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The NEW Japanese IMPERIALISM – VisualPolitik EN

The NEW Japanese IMPERIALISM – VisualPolitik EN

Folks… When you think of Japan, what’s the first
thing that comes to mind? You may think of a modern and advanced country
with a rich culture… Many will also think of manga, video games
or samurai… Basically, you’ll likely have a very, very
positive image of the Land of the Rising Sun. However, as you know, all countries have positives
and negatives. Therefore, with this video, on VisualPolitik,
we’re going to talk about a subject that’s hardly ever mentioned in the media: Japan’s
historical revisionism. But… what exactly does that mean? See, we could say that revisionism is the
denial of historical events, usually negative, of course, that happened in the past. Many countries that have had hard-to-digest
pasts strive to hide the truth, or try to change the official version of the events. And Japan, is definitely one of them. Let’s turn this around a bit… When we think about Japan and its history,
what comes to mind? Probably Samurai, geishas, perhaps the double
nuclear attack from the United States or, the Pearl Harbor attack – at least because
of the movie. To us, knowing about these events is normal. But folks, do we really know how the Japanese
Empire was at the height of its power? Do you know exactly what this means for the
Far East? Why do you think that the countries that Japan
victimized, such as China or Korea, are still very susceptible to this issue? Listen up. (THE JAPANESE EMPIRE, THE EMPIRE OF TERROR) You heard that right. During the first half of the twentieth century
and, especially during the 30s and 40s, Japan was an imperialist power that dedicated itself
to invading neighboring countries as if there were no tomorrow. And they did so without the slightest hint
of mercy. And when we say without mercy, we mean it,
it was truly inhumane. Throughout those years, Japanese troops committed
some of the most heinous abuses to human integrity, life and the identity of people we could ever
imagine. Almost all of the worst things we could imagine
a country doing, Japan did to its colonies. We’re talking about terrible things, such
as enslaving people to work in Japan’s industries and mining;
Enslaving women to work in brothels on the war front,
not to mention the 731 squad experiments, in which they used living people to conduct
chemical weapons experiments… In the Chinese city of Nanjing alone, in barely
two months, the Japanese killed 300,000 people and abused more than 80,000 women. It really gives you goosebumps. Once it invaded a country, the Japanese empire
forcibly imposed its culture, its language and Japan’s political and legal system. It even forced people to change their names. As you can see, we’re talking about a dark
era of uncontrolled and unlimited fear, atrocities and violence. The soldiers and middle managers could do
as they wished. As a result of all this, at least twenty million
people in Asia lost their lives at the hands of the Japanese Empire. Twenty million people! In fact, the data on the Japanese army’s
lack of scruples during the war would give you goosebumps. Check this out, 40% of the American prisoners
of war who fell into the hands of the Japanese didn’t survive. 40%! To give you an idea, in Europe that number
was less than 2%. And don’t think this was a coincidence,
not at all. The explanation lies in the ancient Japanese
culture known as bushido, a culture that despises soldiers who surrender in combat. This, folks, also explains why the Japanese
soldiers were so famous for fighting until the very end. But… having said that, let’s close the
history book. Since Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s rise to
power in 2012, Japan has surprised the world with a revision and denial policy of its history
that is very disturbing. But… What does it consist of? What is Shinzo Abe doing to change or sugar
coat the story? Are today’s Japanese really aware of their
past? Listen up. (SHINZO ABE: REVISIONISM, IN THE INSTITUTIONS) Shinzo Abe is already a well-known face. He’s been running Japan since 2012 and is
famous, particularly because of his economic policy program, better known as Abenomics. Now, there’s a much more controversial aspect
to Shinzo Abe that isn’t mentioned much in the West: Abe is an openly convinced revisionist. And the truth is that he’s always been one. Since he first entered the Diet, Japan’s
parliament, in 1993, Abe has promoted laws and reforms that seek to sugar coat how the
history of the Japanese Empire is shown to society. For example, in his first and brief term as
Prime Minister, between September 2006 and September 2007, Abe approved a Fundamental
Law of Education reform to establish a more patriotic vision with more traditionalist
moral values in the Japanese education system. That is, Pure Nationalism in Education System. And not just that. Shinzo Abe himself is a member of Nippon Kaigi,
a Japanese ultra-nationalist group founded in 1997 that openly defends historical revisionism
to exculpate the Japanese Empire from its crimes. Basically, it’s as if Angela Merkel belonged
to an ultra-radical far-right group in Germany. But, do you think Abe hides his involvement? Not at all. (U.S. Textbook Skews History, Prime Minister
of Japan Says. The New York Times) In fact, folks, Prime Minister Abe not only
modified the Japanese Education Law to change educational content, but also openly criticizes
how Japan’s history is addressed in other countries. Basically, makes no effort to conceal his
bias. (Abe’s revisionism nets own goals at home
