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The Importance of Social Distancing with Dr. Jan Carney

[Piano Music] I’m Dr. Jan Carney from Larner College
of Medicine . We’re seeing more and more people in the United States getting sick
from Covid-19 everyday and also in Vermont. Schools and restaurants are
closed and we don’t know exactly how long this is gonna last. This is very
hard for everyone. But there is something we can do. There’s a proven public health
strategy called social distancing that we can all use each and every day
whether at home or at work that will help us. We know that social distancing
works it just means separating people from each other. From more than 100 years
ago, from the 1918 influenza pandemic, where communities that practice social
distancing.They closed schools, they limited public gatherings, they kept sick
people at home, they separated themselves from each other. Those communities had
less illness and they did much much better. We can do the same thing today.
What does social distancing look like? What does it mean? For people It means
staying six feet away from each other. Instead of a handshake or a hug, we greet
each other with a smile or just a wave. We stay home when we’re sick. We wash our
hands frequently. And in workplace settings, sometimes we work at home. The
flexibility at the University of Vermont means many more people are working at
home and that’s a great thing, that protects them. And then it means there’s
less people in the work place and they’re more spaced out. Some of the
other things we can do are to not have face-to-face meetings use our technology
Microsoft teams, zoom, Skype and the telephone. To see each other’s faces and
hear each other’s voices, I think that’s especially important right now. I know
this is hard and as a situation is changing we’re monitoring those
recommendations and what is happening here in our own community, in the state
of Vermont and across our country. And will change as those recommendations
change. And even though sometimes we’re by ourselves is working in our home, or
the only person in our office or a laboratory, or conference room,
we’re all lonely together right now. And we also have to remember that what we’re
doing to protect ourselves and our families also protects other people from
getting sick and sometimes seriously so. And I think that’s a great thing.

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