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The Netherlands is not a Country

The Netherlands is not a Country

The Netherlands is not a country. And by country, I’m talking about the 193
UN member states, Vatican City, and maybe Palestine, but that’s a topic for another
time. So, the Netherlands is not a country, but
looking through the list of UN member states on Wikipedia, or the United Nation’s website
itself, and you will easily find the Netherlands. Am I lying to you? No. Is the United Nations lying to you? I hope not. Is the internet a vast web of lies trying
to deceive you at every turn? Maybe, but enough about that. So, the Netherlands is not a country, but
the Kingdom of the Netherlands is. This is not some simple name technicality
like Russia being officially named the Russian Federation, or Mexico being called the United
Mexican States. The Netherlands is a constituent country within
the Kingdom of the Netherlands, similar to how England is a constituent country of the
United Kingdom. The Kingdom of the Netherlands contains four
constituent countries: The Netherlands, Aruba, Curaçao, and Sint Maarten, the latter three
being situated in the Caribbean. All four of which are self-governing for the
most part, with their own elections, Prime Minister, government, and constitution, but
are all subject to the charter, constitution, and monarch of of Kingdom of the Netherlands. The Netherlands can be broken down into the
European part, with 12 provinces, along with the special municipalities of Bonaire, Sint
Eustatius, and Saba, all three of which are located in the Caribbean and all of whose
residents may vote in Dutch elections. Still confused? This diagram should help. An interesting thing is that the Netherlands
does not border France, but the Kingdom of the Netherlands does, with the Saint Martin
border. There is one passport for all residents of
the Kingdom of the Netherlands, they are all Dutch citizens, and all belong to the EU,
but use different currencies. Each constituent country is fairly independent,
but the kingdom is responsible for national identity, military and defence, extradition,
upholding human rights, ensuring good governance, and a few other things. The most important of which is upholding the
constitution, which is done by the Council of Ministers of the Kingdom of the Netherlands,
which is made up of the Council of Ministers of the Netherlands, with one minister from
each of the other constituent countries. That may seem lopsided in favour of the Netherlands,
but it’s really not when you see that 98.32% of the kingdom’s population belongs to the
Netherlands, with just 1.68% belonging to the other three constituent countries combined. A country and a constituent country with the
same name is bound to cause some confusion. In the UN, the Kingdom of the Netherlands
is often shortened to simply ”Netherlands”. The Dutch however; avoid confusion altogether
by calling the Kingdom of the Netherlands “Kingdom”. Doing this also prevents any feelings of ill
will, as calling the kingdom by “Netherlands” could imply that the three constituent countries
in the Caribbean are lower-ranking than the Netherlands. Although the influence of those 3 constituent
countries is small, and for good reason as less than 2% of the Kingdom’s population resides
there, their influence definitely exists. The head of the kingdom is a monarch; currently,
King Willem-Alexander. The Kingdom of the Netherlands is obviously
a constitutional monarchy with limits set on the monarch’s power. But what if it wasn’t. What if there were no longer a constitution,
and the king wreaked havoc with his tyrannous regime? Would he still be a king or would he be a
dictator? Go and watch this video about the difference
between a monarchy and a dictatorship to find out. Go on.

100 comments on “The Netherlands is not a Country

  1. Willem-Alexanders tyrannical reign! As a citizen of the Netherlands (mainland Europe) I just damn near pissed myself from laughing. You funny.

  2. States are not countries eg Israhell, eirland, united states of america. Statutes are maritime law on the land, = contracts. citizen/ person is ur birth certificate not flesh an blood people. As when ur christend = a contract that allows the church to own u lock stock an 2 smoking barrels

  3. So The Netherlands Is A Country Inside A Country Because You Literally Said That The Netherlands Isnt Country, But You Also Said That It Is A Country Inside The Kingdom Of Netherlands

  4. According to the EU Treaties, the three countries that are not The Netherlands are NOT part of the EU.

  5. So you are saying the Netherlands is not a country, but a country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
    Just like England is a country within the United Kingdom.

    Hate to break it to you, but Scotland, Wales and England are all countries within the UK. Only Northern-Ireland is considered a province, and not a country.

    Also the Netherland is a country.

    The definition of a country is as following: a nation with its own government, occupying a particular territory.
    You could probably add that it has to be a UN member state, the government is recognized, and so on so fourth.
    Either way, the Netherlands would fit every description of a country just as much as France would.

    With this logic, one could argue that France is not a country, but a part of the French Kingdom, Spain is not a country, but a part of the Kingdom of Spain, and so on.

