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The Insane Way I Saved My Friends In Another Country

The Insane Way I Saved My Friends In Another Country

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  1. Coming soon to Buzzfeed Rome:

    "I live in Rome. Several years ago, I was moonlighting as an unlicensed taxi driver. It's a living, sort of. I didn't have my own car, so my friend Marco would lend me his at night. Let me tell you about the time three Americans threw up in Marco's car and broke my phone."

  2. Soooo you didn’t save your friends? Your friend threw up in a taxi and you obnoxiously threw his phone in a bush? A classic arrogant American…

  3. I wish i could share my story in one of these about how me and my cousin while working as camera men end up in a yat partying with real narcos and scorts
    in Venezuela

  4. This is not what I understood from the title lmao. I thought it meant she was in a different country than her friends and she managed to save them overseas?? So I was intrigued like HOW??

  5. Before going to Rome for a year my supervisors gave me tips on where to keep my money and how should legal taxi look like, because sh*t like that happens all the time in Rome and the big cities of Italy. So be careful when travelling and read up safety tips online!

  6. You have to be extremely careful in Italy. The mafia has hold on A LOT of different business, etc.
    you always have to make sure you look up legit companies to rent off of, and make sure they’re always secure, and that people have had good, legit experiences with them.
    Be careful out there people.

  7. Something similar happened to my aunty in reading, England. She got into a taxi that tried to kidnap her, if it wasn’t for her friend getting into an actual taxi who recongised what was happening my aunty wouldn’t be here to tell the tale

  8. NEVER take a taxi in Italy that isn’t at a taxi stop. You can’t flag them down there. You HAVE to wait at the taxi stops

  9. Lol i was just thinking of somthing. What if the guy was trying to fix up Marco with one of the girls, like he was trying to get Them to stay while trying to get Marco over to where they were to meet them🤔🤔🤔

  10. This is the dumbest white person thing I have ever heard. Who the hell gets into a car with a strange man in a country where you cant really speak the language? You could have all been killed! WTF!? Put into sex trafficking anything!! WTF!!!?? I found nothing of this story funny at all.

  11. Any italians up in here ? (Just curious)
    Fatevi sentire!!
    Also parties in Italy are fire , she just went to a bad one.

  12. this was legit an attempt to kidnap you and possibly put you into human traffic ring. never get into a car that’s unmarked or doesn’t look right

  13. Isn’t it the same girl who was in “the craze way I cheated on my exam” video? 🧐

  14. Is sounds like he was a human trafficker and you ought to remove the part of the video when you say you are sorry that you did not meet marco.

  15. You could have just recorded what he was saying on your phones. Italians get angry very quickly that is true and by nature they talk loud so they seem angry most of the time even if they are not. Before you go to some countries you should at list learn how to communicate and something's about the people. When you travel always "hope for the best , prepare for the worst" always. Bad things happen every where even in your own countries , sites even in your own houses but when it happens other countries where you don't speak the language it's deferent and very dangerous.

  16. Suggestion for every person not use to italian city from an italian, TAXI IN ITALY ARE NOT IN THE STREET A LOT, when you come out of a club or something like that you have to call the agency (I don't know if it is the correct word) and ask for a taxi to come and pick you up.

  17. I don't know why she kept thinking she'd get arrested in this situation, it was WAY more likely she'd have been kidnapped and trafficked from the sound of that story.

  18. I live in italy, but I’m American and yeah it’s really normal to go to clubs starting from a very young age!
    Like I’m talking like 13 I’ve been to a couple and I just don’t like dancing in front of other people😂 but I know people that go every saturday

  19. Idk why everyone thinks the couple was Marco. oH yEAh A taXi DriVer GuY iS GoINg to dRIvE ThESe GiRls tO MArcO aNd hIs gF sO MaRCo CAn DRiVe THeM tO thE GirLS pLacE.

  20. I'm wondering if the creep's initial intention was human trafficking. This woman seems awful calm when retelling this. I'm glad she and her friends are fine.

  21. When she talked about Marco, my first thought was it’s Marco from Tropoja. Anybody who has seen Taken will get what I’m saying. I honestly believe that if those girls had stuck around they would have been kidnapped and trafficked.

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