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>>A proposal on getting money out of politics
and it is aggressive. So let me give you the details on what Bernie
Sanders would like to accomplish through this proposal. He’d like to pass a constitutional amendment
that makes clear that money is not speech and corporations are not people. By doing so Sanders says he will overturn
the Supreme Court ruling that says money is speech, Buckley v Valeo. Pass legislation to end super PACs, political
spending by 501c4s and other organizations who accept unlimited contributions or do not
disclose donors and finally overturn Citizens United which allows corporations to spend
unlimited money on elections. Now this is the heart of the proposal there’s
more to it than that but I’m now going to hand this over to Cenk, who will talk for
the entirety of the story>>No.>>Look guys so Anna’s joking around about
this the thing that I wanted but it’s a thing I wanted not from Bernie Sanders’ campaign
but from every campaign, why? Because if you don’t solve money in politics
you’re not gonna able to solve any of the other issues. Now almost every candidate acknowledges that. Certainly everyone that is progressive and
pretending to be progressive acknowledges that. I don’t know, maybe Amy Klobuchar doesn’t
I don’t know, okay. But if you ask a random Democrat, even if
they’re not running for president, they will say, of course, money in politics is number
one issue because otherwise we can’t solve the climate change crisis. We can’t solve guns, we got 97% of Americans
that want a federal background check, but we can’t get it. Why? Not because you need 98% in a democracy, you
need 51% of the democracy. It’s because the Republican party takes checks
from the NRA and gun manufacturers. The problem is, up until today, none of the
presidential candidates on the Democratic side were aggressively pushing to actually
get money out of politics. So it’s not what I’m asking for. It’s what the whole country is asking for,
not just Democratic voters. Republican voters hate corruption, actually
slightly more than Democratic voters do. That’s according to the polling. And you know what it comes out at? 93% of Americans say that politicians represent
donors instead of their voters. Now, the reason why there’s not a lot of pressure
outside of this show on any other candidate, it’s because of rest of the media, loves that
corruption. Where does the money in politics go? It goes towards television ads. So do you think television stations are gonna
tell you no that’s bad? Why don’t you take away $6 billion every other
year from me? No, they wanna make a profit. So they never talk about the elephant in the
room. So today is an amazing day, when Bernie Sanders
finally says, yeah, that’s it, I’m against the corruption. I’m against it and we’re gonna do something
about it. And it’s not just hey you know what, yeah
it’s a bad issue but I have no specific proposals. No this goes to the heart of it. We need an amendment, we need public financing,
we’re gonna get to some more details on that in a second, and we need to kill all the super
PACs so why did I start wolf PAC? Which is the whole point of it is to get this
amendment, right? I did that back in 2011. Because if you don’t have an amendment, the
Supreme Court then turns around and goes, nope. Anything you try to fix this problem I’m going
to call unconstitutional. Is it actually unconstitutional? No, of course not. Corporations are not human beings. Bernie Sanders says it in this proposal. We’re going to do an amendment that says the
most obvious thing in the world, they’re not human beings. Every actual human being knows that only the
corrupt politicians and the corrupt Supreme Court pretend that they’re human beings and
have the inalienable rights endowed by their creator of human beings, preposterous, and
they do not have speech rights. So that is why it’s really important that
Sanders mentions Buckley v Valeo. This isn’t just about Citizens United. Citizens United in a lot of ways shot a dead
horse. Buckley v Valeo, is what killed the horse
in the first place. So this is a sophisticated, correct analysis
of the core problem. The one we must fix so that we can fix all
other problems, so we can bring democracy back. So until the other candidates propose something
like this, you now only have one choice. So there’s a possibility that other candidates
will come in with equally good proposals, better proposals. I don’t know. But for now, right now, out of the entire
field, if they’re not pushing for an amendment and they’re not pushing for public financing,
then they’re not gonna get anything done. So you only have one choice right now. That’s just a stone cold reality.>>Joe Rahm’s. All right, and yes I’m messing around. I’m just trying to joke around with Cenk a
little bit but he takes this topic very seriously. I do too, but yeah I agree. If you want to accomplish all of those wonderful
proposals, those detailed proposals, whether it be the Green New Deal or Medicare for All. You’re not gonna be able to get good faith
actors in congress to debate the issue if they’re being influenced by corporate interests,
right?>>So I’m gonna give one more example, okay? Because this is not an issue this is the only
issue so come on that seems much right I mean the climate’s burning down right? No, no you don’t get it. And it’s obvious that nobody gets it. This look whether it’s Sierra Club or Greenpeace
or Sunrise Movement, or any group on any other issue, they should stop everything they’re
doing and focus only on this. Why? So you know that three quarters of Americans
believe that climate change is real and that the United States government should do something
about it. And yet we’re not doing what three quarters
of Americans want in a so called democracy. Guys getting that number from 74% to 84% or
94% is irrelevant, we already have awareness of the climate crisis. We already have the American people screaming
to do something about it. That’s not the problem. The problem is we don’t have a democracy. So until you get your democracy back, everyone
else is wasting their time. And they’re just chasing at windmills. My god. What if I convince a Republican senator to
go along? Well, number one, you’re not going to.>>Right.>>Why? Because they’re corrupt. They take oil and gas money. Let me give you one last fact. For the people who are against Green New Deal
in Congress, do you know how much they’ve taken on average from the fossil fuel industry? $455,000, you think you’re gonna convince
them that they shouldn’t take $455,000?>>Each candidate on average?>>Each candidate on average.>>Geez.>>The people who support the Green New Deal
in Congress, versus the people who are against it. The ones that are against it take 24 times
more money from the fossil fuel industry than the ones that are in support of it. 24 times more. And, of course, the ones that are leading
the effort against the Green New Deal take no corporate backed money. That’s why they’re leading the charge because