and away. The Japan Times) The Japanese Prime Minister even attacked
the McGraw-Hill publishing house for the description they made of how Japan forced women to prostitute
themselves on the war front. Women who, for him and the revisionists, were
nothing more than volunteers who earned a lot of money, although all the historical
evidence claims they were slaves. (“I just looked at a document, McGraw-Hill’s
textbook, and I was shocked. This kind of textbook is being used in the
United States, as we did not protest the things we should have, or we failed to correct the
things we should have.” Shinzo Abe, Japan’s Prime Minister) And this wasn’t an isolated case… Abe’s Japan began when he started implanting
the most extreme revisionism in the institutions, driven by the ultra-nationalist group Nippon
Kaigi. In his speech during the 70th anniversary
of Japan’s surrender, Abe, citing the 3 million who died in the Japanese Empire, extolled
their sacrifices and called them valuable. At the very same event, by the way, the then
Emperor Akihito also spoke.He, of course, is Hirohito’ son, the Emperor who attacked
Pearl Harbor and unleashed so many wars across Asia. Well, in contrast to Shinzo Abe, Akihito was
somewhat more embarrassed by his country’s revisionist inclination. (“Our country today enjoys peace and prosperity,
thanks to the ceaseless efforts made by the people of Japan toward recovery from the devastation
of the war and toward development, always backed by their earnest desire for the continuation
of peace.” Emperor Akihito) It’s curious that the Emperor himself had
a much more conciliatory speech than the prime minister regarding the empire’s past… don’t
you think? Well, there’s more. Both Shinzo Abe and many of his party’s
ministers, deputies and senators regularly visit or send offerings to the Yasukuni Shrine. Yasukuni, folks, is a Shinto shrine where
14 class A war criminals from the Japanese Empire, among others, are honored. War criminals that were declared as such in
the Tokyo Trials, the Japanese equivalent to the Nuremberg Trials for the Nazis. But, folks, if you think this is all a matter
or speeches, words and visits to controversial places, you’re very, very mistaken. Listen up. (THE DREAM OF CONTROLLING EDUCATION) That’s right folks, it’s no secret. Every ruler who aspires to change history,
for better or for worse, needs to influence education. We already mentioned that Abe modified the
educational law for this purpose, but he didn’t stop there. One of his government’s biggest scandals
was that of the Osaka Moritomo Gakuen’s nursery school. See, this private kindergarten school, which
has an ultra-nationalist ideology, – yes, a nursery school – indoctrinated children
in the purest Japanese Empire style. They even made them memorize the so-called
Imperial Rescript on Education of 1890 every day, a kind of manifesto with the Empire’s
principles. For five and six year-olds! But, just a second, what does Shinzo Abe have
to do with all this? Well, in addition to publicly stating that
he shared the vision of the director, Yasunori Kagoike, Abe and his wife, who by the way
was named honorary director of the nursery, were immersed in a donations and favoritism
scandal where public land was sold to benefit the nursery. The corruption scandal almost brought down
Abe’s government, although he managed to remain standing in the end. But, folks, besides the imperialist nursery
scandal, there’s a kind of historical whitewash throughout Japan’s entire educational system. History teacher Tamaki Matsuoka, famous for
having got 250 former soldiers from the time of the Japanese Empire to admit to multiple
war crimes, is an expert in analyzing how Japan’s past is tackled in modern schools. And folks, his conclusions are very discouraging. Matsuoka accuses the government of deliberately
silencing the most negative historical events of the Japanese Empire. For example, in the textbooks that students
use in schools, only one footnote is dedicated to the Nanking massacre, which we talked about
at the beginning of this video. What can I say, 300,000 victims seems enough
to become a relevant fact in history books, don’t you think? But, the fact that this is happening raises
an essential question;, what effects could this historical silencing have? Folks, even though here on VISUALPOLITIK we
don’t really like looking too far back, ignoring such an important part of history
can be dangerous when making political decisions. Especially in a region of the world that has
so many national feelings. To make matters worse, movies, books and series
that the Japanese government itself promotes, feed this idea of ​​changing people’s
vision of the past. I’m referring to works such as The Eternal
Zero, a film that highlights the importance of the Kamikaze pilots, The case is that this growing nationalism,
along with the political and commercial confrontations that have been registered in this area of
​​the world, help explain the growing suspicion with which young Japanese people
have begun looking at their neighbors. Sociological studies state that today 80%
of Japanese people have a bad image of China, and 60% of South Korea. And that’s obviously not a good thing. Folks, after knowing all this, what do you
think about the way in which Japan is dealing with its past? Do you think this could have consequences? Maybe Japan should learn from Germany about
facing up to its history? Leave your answer in the comments. So I really hope you enjoyed this video, please
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video. And as always, thanks for watching!

