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The Negotiation – Cinematic (Spoiler)

The Negotiation – Cinematic (Spoiler)

Anduin. Sylvanas’ actions have threatened us all and day by day, her power grows. If our world is to survive we must strike while we still can. Meet with me and we will speak. So few… How many can you provide? Enough for one final assault. If that fails… we’re done. If we end her reign what kind of warchief will you be? The Horde I joined was birthed in blood. Tained by corruption. The road that led to the Dark Portal was long and wide paved with the bones of innocents. we called it the Path of Glory. That was the great lie upon which the Horde was founded… that anything we did was honorable. Thrall, Vol’Jin… they were not the true heirs to Blackhand’s bloody legacy. Sylvanas Windrunner is. No. No, this is the Horde. Led by you. Someone who has…. Honor… I’ve never known honor. They deserve more. But the Horde is doomed to be shackled by the chains of the past. The Horde has no exclusive claim to regrets. Arthas, Daelin… The ghosts of the past hunt us as well. We could not fill the chasm between the Horde and Alliance if we labored 1000 years. You know this. Then what are we fighting for? Soldiers! On your feet! Start breaking camp immediately! Lord Saurfang? Zekhan… Where is our home? Orgrimmar? Not our city our home. Azeroth. And ours? Azeroth. Right now… there are only two forces in this world that matter. One bent on harming our world And one that will protect her. So… what are we doing? Breaking the cycle.

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  1. Actually this is exactly the cycle, before was garrosh, now is the hooker….I did not play for years and this is one of the many reasons why….always the same thing.

  2. Just noticed saurfang sounds like what farts might sound like if they could talk when he’s talking to anduin in this scene. A lot of wind in his vocal pipes lol.

  3. I first heard "Braiding the cycle"
    Was actually "Breaking"
    Honestly braided sounds cool too,
    #Blizzard add me to your screenwriters

  4. So is this the final expansion for WoW? Is Blizz finally finishing the story off? It seems like it's building up to a peaceful conclusion between both sides but I don't think they'd really give up their game like that.

  5. Hate how they have forgotten about Rexxxar completly the dude was the Champion of the Horde now hes only used for background bling.
    The respect they have for him should be enough to turn all of the Horde against Sylvanas

  6. The future is gonna tell if this is the greatest flop or the greatest moment in WoW. Either they go nowhere with this, but continue with the same old copy n paste expansions, or big changes are coming to WoW. No more horde and alliance. But forces that fights for and against Azeroth. That would be a big bold move, and i doubt Blizzard has the courage to take it.

    But time will tell..

  7. "What are we doing?" "Breaking the cycle."

    Meanwhile, Alliance rogue in the Barrens: HAHA I KILLED YOUR QUEST GIVERS HORDE PLAYERS!

  8. . . . This might be interesting actually. Like what they did in "Sins Of A Solar Empire: Rebellion", where after years of constant strife and war, each faction started fighting itself over what should "Really" be done and splits into ideological factions bent on either trying to find peace for the greater good, or continuing the war due to perceived distrust and cultural incompatibilities.

    Yea, there does seem to be quite a bit of Peace Talking with some big-name characters. But we all know more than a few people in either faction are far and above just wanting the constant war to stop; they want the entire other side annihilated with no mercy. Grudges dont just disappear overnight, and with sleights happening left and right, it is as Taran Zhu said: "Every reprisal is itself an act of aggression, and every act of aggression triggers immediate reprisal!"

    It would just continue the cycle of sheer warfare.

  9. Man literally months ago Rexxar said that Jaina was a murderer and now they are standing side by side? And King Anduin who claimed to have no forces to help Tyrande is now turning all his attentions to help the Horde instead of one of their own allies? I play as a human paly and I’m certainly ‘For the Alliance!’ but from time to time I just find these plots unconvincing.

  10. Breaking the cycle. How ironic. They basically reused a story they've used before. Can't believe how similar WoW and CoD are nowadays….

  11. im a big long time fan of blizzard cinematics… but this is getting cheesier and cheesier as time passes. and i dont like it…

  12. Saurfang: remember anduin.. don't rez me tomorrow ok..
    Anduin: no.. i must…
    Saurfang: NO REZ!! I WANT TO DIE OKAY!
    Anduin: …

  13. Getting kinda sick and tired of people mentioning Arthas in that context… We just outright ignoring the fact that he was possessed by the soul of Ner'zhul. Ya'll remember Ner'zhul, right? The guy that INVENTED the wHorde… also #DaelinDidNothingWrong

  14. man i can listen to saurfang talking all day his voice just make my blood pump up everytime , his voice just fit to be warchief

  15. Destroy the traitorous horde! If you do not support Sylvanas to finish the end game, you will and must be destroyed.

  16. There's literally no reason in Canon why the horde doesn't go to WoD Draenor if they just want to be alone and happy again

  17. New WoW patch…
    Big existential threat
    Old enemies join forces
    Threat is eliminated (or contained)
    Peace is restored for a time
    New WoW patch…

  18. Saurfang: Thrall, Vol'jin They weren't the true heirs to Blackhand's bloody legacy.Sylvanas Windrunner  is…

    Anduin: What about Garrosh?

    Saurfang: Who?

  19. Thought about playing WoW again…then I decided not to because Acti-Blizz obeys their Chinese masters. GG, Blizzard is long dead.

  20. It's so obvious that the next Expantion will tear down the Horde and Alliance identities. Next xpac will be level-squish and faction agnostic. You will be able to make Horde Humans and Gnomes and Alliance Orcs and Tauren.

  21. Ohh, so the chinese bots provided by the chinese government corrected your like/dislike ratio – that's good for you Blizzard!

  22. Blizzard is best example of how not to make business. Diablo Immortal, Axtivision stuff, new content for wow and fked up PR. Congrats.
    We miss the original creators of Blizz…

  23. I'll never be fooled into believing in Jaina or any of the cowardly line of Wrynn again. All the visions and going back home to make peace with her past and make up for her mistakes…all just flushed down the toilet. She's not hardened and gained no resolve….she was just a woman having a temper tantrum that finally wore off. Now she's back in Neville Chamberlain mode. And Anduin….threw all those alliance lives away at Lordaeon just to ask Sylvanas to surrender….like he was gonna lock her in the stockades that can't keep petty criminals in check. The alliance is a joke. Only Greymane and Tyrande see what must be done and have the courage to see it through.

  24. "Breaking.. the cycle.."
    для того, чтобы начать заново в следующем дополнении

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