they’re the ones that are clean and uncorrupted. If you’re not doing this, you’re literally
not doing anything. The rest is just a lot of games. And even if a progressive wins, they’re not
gonna accomplish anything unless they do this first.>>Absolutely. So what Bernie Sanders would like to do is
create a new system of small dollar vouchers. That would convert this electoral system to
a publicly financed system. So it would give any voting age American the
ability to donate to federal candidates, again, using these universal small dollar vouchers. So that’s what Cenk was alluding to earlier
about how these would be publicly financed campaigns as opposed to what we have now these
corporate backed campaigns that usually lead to our politicians working against our best
interests. He would also do away with the FEC because
he feels that it doesn’t have the teeth necessary to really do its job in enforcing some of
these campaign finance laws, so he proposes something known as the federal election administration. And the new FEA would have three members a
chair and two administrators. All members must have a background in some
form of law or ethics enforcement, which would also include former judges. And then I mean, it’s so comprehensive. He talks about the DNC and how it’s funded. So he would ban the corporate funding of the
Democratic National Committee. Obviously, this would also apply to the Republican
National Committee. And-
>>No, but those are two separate things. Let me be clear, if you do and let me just
break down the timing of things because this is very important. You do public financing first because there
there is no constitutional issue with that even the Supreme Court says there’s no constitutional
issue with that. You can’t end private financing according
to the Supreme Court. So Soros and the Koch brothers can put in
as much and Exxon Mobil can put in as much money as you want. But that doesn’t mean you can’t, you can shut
the American people up. So what you can do is pass public financing. In this case, Bernie has the courage to call
it vouchers. And what it does is it empowers you to give
out a certain amount of money to politicians. It’s actually a very small amount overall
in the context of the budget, but it would actually even the score so you can compete
with Exxon Mobil because there’s so many of you. And other candidates have done this, Andrew
Yang calls it Democracy Dollars, it’s great. Kirsten Gillebrand when she was in the race
actually took the $100 that Yang was talking about and made it $600. I think Bernie should be more specific about
the amount, I think it should be anywhere between $500 to $1,000, but you do that first,
cause it allows real Americans to compete with the private money, that is going into
elections, then you have enough clean politicians, that you could pass an amendment. So that is a realistic path to actually fixing
this solution. This problem. The DNC in the meanwhile, if Bernie wins,
the RNC gets affected later when you pass the amendment, okay. But the DNC you control immediately because
you’re the presidential candidate for the Democrats, and in this case he’d be the president
right if he wins, so. He just tells the DNC you don’t take corporate
money anymore, heads at the DNC are exploding right now like, look, the only reason why
they’re not as they, of course as with the rest of Washington always dismiss Bernie Sanders. But if they thought he was gonna win, and
he’s gonna cut off their corporate funders, they’d be like no, that’s my money and look
at one more part of this that’s important. Elizabeth Warren had a really great proposal
about ending people who are go and work as lobbyists but it was to be honest and we broke
it down for you guys but it was complicated if you work in this branch there’s a certain
window in time that you can’t be a lobbyist before and after, mainly after and then if
you work in that branch there’s another window etc. Bernie’s proposal is very simple. If you work as a congressional staffer, you
can’t be a lobbyist, period, lifetime ban. Now people in Washington will flip out. Well, how are we supposed to cash in? You see, you’re not supposed to cash in.>>You’re supposed to be a public servant.>>That’s right.>>Yeah.>>And so that is another part of this proposal
that is fantastic. So if you actually want to bring democracy
back, right now, this is the most important proposal of the entire presidential election
cycle. And by the way, like I’ve said, I mean you’ve
seen it on the show. I love a lot of the proposals that have been
put forward by the progressive candidates before. But you’re never gonna get any of them until
you do this one first. So Bernie’s up first, and I don’t know if
anybody else will follow. And in fact I wanna end on that note. The Washington Post in covering it, I had
issues with how they covered it. They mainly were like, there was a lot of
talk about like, he had a heart attack so he did this proposal. Well, first of all, if this isn’t like some
sort of thing to cover up his health issue, well then he’s superman. So he’s on his hospital bed putting together
the best proposal for campaign finance of any of the candidates, well then you should
all vote for him because that’s amazing, okay?>>It’s dedication.>>Right. Or more likely that he’d been working on this
for a while, right? So it’s not to cover anything up, it’s meant
to actually fix the system. But the Washington Post can’t wrap their minds
around it. Making things clean, democracy. What are you, earnest? Where’s the slimy angle? I know every other politician you cover, it
has that issue, but maybe may just maybe he might be honest. Okay, so but in the midst of that they said
something that I think it’s partly a shot at him. But I actually interpreted in a way that is
actually really important. So I wanna share it with you guys. Chelsea James wrote in taking aim at the big
dollar fundraisers utilized by Trump, as well as many of his Democratic rivals, Sanders’s
plan reinforced a key point of his pitch. He sells himself as the man most able to garner
grassroots support and stand up to corporate influence.>>But it’s not just how he sees himself or
how he sells himself. That is fact.>>But the little parentheses in there, in
the brackets was also this is aimed at his Democratic rivals, is their way of saying
this could also hurt the Democratic party. So for people in Washington, that is an unforgivable
sin to call out the corruption of other Democrats. But for the rest of us, I mean, hallelujah,
the clouds parting ways, the birds chirping. Finally, a Democrat said, yes, it’s also bad
when other Democrats take money. It’s not just bad when Republicans take corporate
money, it’s also bad when Democrats do it. So, look, the other candidates have a very
important decision to make, are they gonna follow suit and call out their own party or
are they too scared to do that? Well, that will tell you who you should vote
for. Cuz right now it’s not a contest. If Bernie Sanders is gonna fight for this,
he’s the only one that would clean up actual corruption and get our democracy back.