    In the end I am just sitting here asking myself why, why did you make a video like this haha. Like what is the point? You probably knew you were wrong deep down.

  6. But you can still call the kingdom of netherlands just netherlands, like you can call russian federation russia, so the UN things aren't wrong

  7. Sint maarten bijvoorbeeld is een kolonie en hoort bij ons land. HOORT BIJ ONS LAND. momenteel is nederland een koninkrijk en veel koloniën zijn al los van Nederland, zoals Indonesië

  8. Leugenaars. Holland is geen land maar twee provincies en Nederland is gewoon lage landen zoals het vroeger heten. Aruba, Bonaire en Curacao waren kolonies van Nederland maar geen kingdom of the. Kan me niks schelen

  9. The Netherlands is a country often also called 'Holland'. Holland is not a country but a province of the Netherlands 😉

  10. Clickbait. Of course it's a country. All the countries of the Dutch Kingdom are Countries. That's why they are called COUNTRIES.

  11. Wouw dit is waar echt Nederland is geen land
    Vraag maar aan die linkse honden
    Die roepen dit al jaren .wij bestaan niet weg met ons weg met ons

  12. the Netherlands is a real country, has been for a long time..with a strong economy which has helped a lot of poor countries like turkye and belgium…

  13. Kings and queens ALL were originally dictators (read Charles Dickens' "A Child's History Of England"). They only had their 'horns' pruned by the bourgeois-democratic revolutions — the first of which was when large parts of what we now call The Netherlands rose up and broke away from Roman Catholic domination in about 1600. Then followed Cromwell in England, and although he ultimately was defeated by the autocratic monarchists, he did weaken it enough so that the Dutch monarchs (representing monarchs only being figureheads) William & Mary of Orange came over to rule England a little later, thus severely (and thankfully) limiting 'Royal' POWER. France went even further and did away with even Royal figureheads, and although Napoleon usurped the French Revolution (and became an Emperor), there was no 'birthright' succession. The 19th Century saw many bourgeois-democratic (and even fledgling working-class socialist) revolutions, all of which secured rights we no longer have in many countries — the abolition of the police, the right of citizens to bear arms, and to organise in people's militias (to keep the peace in their own neighbourhoods, and to defend their republic from foreign attack — like how the Prussians & Austrians invaded Paris to drown the short-lived Paris Commune in blood in 1871.

  14. Im from the Netherlands and I can confirm that this is technically correct.
    Technically correct is the best type of correct.

  15. i noticed a french sentence """ je maintiendrai"" written on the coat of arms of the kingdom !!! can someone explain to me please ??

  16. Trying to put such info in three-and-a-half minute and still ask about the difficulty is a bit… unfair.

  17. Ok cognito, so Belgium is a country Luxembourg
    Is a country too AND Netherland too so if they are with then they are benelux

  18. Dit klopt niet! Misschien wel in de middeleeuwen, maar dat was eeuwen geleden!
    This isn’t right! Maybe it was in the DarkAges, but that was centurys ago! (I hope I spelled it corrctly)

  19. It wouldn't be a regime because the first dutch king was chosen by the dutch people, so indirectly he has been given power through a democracy!

  20. Technicalities… Just some scribbles on a map in a legal document. When I say I am citizen of the Netherlands than I mean I live in that part of the world that people call the Netherlands. You are talking about a Kingdom that colonized parts of the world in the 17th century (if I am correct). What does it matter today? And by the way wouldn't it be scientifically more correct to first define country, state, federation and all the term you use, so we all understand what you are really talking about?

  21. Kingdom of Netherlands is "Netherlands" which is made up of 4 parts, one of which also happens to be called "Netherlands"

  22. I repeat placing a reaction and say right here that this is (Still) one of the best documents i have ever experienced. Ik haat krentenwegerij, (I hate crab weighers) on proved results for healthy devellopment intensions. And despite all the suck dislikes, you've told the truth and after all it's also a proof. Thanks!

  23. The Netherlands is a country.
    On top of that, there's the Kingdom of the Netherlands, which consists of four countries. This simply means that king Willem Alexander is also king of Aruba, Curacao ans St Maarten.
    You're confusing a country with a kingdom and with the political structure of several countries working together.

    Fake title.

  24. The real Monarch of The Kingdom of Netherlands is QUEEN MAXIMA , watch how much influence and power she has , and youll see , He Reigns, but she is the real power behind the throne, and they together work beautyfully , and in perfect Harmony , , yes Handsome Mark Rutte Governs , Queen MAXIMA also is the Face of the Kingdom , and the World is so please and Happy with that , infact , everybody loves QUEEN MAXIMA.

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