100 comments on “The NEW Japanese IMPERIALISM – VisualPolitik EN

  1. 20 millions of Asians lost their lives by Imperial Japan? What kind of GHQ post war propaganda is that? We don't buy such a lie. The past war was fought for the Asians to release them from the colonies of westerners. How dare can you dishonor the great mission of the Imperial Japan. Europeans and Americans enslaved many millions of Asians at that time. We just destroyed those colonies by killing those colony owners. That is not described as the dark history of Japan. All you have to do is to correct your propaganda history as we said. It's not the revisionist. Do you remember the holocaust of US? US used atomic bombs on the civilians and they bombed the city where only the civilians live without the military bases. If you want to mention something about the past war related to Japan, you should apologize your countless war crimes in advance!

  2. I tend to think that most people have come to realize that size and geography will ALWAYS take the idea of any real threat from such nationalistic Japanese ideology away. Hanging over their heads are the reality of potential annihilation from the next big earthquake, or tsunami, which we now know could produce any number of Fukashima disasters, every day of their lives. Does anybody ever care as much about U.S. denials of what really went down with the Native Americans, or the Trans-Atlantic slave trade that saw the entire African-American population being identified as less than human BY LAW!?

  3. korea criticize japan as anti whale but korea eat whale world NO1.
    korea criticize japan as sex slave but korean government had continued own sex slave system until 1996.
    korea criticize fukushima products as radiation matter but seoul radiation level is same.
    korea try to break national treaty and try to get money several time.
    korea take over anger feeling in education and interprete by twisting fact.

  4. I think the information in this video is certainly something everyone should know. True growth comes from learning, and owning up to, from ones mistakes. However some context is also required. Japan's recent historical revisionism is very troubling but one needs to ask how they compare to other nations with troubled pasts; Say the United States.
    I would argue that Japan has done a much better job (though imperfect)! If you visit the Vietnam war memorial you clearly get the feeling that the war is being depicted as a an American tragedy with the US soldiers being the exclusive victims (yes they were victims, but of their own govt, not the Vietnamese). The American South still can not accept the fact that the civil war had everything to do with slavery.
    The historical spin the US has put on its use of nuclear weapons on Japan is truly mind-blowing. Most Americans view of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as a great humanitarian act that "Saved Lives!". This completely ignores the fact that the Japanese surrendered due to the Soviets declaring war on them (days after the second bomb was dropped). The US new full well that the Japanese were looking for unconditional surrender (they only wanted that their Emperor be spared). The US had cracked the Japanese code and intercepted numerous messages being sent to their foreign diplomats in the Soviet Union. So essentially the US nuked an already defeated enemy.

    These are only a few examples of major omissions in US textbooks.