100 comments on “THE MOST IMPORTANT POLICY ANNOUNCEMENT of the 2020 Campaign

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    If we get corruption-proof leaders, we can meet out potential.
    Which is glorious; no hyperbole.

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    The United stared is a republic.

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  7. This is a great policy. “Universal Small dollar vouchers to publicly finance campaigns” sounds a lot like Andrew Yang’s Democracy Dollars. However, I do think Yang should adopt the rest of this policy/platform promise of pushing for an amendment to overturn Citizens United. And yeah, we do “get it”. Climate is #1 to me but this is exactly why we haven’t done anything substantial enough to correct our course literally in my whole 33 years of life, and they’ve known about it- because about that time ago- our own NASA, NASA’s top climate scientist James Hansen testified to Congress about Climate Change. So they…… continued to pocket Big Oil money all the way up to our current date 😒

  8. money in speech means the ones with the most money get the biggest voice. the supreme court decided that doesn't matter.

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  16. amd 14 applied 1-10 to the states. It says

    No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the
    privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any
    state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due
    process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal
    protection of the laws.
    how would a corp be a person as discussed above? It cannot be.

    campaign finance, suppose you had publicly owned tv stations that give any candidate with x number of votes an equal share of time on the usa network. the advantage is, the commercial station charges a million for a one minute ad on the super bowl. usa could run them cheap, so the public funding is 20 minutes free, and the commercial is one minute tens of thousands or more

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    Everyone gets half of an Apple.

    One Person ends up with 5 Apple's,
    and the other eleven People
    split the last remaining Apple.


    Well… That one guy took out a loan, is making payments on the land, removed the rocks, tilled the earth, acquired the seeds to grow an apple orchard, gave people jobs plowing the fields and harvesting the apples…  The one guy took out more loans and is paying off trucks and he built the roads for those trucks to drive on so he could take those apples to market.  He’s taken on all the risk, he’s paying off the equipment, paying off his factory, paying the property taxes, business taxes, paying the employee and for their health benefits. He’s paying interest on his loans that the banks can turn around and use to invest in new entrepreneurial types, like maybe some of the apple picking employees who have their own business idea.  meanwhile the 11 workers who are sharing the one apple have the ability to buy their own homes, get education, healthcare, have air condition, cable, a giant screen tv, a smart phone and a car.  And again, as long as they’re free enough of oppressive over regulatory government they may start their own thriving businesses.  It’s business and it’s one way in which an economy and society thrives. 
    That one guy with the 5 apples made everyone’s life better. He earned and deserves his 5 apples… along comes…. well, you… and you feel entitled to take his apples away.

