dangerous adventures.

  21. This perfect country horrifies me. My perfect country would start with absolutely no authoritative, violently coercive government…

  22. Honestly, the people in this utopia don't feel human. They feel more logical, like machines. I don't think we can have this because it would require us to cast aside a lot of our humanity to achieve it.

  23. If there wasn't an introduction to this video that said our ideals help us figure out our current problems, I would have very much disliked this video. Because of the intro it gave me a new perspective on the presentation of the video – and of our world

  24. In short what we need as people is a new mentality. The reason why I agree with the video is because we need to stop focusing so much on our instincts (even though we will never be able to totally not be controlled by them), but we need to start focusing on virtues. We need to begin knowing ourselves, our strong points, our virtues, and our weak points, our fears and insecurities. But, we need not be disappointed by the latter, but only accept them, and then begin living a life where we try to consciously battle these weaknesses and live virtuously. But, we also need to be careful not to think to highly of ourselves if we start living this way, we shouldn’t become arrogant, we shouldn’t start telling people that they need to live this way or that way, but on the contrary, the best way to teach people is by being an example. An example of a virtuous person, virtuous men and women. Only by becoming examples of wisdom, willpower, altruism, intelligence, strength etc. will we be able to change the world.

  25. This video is making me worried about my nation and I have 51 celebrities and good education Chinese and Malay are taught by my mom and English and tulanese are taught by me and the relationship of my country is peace crimeless and the childhood are okay and the news are not bad and the architecture is bad abit because I suck at lego

  26. "The cities are Beautiful because there are very few architects around".

    There's also no bin men or cleaners around🤢

  27. Funny how people that disagree feel themselves sooo alienated with this. Don't you understand that you are already "alienated" just for living in what is called a "system" and a society? what's the problem with offering ideas to make a better system? Curious how people mistrust of a person trying to change the system, as if they are, indeed, alienating them. I have no problem with this "system", in fact i agree with it. Especially with everything that comes with the emotional intelligence part.

  28. This video gave a glimpse of what society can be and some points were honestly exciting. Others were plain scary.

  29. I understand you can't pack much into an 8 minute video but regardless of that impossibility, your measures were incomplete, with some of them being outright inappropriate and unfitting of a so-called perfect country. For example, the economy. From your words inequality will still exist, it's just going to be masqueraded a little more. In a perfect country there's no such thing as inequality, everyone works in different areas but earns the same wage because understands that any work is equally meaningful as any other. If I were to elaborate that further, even though wages were the same, you could have access to more resources depending on your needs, needs which could be satisfied within a varying degree of time depending on their nature as to maintain economical stability. That's my view anyways and even though I have more opinions, there's only so much I can pack into an Youtube comment. All in all, it wasn't perfect, but it was a good video 🙂

  30. I wouldn't like to live in such a country, especially as an artist going through censorship (Provided I understood correctly the idea of assessing artistic works and limiting the possible topics they refer too). Scary

  31. Basically well intentioned humanism in my opinion. The comments I find sadly illuminating about some of humanity in its current metamorphism

  32. I believe in a fully Christian country, not fanaticism or secularism, you don’t need to go to separate temples for certain things, Christianity gives you hope and rewards you for believing and for work.. I’ve been to a fine church, it was very lively, forgetting today’s troubles and learn something new about character building, just like the 50s

  33. Whoever wrote this sounds like they are part of a creepy cult. Their perfect country sounds like a nightmare. I believe many would be willing to fight a war, just to free themselves from this imagined utopia.

  34. I think this looks like heaven , unachievable , scary and overrated , I think we just need freedom of choice and peace , the others will come by time .

  35. I think the problem is most people live very unhealthy lives and therefore have mostly negative thoughts which then leads to a country that mostly focuses on their individual selves

  36. Okay, the love part I am so skeptical of, I think you're just dead wrong. It places way too much faith in modern psychology… actually outdated psychology judging by your language. But psychology is a very new science and while it can help us to deal with relationships, partners should never try to analyze one another. It will become a language game. Instead there should be mediators everyone has access to, counselors and experts on various topics. Some of these third persons should act to help balance relationships.

    As to religion, what you describe would probably last two days before someone makes up a story about how King Forgiveness once became too proud of his indulgence for others wrongdoings and began neglecting his wife Queen Honesty. But really, The perfect society would have one religion with a group of ascetics as counselors of morality and keepers of the dead. The simple fact is, people respect ascetics. They love the idea of a guy who can just go live in a cave and eat berries and be happy alone and who has all these strange bits of wisdom and insight. Something innate in humans goes wild over that. And people will always be tempted by offers of life after death and you cant have a rational basis for morality without some transcendental principle to give essential justification for what is good. So you need ascetics who teach people about morality and the afterlife. Only in the perfect society these ascetics are not corrupt, they don't take gifts or ever come out of seclusion. And everyone knows all the good in their society stems from the wisdom of these obscure hermits, so no one can reasonably claim to know better and start a new religion.

    And holy shit you're wrong about art. The problem there is that what art for art's sake really means is art is about self expression. Art that inspires others is nice but what people really want out of art is communication, unimpeded pure and perfect communication of something which can't simply be put into words without becoming muddled. That may be impossible but it's what people want, both when they make and when they look at art. The artist wants to express his vision and the audience wants to feel like they are talking to a close friend. They don't want to just preach or be preached to. Art in the perfect society… would probably eventually destroy that society. There's really no way to stop the powerful rhetoric of a good story that addresses some common flaw in society, even if it has to create that flay in the minds of our audience. And you can't really cencor this kind of thing either. Just accept that all societies eventually die and become obsolete. Rather than focusing on immortality, we should focus on leaving a legacy.

  37. In the perfect country government would "ban business doing some quite unhelpful doings and promotes shows on TV about how to be a Kinder person"
    I couldnt help but imagine an iPhone socialist saying: OMG SO AUTHORITARIAN!!

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