  5. Ah… Let's count the millions of dead at the hands of the Jewmerican empire.

    Besides, the reason why the Japanese get such good grades is because they do a lot of… Revisionism.

  6. Welcome to propaganda video. Enjoy the fake story.

    "What is fake?" OK,blushing face man. Here is just one example.

    Unit 731 is a prevention security unit. This is the fact that GHQ also recognizes. The original story is a novel, it's just told like the truth.

    Find out the truth before commenting on me. Don't forget that Wikipedia can be edited by anyone. The truth is not always written there.

  7. According to a Stanford University study, Japanese textbooks are evaluated as less patriotic than Chinese, Korean and American textbooks, and "Heavy on Facts"

  8. Nanjing, where 300,000 people were massacred in a city with a population of 200,000, has 300,000 citizens three months later. It's a mystery.

  9. Prove it if you criticize it

    The criticism that cannot prove is a criminal act of the names to be called a forgery

    If they are when, do you give evidence?

    Prove it me

  10. korea is sith. korean is dirth. let's shut down nagative aura from skorean. anger and hatred feeling. simon is stormtrooper.

  11. Ever heard of AMRITSAR MASCARA or BENGAL FAMINE i bet you didn't read that in your text books did you.
    you have no idea what your empire did to several countries. Millions of people died because of your empire.

  12. Frankly, China would be better off today under Japanese rule. But Japan made a mistake by challenging American dominion over the Pacific. I'd have nothing against them having an empire of their own, just so long as they don't question our global supremacy, America are the empire that has a God-given right to rule over all other empires, we are the Divinely-ordained masters of this world.

  13. So what? Americans glorify & honor their veterans from Vietnam war where countless civilians dead, some were raped, their country bombed, and not to forget My Lai massacre.

  14. Politics is about doing what’s best for yourself and the group that props you up. It is a bad move for Japan in this time, when China’s trying to throw its weight around as a permanent UN Security Council member and as a superpower, to admit Japan’s own mistakes thus demoralizing the populace. Survival doesn’t care about morals.

    With that out of the way, personally I think, Japan’s resurgence of nationalism is just a natural reaction to decades of kowtowing under the allied powers. I even have a sinking suspicion that the US has interests of making them more nationalistic and ramp up their military spending so that they could be a buffer against Chinese and North Korean aggressions.

  15. まともな検証もできないのにこんな動画をw

  16. Ridiculous how East Asian countries are always pissed at each other. Considering they share many of the same cultural values, well Chinese pre communist era did, Korean and Japanese moreso, there is so much distrust between its people. Imagine what it would be like if trust and mutual respect was shown to eachother in the modern era?

  17. Are you going to cover the ultra-nationalism in Israel, Visualpolitik? Or is this going to be selective because you guys are Zionists?

  18. Japan's rising sun flag= German Nazi flag.
    But International Olympics Committe still hasn't banned it.
    Then why do they banned Nazi flag ?? Are victims of Japanese atrocities in Asia less of victims than Nazi's victims ?
    At least Germans today aren't trying to bring back Nazis but Japan is.
    This clown Abe is also a shameless grandson of class A war criminal.

    Nobody is Asia will shed a tear if North Korea shoot off couple nukes over there.

  19. The Japanese had more heart than any brit or yank combined. Say what you will, but they'll always be known as some of the fiercest warriors to ever walk the earth.

  20. It's absurd to draw parallels between Britain and Japan. It's not like Britain denies its colonial history. The British empire is an obvious and important part of Britain's history but suggesting that Britain should teach about all of its colonies is a ridiculous proposition considering how many colonies Britain had throughout its period of imperialism

  21. The bottom line is ( China is a toxic of the world now, Korean people are still in Stone Age period) what about your country ? Isn’t it better than Japan ? More intelligent than Japan? Or just so many criminals and poor.

  22. I don't think the national shame that many Germans feel would work well in Japan. There's the personal shame and responsibility that they feel towards one another, their workplace and family but as a unit together I think it would be more destructive than constructive.
    Perhaps viewing it as a step on the path to achieving where they are today might be a more gentler approach. It can be framed as a very negative event which taught them something.