  19. WWOOWW that is truly badass of Bernie. What a courageous man and fearless candidate. I also LOVE all the bitchy trolls in the comments hahaha this is amAZing. Can you imagine how many millions will be spent against him now? Corporations and inbred/republicans will be coming for him. Go BERNIE!!!!! What a great man! Thank you TYT I'm sure this will not be reported objectively anywhere else. Cenks right, this is a pivotal issue and solving this will begin the healing of America. I am canadian and very sad I cannot donate to Bernie like Russia donates to Trump.

  20. What a strategic move to make at this point in the democratic race!! Bernie continues to raise the bar in progressive politics, and push the party left of center. Hope that the question of big money in politics is brought up at the next debate because I can't wait to hear how other corporate-funded candidates respond.

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    Too much change can scare people or pipe dreamy..

  24. Ending the corruption has always been implied. That is why everyone in power has been shitting their pants and trying to tell everyone that Bernie is unpopular. That doesn't make it true.

  25. Did not expect TYT to acknowledge that Bernie isn't the first one to put forth Yang's Democracy Dollar policy…

  26. I agree that Bernie's plan is the strongest on corruption, but it feels a bit dishonest to say he's the only one seriously talking about it because he proposes an ammendment. Yang has plenty of policies towards addressing corruption in politics and has talked many times about them.

  27. I like that we're having talk about amendments, because that is truly the heart of the American constitution. The most impressive thing about our Founding fathers was that they understood the future will be different from the past and the invented a system so our country could evolve rather than fall apart.

  28. Thank you! TYT has been quiet on direct support for soley Bernie, but I am glad they have finally come out and applying pressure on the other candidates to get better on this issue or get out of the way. TYT lost me as a viewer, but if TYT can make more content like this then I will be excited to be a viewer and supporter again.

  29. If Sanders does not win, that will effectively be the end of the empire.  Can you afford another 4 years of Trump? Can you afford to elect another Obama (Warren)?

  30. "Elizabeth Warren's plan was great, but too complicated", but no other candidate has a plan to get money out of politics…? Warren's entire platform is anti-corruption, but Bernie's the only one who will do it?! FFS here we go again…

  31. I am against the Green New Deal. I want it rewritten with ONLY the focus to improve the quality of our planet. As it is written now, it is vague with parts that don't belong in that bill. It's like several different bills spliced together and sold to you as a "save the environment" bill. It's dishonest.

  32. TYT quit riding Bernie. There are other candidates, and as you mentioned, other candidates with plans to flush out corporate money in politics. Talk about someone else!

  33. lets see warren follow that!
    also, i see a bunch of people in the comments saying warren and yang and others are also anti-corruption and have similar policy-proposals – true, but none of them have been AS clear about it as bernie now is. they all have wiggle-room to weasel out when the shit hits the fan.. this has NO wiggle room. any candidate that supports this has my vote.

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  35. Politicians DO serve the donors, not the voters, that is why Bernie takes money from his voters, so he will serve the People, not corporations!

    But Mainstream media will keep saying Warren is the same as Bernie, we must FIGHT the lies with all we have, Warren is Hillary 2.0!

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  42. Cenk please drive home the point that climate change activists NEED to focus on this IMMEDIATELY!!!
    This is the most important issue of the century.

  43. Democracy dollars from yang! Although we do need to repeal citizens united. But money will find its way in. We need to give people money so their voice can be heard by more than just the “very meaningful vote”

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  46. I’m a democrat, but what BULLSHIT is this that 97% of Americans support federal background checks? False according to every poll, and with common sense we know it’s untrue. You’re spewing lies.

  47. I love this, except it's a Catch-22. Before you can pass this bill, you have to get corruption out. But, you cannot get corruption out unless you pass the bill. What Bernie needs to do is use an Executive Order. Then pass the bills like the Green New Deal and such. Finally, when the people see things being done, they will force their congresspeople out and then Bernie can make the Executive Order into law.

  48. to the yang supporters:
    please educate yourselves.
    bernie has been speaking the same values and ideas for 50 years….
    where do you think yang got his ideas?
    stop disrespecting your elders.
    bernie doesn't need to "steal" ideas from newbies.

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    Less than 1%

    Sanders lives his life a lot different than what he wants us to live ours.

    Wake up people.

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