  23. if such atrocities existed, the local citizens would never have collaborated with Japanese Army. in fact many Chinese were hired by Japanese Army not just to transport food and equipment, but also to act as spies, gather information and translate Chinese. if this was true, the whole resident would rise up against the military and it would backfire Japan's progress and Japan wouldn't have been able to take most of Asia. the popular belief that Japan won many battles and took over many countries just simply by killing everything in its path is implausible and ridiculous.

  24. According to 11 different European journalist, the population of Nanjing was 150k-300k at most. How did Japan kill 300k civilians if that is the maximum estimated population?

  25. I didn't plan to reply because of the substantial low-level idiocy and malice, but I just couldn't help when you mentioned The Imperial Rescript on Education. There's absolutely no problem with this document and it is such a delicate one. It is the equivalence of the US' Pledge of Allegiance, except the former is filled with more practical and spiritual meanings and has been forced to be expelled by the Americans from schools, while the latter is emptier and advocates for blind allegiance and is still recited at US schools every day. Read it by yourself and compare:

    Know ye, Our subjects: (or Imperial Rescript on Education)

    Our Imperial Ancestors have founded Our Empire on a basis broad and everlasting and have deeply and firmly implanted virtue

    Our subjects ever united in loyalty and filial piety have from generation to generation illustrated the beauty thereof. This is the glory of the fundamental character of Our Empire, and herein also lies the source of Our education.

    Ye, Our subjects, be filial to your parents, affectionate to your brothers and sisters: as husbands and wives be harmonious, as friends true; bear yourselves in modesty and moderation; extend your benevolence to all; pursue learning and cultivate arts, and thereby develop intellectual faculties and perfect moral powers; furthermore advance public good and promote common interests; always respect the Constitution and observe the laws; should emergency arise, offer yourselves courageously to the State; and thus guard and maintain the prosperity of Our Imperial Throne coeval with heaven and earth.

    So shall ye not only be Our good and faithful subjects, but render illustrious the best traditions of your forefathers.

    The Way here set forth is indeed the teaching bequeathed by Our Imperial Ancestors, to be observed alike by Their Descendants and the subjects, infallible for all ages and true in all places.

    It is Our wish to lay it to heart in all reverence, in common with you, Our subjects, that we may all thus attain to the same virtue.

    The 30th day of the 10th month of the 23rd year of Meiji (1890)

    (Imperial Sign Manual. Imperial Seal)


    Pledge of Allegiance (noted in United States Flag Code)
    I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

    Which one is emptier?

    This guy called Simon is a left-wing anti-Japan moron who's never made a video talking positively about Japan. Of course, people from certain nations would prefer this kind of trash instead. I pity these people, including this Simon.

  26. Well yeah, right now we’re not allowed to sing the words to the Japanese national anthem in schools. Stop spreading these false narratives please…

  27. Seriously??? Eternal Zero? Have you read or watched it??? It’s an anti-war book and movie that slams military leaders for wasting millions of lives and taking no responsibility for it.

  28. To all those who are pointing Fingers…. YES many countries have done horrific things in the past. Some more than the others. However, the point they are making here is the fact that Japan is hiding and fixing the history for their nationalistic agenda. That is what is dangerous. If Germany was teaching their kids that they themselves were victims and during WW2 they were trying to help many backward European countries and Americans…. that would piss a lot of people off…. Also, if there was resurgence of Nazism at national level in Germany would scare many People. That is why many Asian countries are angered and worried about Japan.

  29. Both Japan and Britain have committed detestable actions under their imperial phases, that's true. The difference is Britain does'nt try to rewrite history or deny it. What Japan is doing is dangerous, and Simon the Brit has every right to call Prime Minister Abe out. My philosophy is to forgive, but never forget.

  30. Emperor Hirohito was not only the Japanese Emperor but also British army Marshal. This is on official English documents like Oxford archive. This means Japanese people are cheated to involved in war business to die. Hirohito escaped war criminal. He seems to have waited Nuc Bomb made up in the U.S. with prolong war after the German surrender.

  31. Well, that is one perspective. Actually, Japan responded to fear what the Americans did to them (Matthew C. Perry). After the U.S.A forced them to open their borders and forced them to trade, Japan had for the first in a long time more information about their neighbors. And they were mostly "Colonised" and had unfair contracts, for example from Spain, the United Kingdom, France, etc. etc.they feard the same could happen to them. The hat a revolution "Meiji" and became in a very short time a power to be reckoned with. The source of their power came from "Western Technology" and since most of them had colonies why would Japan not also have some. The war crimes are plentiful but every country has that because of war (USA Atomic Bombs, U.K. Dresden Bombing of only civilians, etc. etc.)

    – Nanjing Massacre: The number of 300.000 victims is debatable, they talk from approximate number because there was no census back in the day so these numbers are approximate numbers, and even scholars are debating between 50,000–300,000 dead.
    – Well in the most text-books WW2 Japans history is portrayed as evil and as monsters like Germany. But the Allied-forces were all righteous and good, even the Atomic Bombs.
    – The debate with the "comfort women" is a long one and it never came to a point where the historians found one answer to that.
    – The Yasukuni Shrine is a shrine to commemorates those who died in service of Japan from the Meiji and Taishō periods (1868-1926) and the Showa I (1926-1945).

    Well, Germany has so many problems with their own identity, and Japan has not so maybe Germany could learn something from Japan.

  32. The elimination 9f the emperor would hav eliminated the revisionism. Recognizing the errors and genocide of the past is vital for Japan

  33. forget about Japan winston Churchill killed more people than Hitler & Hideki Tojo, and briten don't even think apologize is needed,

  34. whatever us , uk does is perfectly fine if any other nations do it then human rights, ultra nonsense come to you mind what about us flags outside home isn't that ultra nationalism

  35. 3.5 years of japanese occupation in Indonesia was much much worse than 350 years of dutch colonial. They were inhumane to say the least.

  36. As a Korean, I think Europe and Asia can be a little different. Since Europe was burned by Nazi Germany and Asia by Japan, the eyes could be different. After both wars, the U.S. and the Soviet Union cleaned up Nazi Germany, but they didn't talk about Japan. In order to prevent communism in the Pacific, the U.S. imposed relatively light punishments on Japan and divided Korea.

  37. There is something that many Koreans really don't understand when they learn history. Why are we divided and still stifled in the remnants of the Cold War? England, which helped Japan win the Russo-Japanese War in the 1900s to keep Russia in check. The United States, which recognized Japan's sovereignty over Korea through a secret agreement. We were just taken and tortured by the Warring States of Japan, and why do we live with the aftermath of the war?

  38. This is a crappy propaganda. Such an impression manipulation technique is old-fashioned. You lack ingenuity. You should give concrete grounds. All people are loving in their home country. It is natural. What is the definition of a nationalist? Simple labeling isn't necessary.
    What is the primary document? Do you not know that the grounds for comfort women have already broken? Do you not know that there are a lot of doubts about Nanjing Incident now?
    Looking at the actions and remarks of Prime Minister Abe, we can see that he is not the right wing that China, North Korea and South Korea say. Rather, the countries that make such claims are more strange themselves. In today's world, which country is acting to expand its territory and to increase its armaments rapidly? China. China is the modern imperialism.

  39. I went to the Yasukuni war museum, which is next to the shrine and it talks about the how Japan "liberated" Southeast Asia countries from western imperialism and how the American aggression forced japan into a defensive war. The entire museum feels like propaganda from the 30s or 40s, is quite disturbing.

  40. 6:47 last time I checked, US textbooks didn't say that dropping two nuclear bombs on a civilizing population needlessly was a war crime so he has a point.

  41. Japan had already paid for whatever atrocities they had committed. Their Military and Naval forces decimated, cities are bombed to the ground with 100000+ deaths. Hiroshima and Nagasaki got the first taste of atomic warfare, with 200000+ death plus 10000 more deaths from the radiation. In addition, financial reparation to several countries occupied by the Japanese.

  42. kiss my !ucking yellow japanese ass
    you white hypocrite

    rule britania eh!
    look at what Britain did to most of its former colonies how you fucking created borders the made the unrest in africa right now a reality

    talking about ultra nationalism in japan?
    a country where most of its people
    won't even stop when the national anthem is playing, a country that doesn't care about it's culture a country that will trade its identity for any new western pop culture
    a country where they can't even honor their war dead

    have you ever been to japan?

  43. The annexation era by japan was the happiest time for korean people 100 years ago. Japan educated korean importance of human virtue under the reigning sun flag. Japan doubled korean population, modernizing their lifestyle, educated them everything. Please contradict if there are something korean can not accept.

  44. There is a pulse to retaliate. Son of Slave owners talk about human rights. Looters Marauders torturers of innocent people exploiting them for selfish motives

  45. Well, you better study about Japan more if you wanna talk about my country.
    Recommend you to study world history seen from the Non-White people and their countries' side too🥰
    Advice from Tokyo🇯🇵

  46. The reason why Japan not ashamed of their past, and Europe did, because there is no Jewish ,zionist propaganda brainwashing the Europeans and American and the ,,chosen race ,,did not have a foothold there.

  47. The Tokyo trials are just an act of war because they didn't judge allied crimes at the time. They were fake trials.
    Therefore, the class of criminal doesn't exist and isn't lawful while there is no fairness. Spirits of "A class criminal" doesn't exist in Yasukuni. It's misunderstanding of the people in those days. They couldn't read/speak Japanese at all so they naturally ignored evidence and fabricated crimes when they won. By the way do you want to dissolve the achievement of FDR and Churchill or Stalin for fairness? But sadly I think Westerners are doing it in a different way because left-wings tend to screw contributions of West. In that case I can't agree with the left while I respect western civilization. The left-wings are also anti-Japan at the same time and they regularly support Chicom as victim.

  48. What would've happened in an alternate reality if Japan had never isolated themselves from the rest of the world back in the 1600s and if they had been the closest of friends, allies, and trading partners with East-Asian, Southeast-Asian, and the Western nations for hundreds of years up to this day on October 7, 2019(and many decades afterwards)? How would the historical events have played out?

  49. I am really really frustrated about Shinzo Abe(安倍 晋三)(our prime minister), who wants to change the constitution in order to make Japan a country that can start a war again. It seems that he has forgotten about why Japan was the victim of two nuclear bombs in the first place.

    If Abe and his regime has truly learned from the past about the destructuve reality of war, he should cease the export bans to South Korea(our closest neighbour) and seek a peaceful soulution to the problem. It is an undeniable fact that South Korea and Japan had an agreement in 1965 that the government of South Korea would forfeit all rights for compensation regarding the theft(precious metals,rice,land,labour) and torturing of the Korean people. However, this was an agreement between the two goverments.

    The compensation of personal damages is a totally different issue.

    Personal rights to sue companies involved in war crimes such as Mitsubishi, and Nippon steel, Asahi etc; have not been settled in the agreement of 1965. Shinzo Abe(安倍 晋三) placed an export ban after the South Korean supreme court ruled Mitsubishi to compensate ($100k)per person who were forced to labour during the occupation.

    Shinzo Abe(安倍 晋三) should stop with the nonsense of manipulating the Japanese media to only broadcast news in your favour and stop mentioning Korea as a non-trustworthy country and look back to YOUR words and realize that YOU are the one lying about the issue. Shinzo Abe(安倍 晋三) needs to recognize it is not korea's fault that Japanese electronic companies are not performing well compared to the past and should find a creative way to surpass rival companies such as Samsung and LG not by an export ban.

    Banning the export of core materials used in semiconductors in order to pull korea back and shake the supply chain of korean companies would only trigger korean companies to produce these core materials domestically sooner or later and only hurt Japanese material producers in the long run. IT WOULD ONLY INTENSIFY HATRED BETWEEN THE TWO COUNTRYS.

    FROM A Japanese American who is truly mad about Shinzo Abe's party, the 自民党(liberal democratic party of japan) of Japan once again taking the path to Nationalism and Militarism which led the Empire ofJapan to surrender and ultimately perish

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